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Yahoo Groups are all being deleted


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I thought Yahoo Groups were gone at least ten-fifteen years ago. But thanks for the heads up, if anyone has archives there, go salvage! ;) 


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Just to check...is this related at all to geocities or tripod? Because if so, I definitely have some stuff to look through. If not, I think I'm ok.

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@Wig_Powder, Geocities and Tripod pages all disappeared years ago. These are the message-board-style groups from the late 90s-current.

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Ah, I see. There are some Geocities and Tripod sites that still seem to exist, hence my confusion. Well, I think the sites I'm thinking of are safe, then (I don't remember joining any Yahoo groups). Still sucks that Yahoo groups are shutting down and people have to scramble to save stuff, though.

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