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Sneeze Catcher Passed Away


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Not sure why I decided to do a Google search on him today.  I knew him quite well.  He was a very big part of my opening up to this fetish and this forum.  We were very close at one time, or so I thought.  Turns out I really didn't know him as well as I thought.  

Nevertheless, upon searching I was pretty shocked to discover that he just died this past May.  At one time he was a very much liked & respected member of this community and someone I was extremely close with and cared a great deal about.  However, that had not been case for the last several years.  We had our own falling out for a variety of reasons, and then I was saddened further to come here and discover that he had been banned and why.  I couldn't believe what was being written about him, but then I discovered other things as well.  I realized I didn't know him at all.  

But again, that being said, I thought there may be someone here that knew him way back when that would be interested in this news.

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It’s weird because I was just thinking about him this past weekend. I also feel like I hardly knew him. The guy I knew was generous, friendly, and fun to talk to. It saddened me to see things on this forum about him that didn’t match the person I had become friends with. But I guess sometimes we really don’t know people like we think we do. Or only get to know certain parts of them. Very sad to see this, though. 

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I'm sorry if I'm stepping on people's toes here, but... if this 'sneeze catcher' person is who I think he is- and I think he is- then he was a complete scumlord.  Mods can PM me for details.

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Yes apparently he really did have a serious downfall here and clearly in real life too. 

I knew him from here and in "real life".  At one time I thought extremely highly of him and trusted him enough to help me with things that happened with my son, he helped my mother get a car and he helped me in many other ways.  I was extremely hurt and disappointed when I realized he was hated so by this community now.  We had a falling out due to something outside of the fetish.  He came to me with information about something VERY important and would not tell me where he found this out from or from whom.  I flipped out and things got VERY ugly.  I blocked him all over the place.  

Then I started reading about the things he was accused of, not to mention some things that he had been hiding from me as well.  The bottom line is that he was once very much liked here by several folks and I thought some of them might be interested.  At the end of the day a person is dead at 65 and considering I'm turning 50 in December..............it's  just hitting me weirdly.

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Sorry to hear that Dawnie. It’s always strange to find out a piece of your past has gone forever, even if it turned out that everything was not what it seemed. I remember you talking about him and it sounded like you were close at one point.

Anyway, hope you’re well. Good to see a familiar face or two.

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Back at ya!  It's been a while, but a few of us are migrating our way back here.  ☺️

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He wasn't exactly my favorite person either, but for anyone who was friends with him, I'm sorry for your loss, and you have my condolences. 

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