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Hi forum, 

We are looking to appoint some new moderators. 

It is not often we open it up to volunteers, and we usually message candidates we see suitable, but I'm afraid we currently don't have the capacity to trawl through all of our members to find candidates. 

Therefore, we are opening it up to volunteers to approach us and show an interest in moderating the forum. 

Now, there are a few requirements that I will set out below for you to be considered: 

+ We will not consider anyone who has a current active warning (warnings that should have expired do not count towards this).

+ We will not consider non-validated members

+ We will not consider inactive members

If you meet the points above and fancy lending a hand to maintain the place, then please feel free to PM me directly or use Contact Us with a brief message about why you want to join, any experience you may have in moderating internet forums (not mandatory) and why you think you would be a good candidate. You can keep it brief, this isn't an actual job interview :lol: We just want to ensure that we are setting on the right people. 


I would also like to lay out a little bit of what being a moderator entails: 

+ You will be required to assist with topics that arise on the staff board, including Contact Us queries and reports

+ You will be responsible for issuing/removing warnings, including checking through the Warning List on the staff board each month and discussing with other staff members which warnings should be removed for members that have warnings about to expire

+ You will be responsible to check the forum regularly to make sure no posts you see (you're not expected to read every post on the forum) break any rules, and to hide any that do

+ You must also have a good understanding of the forum constitution as well as our rules and guidelines

This is not an exhaustive list, and more tasks will arise, but rest assured that full training will be provided. 

The main thing that we ask if that anyone who applies MUST be active with their staffing duties. Not necessarily every single day (though this is preferable) but at least being able to check in 3-4 times a week. 

If this seems like something you think you would be good at then please send me a message. Also, if anyone has any questions before they commit to the idea, shoot me a PM. 

Thanks in advance, everyone. I look forwards to who will join our staff~ 

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Dear all,

We are finding ourselves in the same situation as 3 years ago. I've updated the post above. If you would like to help us out and join the back-end of the forum, please PM me or send a message via Contact Us at the top of the page. Every message will be discussed with the existing staff and to make we think you'll be a good fit to complement the team. We are looking forward a lot to expanding our merry band of volunteers, sharing out the staffing duties and future-proofing the forum for years to come! We are hoping to get up to 5-6 active staff members so we can cover absences as well. :) 

So if you enjoy this community, meet the points above and want to help maintaining the forum, get in touch! :D 

Thank you very much in advance for any interest shown.

Best wishes,

SFF Administrator

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Dear forummers,

I'd like to open the quest for moderators again. We've had 2 new moderators join our ranks but are still struggling with the workload so an extra pair of hands would be massively appreciated. :) 

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