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((pt 1)) ((my character is Micheal....Todd is my RP partner's))

Micheal woke up feeling awful but, he knew today wasn't the day to be feeling awful.
Today was Todd and Micheal's anniversary and Micheal wanted to spend his day with Todd. So he reluctantly got up before Todd to make them breakfast. He wrote Todd a note 'Stay in bed, I've got a surprise.' putting on his fluffy bath robe and went down to make breakfast.
Micheal was getting a bit of a head ache and a bit of the sniffles. Getting to work in the kitchen, Micheal started to make waffles.
Although he didn't feel all that hungry he didn't want to make Todd worry. 
As he poured the waffle batter into the waffle iron his nose begin's to tickle. It wasn't to strong so it wasn't enough to make him sneeze yet. But after opening the fridge to grab the butter and juice, the sudden cool air made the tickle surge.
"heh'Itcchief! hep-chieew!" They weren't loud but not quiet either, spraying the crook of his elbow.
Sniffling and rubbing his nose and continued to get breakfast ready.
Todd woke up sitting up in bed with a stretch and a yawn. Before getting out of bed he saw the note, he giggled and stayed in the bed.
When Micheal came up to their room with breakfast in hand.
"happy anniversary babe" Although they haven't been married yet, they like to celebrate how long they'd been dating.
Todd takes his breakfast thanking his boyfriend sweetly with a peck on the cheek. 
"thanks so much babe" Todd says before taking a bite of his waffle, Micheal grabs a tissue and blows his stuffy nose.
Todd noticed that Micheal didn't have a lot of waffle on his plate it was just one and a half, and some water. Todd had four waffles and orange juice, he noticed how hesitantly his boyfriend swallowed his food.
"You okay babe?" Micheal nods taking a swig of his water "Just not really awake, so what plains do we have today?" Todd smiles and says "well I've always.....wanted to go ice skating" between bites of food and drinking. 
"that sounds good to me" Micheal replies back slowly finishing his waffle. "good so ice skating it is" Todd smiles excitedly while taking the last few bites of his food.
Getting ready Micheal brushed his teeth and washed his face, now getting dressed. Undressing himself, his body racked with chills as he sluggishly found something to wear. A dark blue sweatshirt, and black sweats. While brushing his hair his nose started to get stuffy again still a little sniffly. Todd took note of that and gave Micheal a tissue "runny nose babe?" Micheal gratefully took the tissue to blow his nose, blowing his nose resulted in him sneezing.

"hehh hepchiew!....gah-chiew! hehh ahhh HAXXHIIEW!" The last one made Todd jump a bit "god bless you baby" He says wrapping his arms around his boyfriend's waist, he noticed how warm he felt.
"thagks babe" Micheal finished blowing his nose "Sounds likes you've got the sneezes babe, are you feeling alright? You aren't getting a cold are you?" "No no not getting sick, just the sneezes promise." He sniffled
After getting dressed they got their coats and headed out the door.
Getting into the car Micheal turned the heat on since the car was a bit cold. Once the heat was on he drove off, still he felt very cold.Arriving at the arena, the two get out of the car and walked into the arena. The chilly air inside the place felt even colder than outside, Micheal thought he'd freeze to death. The change from the 'warm' car to the freezing made the festering tickle in his nose.
"hehh hieeh HEP-CHIIEW! Haaxxxiiew! Iiissshhiew!" He sneezed wetly into his elbow starting to already feel drained. 
"bless you babe" "Thanks, come on lets go get our skates" Micheal lead Todd over so they could get their skates on.
His nose was still tickling but now its starting to run making him sniffle constantly. He just blamed it on the temperature just so Todd wouldn't feel bad. Good thing Todd was easily made happy, but the downside was. He was very energetic and it was making Micheal's brewing head ache worse, the pounding in the back of sinuses and temples was getting hard to ignore.
((let me know if there's any thing I can improve on))

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1 hour ago, Puzzle said:

Cute story so far! Will there be more?

yes there certain will be more ((here it is))

He would consistently wipe his nose on his gloved wrist or sleeved elbow.
Skating was taking a lot out of him, his body ached, his head pounded, nose dripped and tickled, his skin raised at the chills the blanketed him. His throat was sore making him cough, but it still felt like this cold was all in his head. 
"B-babe I d-deed to sit dowd" Micheal huffed rubbing his temples as he started to feel lightheaded, Todd frowns worriedly at him.
"okay babe l-lets go to the bench" Todd says but Micheal's legs give out a little causing Todd to quickly grab him by the waist.
Woahh baby, okay come on off the ice. I've got ya" Todd is basically carrying Micheal off the ice and over to the bench.
Sitting him down, Micheal looked like he was gearing up for a fit.
"g-gonnahhh haahh HAAAXXXIIIEW! HATCCHIIEW! HEPCHIEW!...IIIETCHIEW! hehh hahh hat'iisshiiew!" Such itchy messy sneezes came mainly from his nose and they weren't covered. Spraying Todd quite a bit in the face and neck.
"oh god bless you wow!" Todd sits beside him rubbing his back, leaning against him limply and groaning.
"I dod't feel good babe" He tiredly admitted to Todd who frowns and pulls him into him.
"you don't feel good? Can you tell me why?" Micheal gave Todd the whole spiel, he was too sick to be bothered with denying his illness.
Todd's heart started to break at how bad his lover felt. 
"Awe baby why didn't you tell me? We could've stayed inside, and watched some movies so you could rest, you could've gotten better quicker." Todd's eyes held worry over his raven haired boyfriend who was trying to push Todd away.
"I-I'b fide ju-just neeh deeh HEEEXXIIEW! HAATCHIIIEW! HHEEMMPH!" Three loud wet girlish sounding sneezes interrupted his protest 
"I'b fide-" "babe you look like you were gonna pass out on the ice, you are certainly not fine." Todd puts on a stern voice while untying Micheal's skates and then taking them off. Taking off his own skates, he tells Micheal to stay put until he comes back.
"I'b dot a child Todd" He grumbles but sits on the bench waiting for Todd.
While he waited Micheal was trying to keep his nose under control until he could find something to sneeze into.
"hieeh heeh...guuaahhh" Micheal didn't care that much and raised up his elbow to his nose and mouth.
Each sneeze bending him forwards by the waist and soaking his sleeve, with a desperate gasp before he gave one last explosive sneeze.   
"GAXXXIIEWW!" Pulling his arm away his sleeve was indeed soaked from his constant sneezing fits.
"Bless you babe, wow I could hear you from the lobby." Todd says as he comes back with Micheal's shoes, Micheal blushes and wipes his nose with his wrist. "here put your shoes on so we can go" Micheal does as told and puts his shoes on, standing up he feels Todd wrap his arm around his waist as they leave the arena. 
"I've gotta stop by the store since, I'm sure we don't have any cold medicine that hasn't expired or more than one box of tissues." Todd says as he open's Micheal's car door, then getting in the driver's seat himself.
"bm'kay" Todd pulls out and drives out of the parking lot and onto the road. Micheal lets out a chesty loud coughing fit into his fist, making Todd frown hearing him whine at the end of it "You sound awful, you gonna cough up a lung over there?" "dn-dno-" 
"b-babe c-cad you turd the he-heat od?" Micheal asked with a shivering stutter, Todd furrowed his brows "Babe the heat's already on, if I turn it up we're both gonna burn up." "I-I'b jut re-really cold" "sound's like you've got chills. You can stay in the car while I'm in the store okay. When we get home I'll make some chicken noodle soup" Micheal's eyes snapped open "you cad't cook though" 
"Oh come on I can cook canned soup, all I have to do it heat it up in a pot." "I'b dot that hugry adyway" "Well you're gonna have to eat sometime today so you can get better." Todd sighs "You can take a nap while I shop, and blow your nose babe there's some napkins in the glove compartment." Todd says as he pulls into the store parking lot, unbuckling his seat "try not to die while I'm gone" He says jokingly getting out of the car. Leaving Micheal in the locked warm car, Todd goes into the store.

Walking inside Todd grabs himself a cart and starts to look around. First thing on the list tissues, seeing all the other different brands Todd just got the ones that said 'extra soft' on it and got a few boxes, next was cough drops. The sound of Micheal's coughing replayed in Todd's head making him cringe. He sees the different flavors and the starts to contemplate which one to get. 
"He always gets me the honey ones so these will work." He grabs the honey flavored cough drops 
"cold medicine" Todd wanders over and sees the dayquil and nyquil 
"No question about this, he'll be out like a light once he takes the nyquil" He puts the dual medicine into his cart and continues to shop.
Looking in the soup isle Todd's search was interrupted by his friend who startled him.
"Oh hey Emma geez ya scared me" "haha sorry Todd" Emma peaks over at his cart "You okay? looks like you're stocking up for cold ad flu season. I haven't see you shop for cold medicine in a long time" "yeah I'm okay" Todd answers "Micheal usually doesn't get sick but today he got sick on our anniversary. Poor babe's got a nasty head cold almost passed out of the ice skating rink" 
"wow that's sad, hope he feels better. how many times has he been sick?" 
"this is his second time I think, first time was after our first date he'd caught a cold." "Is he at home now?" "No he's in the car probably either sneezing his brains out, hacking up his lungs or, sleeping." "Poor guy, well it looks like you've got everything you need." Emma says as Todd grabs the Cambells chicken noodle soup and sets it in the cart. 
"Yup, I'm gonna nurse him back to health. He takes care of me all the time, so why wouldn't I take care of him?"  
Todd says good bye to Emma and goes to the check out, he was worried about how his boyfriend was doing in the car.

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Is Todd gonna catch it now? If he does, he should do the “hide and be stubborn about it” to Micheal. Micheal is also very cute, love the amount of sneezes. I’m liking where this is going so far! 

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Yes, the amount of sneezes, congestion, and care from Todd was wonderful. I’d like more sick Michael! 

Also, you asked of anything you could improve on. You could put a line break to separate people talking.

 “You okay?”

 “I’b fide.”

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