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Spoiler within Spoiler


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I am testing the limit of these spoiler tags.


This is a spoiler. Here's another one:


Spoiler 1


Spoiler 2


I may come back and post again once I figure out how to edit BB code directly; I'd like to customize the spoiler text

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Turns out I don't need to edit it at all, I can just type BB code in directly. Isn't that cool?

Yeah, that's awesome!


Thanks, I agree!


Naw, that sucks.


My goodness! How rude of you!

You're right, I'm sorry.


I accept your apology.

Tell it to someone who cares.


But... I thought you would care!


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I don't mean to bump this, but I felt that it was unnecessary for me to open an entirely new thread just to try making a spoiler tag before "doing it live" 

sorry lol


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