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Awesome TV Shows For Binging?


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Don't think it's been mentioned yet but Lovecraft Country on HBO. It's got a lovely diverse cast, stellar acting AND awesome mystery elements. I've been hooked ever since I watched episode 1. It's still in it's first season too so it's super easy to catch up on!

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Just now, Grey on a Sunday said:

Don't think it's been mentioned yet but Lovecraft Country on HBO. It's got a lovely diverse cast, stellar acting AND awesome mystery elements. I've been hooked ever since I watched episode 1. It's still in it's first season too so it's super easy to catch up on!

Oh I've wanted to see that for quite some time now, but I have to wait until next month before I can afford HBO again! So it's as good as the trailers look, then?? Awesome! :yay: 


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Shadowhunters is really good! It’s on Hulu. Also Lucifer which is on Netflix. Those are two of my favorite shows. Also Supernatural. Which I still can’t believe is ending! Only two episodes left. Though I guess that makes it perfect to start binge watching for those who haven’t seen the series already. I’m also watching Love Victor which so far is really cute. I haven’t finished it yet though. 

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I've said it before, but... 


(it's on Netflix too. ^^)

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I know I’m super late to the party, but my favorite TV show to binge right now is Dexter (on Amazon Prime Video). It’s about a guy who’s blood spatter analyst by day and a serial killer by night. 

The Boys (Amazon Prime) is another good one along with The Sinner on Netflix.

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Ok here are some of my favs of the last few years off the top of my head:

  • The Expanse (amazon) If you like Sci-Fi, drop everything and watch it. Sneaky amazing ratings.
  • Dark (netflix) Another sci-fi one but it's very deep and cerebral. It's not even in a language I speak and I loved it.
  • True Detective S1 (HBO) gritty and suspenseful and creepy. Great detective show
  • Stranger Things (Netflix) 
  • Sherlock is great
  • Right now I'm binging Criminal Minds just for some easy detective show watching. 
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Adding Grey's Anatomy to this list because it is THE bingeable classic that never gets old. And I recently got SUPER into Prodigcal Son and I'm just trying to pace mysefl!

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Brooklyn Nine Nine is unreal.  I cant stop watching it.  I can't believe I slept on it for so long.  Its got a similar vibe to Scrubs, wacky but not afraid to get serious.  I am hooked.

Plus there are so many sneezes in it and Rosa got a sick episode my favourite characters never get sick episodes holy crap.

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I’m bingeing “9-1-1” again. I binged the first 3.5 seasons when I first got into it, and now I’m bingeing it again—4.25 seasons now—with a friend new to it. So I would definitely say it’s binge-worthy!

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I’ve binged a lot of good shows, but I loved binging The Wire (on HBO Max.) There isn’t a ton of action, but it makes up for it by having great acting and characters, while also showing that it can be incredibly funny but also incredibly sad. The show also gives you an array of viewpoints between police officers, drug dealers, politicians, etc and there are very few characters that you won’t sympathize with at some point during the show. All in all, I view it as the best law enforcement show of all time.

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Not exactly a show, but you can watch all of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on youtube. You could also watch TMNT 2012 on Hulu, also one of my favorites. And lastly, Sanders Sides on youtube. I have a weird taste in shows, I know

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The Owl House. A fantasy cartoon about a girl in her early teens ending up in a dangerous world of magic training to become a witch. It's halfway through it's second season, and it's apparently going to end with an abridged third season. Watch it on Disney+ to help boost its numbers, and because it's a great show.

Gravity Falls. Twin siblings spend the summer at their great uncle's tourist trap in a town where all sorts of crazy stuff exists and happens.

Westworld. A wild west themed resort where the guests play out any fantasy they like with highly advanced robots goes awry as the robots become self aware.

The Muppet Show

Tales Of Arcadia. Three Dreamworks animated shows set in the same universe. Trollhunters, 3 Below, and Wizards. While there's some chronological overlap between the first two, Wizards is set firmly afterward.

The Mandalorian

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Inside Job. A workplace comedy where all conspiracies are true taking place at the company that's secretly running the world.

Parks & Recreation

Psych. A private detective uses his eidetic memory and hyper-observation to feign psychic powers.

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