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IT Is The End (Richie Tozier)


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So this will be my first IT Fanfiction that I’ve written. I’ve seen both movies and I really enjoyed the relationship between Richie and Eddie. I wish it would’ve been explored a little more, so maybe this story will help explain things a little more. It’s slightly AU with Eddie still being alive after the group conquers Pennywise. Eddie also left his wife and is now living in a small apartment with Richie in Detroit, Michigan. It’s only about a month after they defeated Pennywise. I hope you all enjoy!







    Rain pelted down from the gray clouded sky above as it hung over the depressing Detroit city. The wind howled as Richie Tozier lifted his shoulders and flung his jacket tighter around him. He held a plastic bag in one hand and his cellphone in the other. He had been making calls all day to try and secure his next gig to no avail. He knew that his boyfriend would enjoy him being home for the time being, but it bothered Richie to no end not to be out working. As much as he wanted to stay at home with his boyfriend, it wasn’t a possibility. 


    Richie came up to the building of his apartment and stepped into the lobby with the wind and rain still howling behind him. He shuddered as the door closed behind him as he tried to shake out as much rain from his clothes as possible. “Stupid weather,” Richie huffed in meager frustration as he lifted his coat covered sleeve and rubbed it under his slightly runny nose thanks to the rain.


    He headed over to the door that led to the staircase and swung it open. The echo of his feet against the cement foretold that he was alone and could therefore give in a bit to how frustrating the day had been before he or to his apartment. It wasn’t that he wanted to lie to his boyfriend when he returned, but he knew how it would work up his boyfriend and that wasn’t what he wanted. After all the hell that he put him through, the least he could do was at least try to have a positive attitude.


    Richie started up the stairs and only managed to walk up about halfway there when he felt his chest seem to burn from the effort. He turned into his elbow and let out a rattling cough. He grimaced in disgust at himself as he continued to heave himself up the stairs. He swallowed thickly and felt a little soreness in the back of his throat that had been slowly growing worse throughout the day. Richie tried to push any thoughts about the possibility that he was coming down ill as deep inside of him as possible.


    That was until the telltale prickle surfaced.


    It started deep within his sinuses as a blossoming itch. Richie didn’t think much of it as he let out a sniff and rubbed his nose against the back of his wrist. Unfortunately, that just sent the itch seeming to surge forward into his nose and causing his breath to hitch. His eyes blinked madly as they watered while he was left in a horrible, ticklish limbo. He let out a heavy groan in the back of his throat as if that would either force the itch out or stomp it out all together. It continued to stay right in the center until Richie brought his palm to his nose and rubbed the tip in small circles almost into his face. That clinched the feeling as the tickle spread and there was no stopping it as Richie lifted his elbow to his face to pitch forward into.


    “HrhcsShsHS! HrchsSHsSH! HrchSHSsH! HrcsHSSSH!” Each nasal explosion tore out of his throbbing throat and caused a flash of pain in his right temple. They weren’t as wet as he had been fearin, but it still wasn’t something he was keen to let anyone see happen to him.


    He lowered his elbow from his face as he heard his boyfriend’s voice in his head. Covering your mouth and nose protects everyone from your germs. We don’t need it spreading, now do we?


    Richie recalled his other sharp retort back to him. And yet you will still kiss me? Doesn’t that spread even more germs, huh?


    He smirked at the thought before realizing that he still had to hike up at least two more flights before he would make it to his apartment. He suddenly cursed the building for the elevator always being broken. It was times like these he would take the ease of the elevator over the added benefit of exercise in the stairwell.


    Richie managed to make it the rest of the way up the stairs with only one more coughing fit in the middle. He started down the long hallway until coming to his apartment door. He fumbled in his pocket for the key before shoving it in and turning it. He turned the knob while pulling out the key and forcing himself inside with the door closing heavily behind him to signal that he was home.


    “Richie,” exclaimed the excited and familiar voice of the man that Richie loved.


    Richie looked up as he saw his boyfriend round the corner. Even though his own slight misery was growing, seeing his boyfriend made it all seemed to disappear. “Hey, Eds,” Richie rasped when his voice refused to comply. 


    Eddie’s eyes slightly widened as he crept over to him and frowned when he realized that Richie was still dripping. “You’re soaking wet. Hurry and change before dinner. I don’t want you to get chilled.”


    “Yes, mother,” Richie taunted with a glint in his eyes.


    Luckily, Eddie didn’t seem to mind. He still ushered Richie toward their bedroom with Richie trying to swallow a few coughs that threatened to bubble up inside of him. He knew how Eddie could be with any illness or ailment. While they hadn’t been officially together when one of them had been sick, Richie was sure that Eddie would be manic about it, maybe even keep him in quarantine. He certainly didn’t want to see that happen.


    Richie stepped into the bedroom with his jacket already being shrugged from his shoulders. He set it on the floor as he walked toward their closet. He managed to find his favorite pair of sweatpants, freshly washed thanks to Eddie, and a Derry t-shirt. He grabbed the two of them still on the hanger and came out of the bedroom to walk over to the bathroom for a quick shower.


    He was only halfway there when the tickle re-emerges with a vengeance. Richie suddenly turned his head to crush it into his shoulder so that Eddie couldn’t hear. Ordinarily he would’ve stifled it with his fingers, but his hands were otherwise occupied with the clothes.


    “Hrhxxh! HRxxxh! Hrhxxxh! Hrxxxxh!


    Eddie drew away from the stove as he heard what sounded like harsh exclamations. “Everything alright in there,” Eddie called.


    Richie sniffed slightly as he felt the moisture almost seeping from his nose. He couldn’t have Eddie hear that. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just going to take a quick shower!” 


    He didn’t let Eddie say anything more as he disappeared into the bathroom as he locked the door behind him. Richie set the clothes down on the sink before heading over the shower and turning on the water. It streamed from the head with Richie closing the curtain to allow the water to warm up. The sound would also give him an opportunity to blow his nose without Eddie hearing.


    He headed over to the toilet and pulled a few squares of toilet paper and folded it over his nose. He blew his nose heavily and produced a wet and painful sounding gurgling blow in the aftermath. He clamped the toilet paper over his nose before throwing it in the trash. Congestion began to settle in his nose afterwards and alone his cheek bones. Despite Richie trying to convince himself otherwise, there was no way around it now.


    Richie Tozier was sick.


To Be Continued......

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    Richie stripped naked before stepping into the shower. He leaned forward to turn the water as hot as possible and it burned as it ran down his body. It felt almost good thanks to how cold it was outside. Then again, it was February in Detroit and while it wasn’t snowing, the rain had still been freezing against his body. The warm water that was cascading over him was a welcomed change and he could see himself staying in there forever.


    After standing there for a while, Richie began to shampoo his hair and lather his body in soap. He let out a few full body coughs so that the shower would cover the noise. The steam also helped with his congestion and set his nose streaming. He decided to let the water rinse it away and he longed to stay there for the rest of the night.


    He reluctantly rinsed his hair and body before turning off the water and stepped out of the shower. The cool air caused him to shiver and his teeth to chatter even when he grabbed a towel to dry himself off. He stood dripping with the water pooling on the mat. He longed to bundle up and jump back into bed. However, tonight he and Eddie were having a home date night with pasta for dinner and a movie. He thought he could handle something that simple. It wasn’t like it was strenuous or dealing with a killer clown.


    Just the thought of Pennywise made Richie shudder. He tired to push those thoughts from his head as he reminded himself that Pennywise was dead and that was how he was going to stay. He wouldn’t be back in 27 years and they wouldn’t have to return to Derry anytime soon. Richie decided to dry himself off and then step into his sweatpants and throw the t-shirt on. His hair was still dripping, but he knew that he had already spent a little longer than he intended and he didn’t want to worry Eddie.


    Richie grabbed some toilet paper to give his nose another blow before heading back out to face everything. He made his way over to the kitchen and even though his blocked nose he could smell the sweetness of spaghettis sauce and the garlic bread that Eddie had made homemade.


    “It smells delicious,” commented Richie with his mouth watering.


    Eddie glanced up from straining the pasta in front of him. He wore a flowered apron and had a few splatters of red sauce on his chest and arm. “Thanks! I added some sugar to the sauce because I know that’s the way that you like it,” he explained as he turned back to his pasta as he poured it into another bowl. “Would you mind grabbing the wine?”


    “That’s not all I want to grab,” Richie murmured almost seductively. As soon as he spoke it he realized how flat and cheesy it was. He tried not to dwell on it as he made his way to one of the taller cabinets where they kept the wine. He reached up and selected the first one that his fingers grazed before he carried it to the table and grabbed two glasses before carrying them over to the table.


    “You can sit down. I’ll be right there,” Eddie announced as he drizzled some olive oil on the pasta.


    Richie sat down at his usual place and quickly poured himself a glass of wine as he felt his lungs heave. He kept one hand over his mouth to stop from coughing while pouring wine with the other. He brought the liquid up to his lips and swallowed, but it was so dry that it only caused things to be worse. He almost gagged as the cough rose inside of him as he pitched to the side to cough openly.


    “You alright,” Eddie asked as he brought the large bowl of pasta over to their small dining room table.


    Richie looked up through watery eyes. “Yes, I’m fine. Just went down the wrong pipe,” he lied through painful sputters.


    Eddie slightly narrowed his eyes in disbelief, but he didn’t say anything more. He just sat down across from Richie and began to use one of the large wooden spoons to scoop up some pasta for Richie. He then did the same with his as well as cutting the garlic bread and serving that well. “Well, we had better dig in while it’s still warm. I hope everything is good.”


    “You made it, so I’m sure it will be,” Richie answered truthfully. He jabbed his fork into the pasta and brought it up to his lips. It was hot and he almost burned his tongue on the sauce. However, he realized with a defeated pang that he couldn’t taste any of it thanks to his cold. Not that he would tell Eddie that since he had spent so much time trying to prepare and make it perfect.


    Eddie slightly leaned forward with a napkin tucked around his neck. “Well? It’s not too sweet is it,” he fretted apprehensively.


    Richie quickly shook his head madly. “It’s wonderful! You certainly have a gift for this. I, on the other hand, can do plenty of things with my mouth, but cooking isn’t my thing.” He flicked his tongue out at Eddie as seductively as he could manage.


    Eddie shifted in his seat and Richie grinned. He loved when Eddie became flustered. That defiantly turned him on. “Just eat your food. We’ll have plenty of time for that later,” Eddie reassured as he brought the wine to his lips and took a long drink of it.


    Having succeeded in his mission, Richie turned back to his food. He choked down bite after bite even though he couldn’t taste anything. He still needed nutrients and he was hungry, not to mention he still wanted Eddie to think that this was the very best meal he had ever eaten. Eddie was sensitive like that and Richie took every opportunity to indulge him as much as possible.


    “You’re awfully quiet,” Eddie commuted after a few more moments of silence. He had his fork slightly pointed at Richie’s chest with a chunk of meatball still attached to one of the prongs. “Did something happen at work today?”


    Richie shook his head as he lifted his napkin to his mouth and discretely rubbing it against the moist undersides of his nostrils. “No, no, just a lot going on. I don’t have any work next week yet and it’s making me a little edgy.” That certainly was the truth that Richie could explain with certainly.


    Eddie nodded slowly in understanding. “Well, if you don’t have to travel then we can spend some time together. We’ve both been dying for that, haven’t we?”


    “Definitely,” Richie replied a little too quickly.


    They delved back into silence until Richie’s nose decided to rebel. He tried his best to quell the itch because the last thing that he wanted to do was sneeze in front of Eddie. Coughing was one thing, but a sneeze was way different. It was swift, unpredictable, and certainly messy when it came to Richie. It released a monsoon of germs that could be launched feet from it’s source. That was what Eddie was always saying and now he was about to see it in action.


    Richie pivoted as far away in his seat while reaching for the napkin. He brought the slightly wrinkled thing up to his nose before pitching forward with his feet slightly lifted from the chair. “HrhcsHsSH! HrcshSHs! Hchxxxh! Hxhxxxh! Hxhxxh!” A few sneezes snuck out before he was able to complete stifle them. However, it caused his sinuses to burn and his headache to spread through him painfully. He instantly regretted it as tears welled in his eyes.


    “Bless you,” Eddie stated calmly as he set his fork besides his bowl.


    Richie longed to blow his nose, but he thought better of it in Eddie’s presence. He set the napkin down as he lifted a fist to rub it against his inflamed sinuses. “Thanks. Ugh, weather making my nose fill with all kinds of shit.”


    “You sure,” Eddie pressed against with his intense gaze turned on Richie. His mouth was turned in a frown while his fingers almost anxiously drummed against the table.


    Richie shot Eddie a smile with a thumbs up to go with it. “Never better!” 


    Despite the ache and growing congestion, Richie was sure that he could make it without alerting Eddie. 


    He just wouldn’t show he was sick. That would work, wouldn’t it?


To Be Continued.....

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I love it so much!! Continue please💞 I love how he tries to act like he’s just fine but Eddie knows and he will be the cutest care taking germophobe that walks on earth 🌍 ;)

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On 10/31/2019 at 11:19 AM, Nervous-Bean said:

Aaa !! This is perfection, I love the way you write them!

Thanks so much! I’m glad that you’re liking it! They are incredible characters to write about.


On 10/31/2019 at 8:28 PM, Arisamela said:

I love it so much!! Continue please💞 I love how he tries to act like he’s just fine but Eddie knows and he will be the cutest care taking germophobe that walks on earth 🌍 ;)

I defiantly will continue. There will be many more parts. It’s just so much fun to write them! Eddie is so cute and Richie trying to not show that he’s sick, but it won’t last long.


On 1/11/2020 at 11:16 PM, Loverofreading said:

Please continue!!! 

I definitely will! I was busy with finals but not hat I’m finished I am ready to continue.




I’m sorry ti’s been a minute since I’ve updated. I had finals and then family stuff came up. Then I was sick and now I’m back at school for another semester. I decided to construe while I had a free minute and I promise that there will be more regular updates in the future. I hope you all enjoy!






    The two finished their meals rather quickly after that with Richie helping Eddie with the dishes before they started the movie. Richie went through the motions of drying all the dishes while trying not to succumb to how he felt. He was trying not to sniffle while also trying not to sneeze. That was difficult when the sweet smells of the desert that Eddie had made came up from the oven.


    After they finished, the two of them made their way to the living room. Eddie plopped himself down on couch with Richie following. Richie took one side as far away from Eddie as possible before grabbing a blanket and wrapping it around him. The shivers were back and he was fairly certain that his temperature was rising. His bones were starting to ache while his teeth chattered.


    “Richie, why are you so far away,” Eddie asked as he tilted his head when he plopped down in the middle of the couch. Usually Richie was the one who always was inviting contact whether it be holding hands, cuddling, or sex. Now Richie seemed to want to be as far away from him as possible.   


    Richie couldn’t help but sniffle as he reached a fist to his nose. He turned around bashfully as he tried to hide the redness that was rising to his cheeks. “Eds, it’s nothing. I just....” He trailed off as he started to cough into his raised hand. He tried to quiet it down, but the more he tried, the louder the coughs became.


    “Richie,” Eddie gasped in surprise as he scooted over to his boyfriend. His eyes sparkled in concern as he drew so close that their shoulders brushed. “Richie, breathe for me. You’re alright.” He lifted a hand and started to rub and slightly pound at Richie’s back to help break up the congestion and force him to breathe.


    After what felt like a lifetime, Richie was able to suck in a breath without coughing. He looked to his boyfriend almost fearfully. “Sorry. Wrong pipe,” Richie panted as he lifted his hand to rub under his eyes as they watered.


    Eddie tilted his head. “That seemed a little more than just the wrong pipe. Something is up with you. I can tell.” He scooted even closer to Richie on the couch until Richie couldn’t stand it any longer and propelled himself off the couch so that Eddie couldn’t touch him. A full body shudder surged through him as he stood with his eyes still locked on Eddie.


    Hurt flashed across Eddie’s face in a way that Richie would never forget. “I-I’ll be right back,” Richie suddenly announced when he felt his nose itch almost painfully. He made his way forward and down the hallway with Eddie still watching in shock at what had just happened.


    Richie headed down the hallway and back to the bathroom with his hand against his chest. He closed the door behind him before standing over the sink with his hands gripped against the marble tightly. He began to cough fully as he felt his lungs crackle and deflate inside of him as they fought for breath. He coughed until he gagged as he felt something almost sweet tasting in his mouth.


    He reached over to the roll of toilet paper and brought it against his mouth as he spat the thick almost yellowish mucus that had been brought up from his lungs. He snuffled heavily before throwing the toilet paper away and rubbing his nose with his wrist. He thought about staying in there for longer, but that would just hint Eddie even more that something was wrong.


    Richie left the room and headed down the hallway to see that Eddie had already started the movie. He was on the couch with a blanket strewn around him. “Everything alright,” Eddie questioned when he heard Richie approach, turning on the couch to stare at his boyfriend.


    Richie nodded as he forced his usual excited smirk on his face. “I’m fine. Just had to take a piss or do you want all of the details,” he taunted fondly as he came back over to the couch and sat where he had before as far from Eddie as possible.


    However, Eddie didn’t hesitate to shift and slide closer to Richie until he leaning his head against his shoulder. Uncomfortableness surged through him at the thought of Eddie being so close to his germ infested body. Eddie snuggled his head against Richie’s shoulder and Richie felt heat seem to rush over him and it wasn’t from his illness.


    They had only made it about ten minutes into the movie when Richie realized that his nose wasn’t about to obey. It had been steadily dripping down his throat and now it seemed to be going the other way. The familiar itch was back and he was worried about trying to hide this from Eddie. He began to shift as he thought about how to possibly stop the feeling. He tried to blink his eyes rapidly and even rubbed it a bit against his shoulder as discretely as possible. However, it was clear that nothing was working.


    Richie suddenly pulled himself away from Eddie while still sitting on the couch. Eddie turned in surprise and concern. “Richie, what’s wrong? Richie?”


    Hearing Eddie talk to him wasn’t helping his predicament. He tried not to show it as he lifted his hand and clutched it over his nose in a death grip. His eyes then shut involuntarily as he slightly drew forward. “Hxhxxxh! HtHxxxxh! Hchxxxxh! Hchxxxxh! Hchxxxxh!” Each one hurt more than the last and he suddenly realized why stifling wasn’t the best idea that he had ever had.


    “Oh, honey, that sounded like that hurt,” sympathized Eddie as he reached around Richie and slightly hugged him around his shoulders. “Are you okay?”


    Richie coughed in the aftermath with his throat throbbing. “Sorry. Couldn’t stop it,” he finally murmured in frustration.


    Eddie suddenly struck out a hand and felt Richie’s forehead. He tutted once he did as Richie tried to pull away. “You’re a little warm.”


    “Just because of your body heat, dumbass,” joked Richie as his usual sarcastic personality came through. It also seemed to come out when Eddie was trying to be serious and Richie didn’t want to face it.


    Eddie didn’t say anything, but he did raise an eyebrow. He drew back from Richie as he tried to humor him. “Well, you should at least use some tissues when you do that. It’s more sanitary that way,” he reminded him as he slid off of the couch and headed down the hallway to the bathroom where Eddie seemed to keep an endless supply of the softest tissues with the lotion.


    Richie didn’t move with his nose slightly running. It wasn’t long until Eddie returned and set the large box on the coffee table in front of them. He pulled a few handfuls from the box and handed them to Richie. Richie muttered something about not being a bitch before he reluctantly took them. He pressed it against his nose and blew his nose heavily and was pleased to find that most of the congestion seemed to ebb for the time being so that he could actually breathe though his nose at the moment.


    The two settled back on the couch to continue their movie. Richie knew that it was supposed to be some sort of comedy that Eddie had chosen, but he was just too tired to pay attention to it. Besides, Eddie was so warm against him even if he didn’t want him to be so close to him. Despite his best attempts to stay awake, he just couldn’t, and he ended up falling in a restless sleep. 


To Be Continued....

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