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So...this is short and pretty much plotless, but I’m bored and Jim is adorable so... :) 


hupTCHOO!” Jim sneezes into his elbow. Sniffling, he pushes himself upright, having just woken.


“Bless you,” Darryl says from the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal.


“Thagks. Snf!”


“You feel okay?” Darryl rinses out his empty cereal bowl and puts it in the dishwasher.


“Yeah, fine. Why?” Jim rubs his nose on his wrist.


“Sound kinda congested, that’s all.”




“Bless you. Maybe you should stay home, man.”


“Dah, I’mb alright.” Jim rubs a hand over his face and stands up. “I’mb gudda get ready. We’ll head out ind…” He checks his watch. “Ten midutes?”


Darryl gives his roommate a thumbs up and begins to dry some of the dishes waiting on the rack.






“Bless you, bless you,” Darryl offers. Jim has been sneezing all day and Darryl is surely not the only one who has noticed, as one of their colleagues walks over and claps a hand on Jim’s shoulder.


“Hey, dude, maybe you should go home. You’re going back to Scranton tomorrow anyway, right? Take the rest of the day, catch a bus home and be with Pam and the kids.” He smiles kindly, now leaning on Jim’s desk.


“Mbaybe I should. I just...I have a lot of stuff to do...I dod’t kdow…”


“Jim, you’re not getting anything done just sitting here sneezing. Go see Pam,” Darryl chimes in.


“Yeah...alright. Thagks guys.”




“Mom?” Pam calls, closing the front door behind her. It’s five thirty and the end of a long day at the office. With Andy’s return from his long trip, things have been hectic. “Mom, you here?” She looks around, searching for her mother who had been watching the kids for the day.


“She wedt hobe.” Jim’s voice comes from the living room.


“Jim? Hey!” Pam walks over to her husband to kiss him, but he ducks down with a sneeze.




“Bless you...Are you okay?”


“I’ve beed better.” Jim sighs. “Kids are in bed.”


“Caught Cece’s cold, huh?”


huhpCHOO!” Jim frowns. “Yeah...Listed, Pamb, I’mb sorry. I’mb supposed to be helpigg with the kids when I’mb hombe and now...I’mb sorry Pamb.” He shakes his and head and rubs his watery eyes.


Pam feels her husbands forehead. Definitely has a fever. “Honey, it’s okay. You can’t help it. Why don’t you get to bed? And I’ll grab an extra box of tissues?”


“I love you, Be-bees-hutTSCHOO! Beesly.” Jim smiles.


“I love you too.”


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On 11/11/2018 at 12:17 PM, ReidSeeker said:

Cute! Jim IS adorable 

thanks :)

21 hours ago, Alabaster said:


gotta love the office :))

19 hours ago, CharliesGirl said:

Jim is awesome! Thanks for the good read.

thank you!

19 hours ago, SneezyHolmes said:

What a cute read! :)

thanks! :)

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