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Fall Allergy Fits While at a Concert

Ali Marie

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This observation is a couple of weeks old, college makes it very hard to post immediately but I hope you guys still enjoy.

My Fall allergies were acting up while I was at a concert--pretty much a bitter-sweet scenario for me. When my good friend, Rock God came to greet me at the venue the first thing he asked me was, "How are your allergies?" (He must've seen me complaining about them on Facebook.) To which I responded, "Terrible." He gave me a very sympathetic nod & muttered something about the pollen index being high. I couldn't really hear; it was loud in there.

Now onto the Self-Obs...

I was outside, hanging out with my bandmates, despite knowing how bad this was for my allergies. I was actually getting ready to leave, to be honest.


I've pretty much learned to always have a tissue at the ready for days like this.

I look over & see Rock God approaching me from behind & chuckling to himself. "Oh, Bless you!" I really wish I knew what he found so funny about my sneeze, 'cause that made me a little nervous. However, I still thanked him. A few minutes later, I sneezed again, louder.


However, this time he responded with "Gesundheit!" And that really made my heart flutter for some reason. No one had ever said that to me before. I really enjoyed it.

I gathered my composure & thanked him again.

Another sneeze struck me again as I was being helped into my car. It was just Rock God & me. He was holding me up; so my body completely leaned into his with the force of the sneeze. 


"I'm sorry." I said, immediately realized what I'd done. He responded with another casually "Bless You" & something along the lines of "It's okay, I understand." I honestly don't remember verbatim because my ears were ringing over shock from the fact that I had almost sneezed on him. Oh jeez! Yuck...

Fast forward a bit & the fits started hitting me while I was hanging out in the car with the door open; still sitting in the parking lot. They weren't rapid fire sneezes but I definitely lost count. Embarrassed, I raised my head up with the tissue still pressed over my nose & mouth. Rock God was staring at me with his brows creased. "My God," He muttered, sounding a little concerned. "Bless you."

I thanked him. But I knew there would be another fit coming on soon. It's the fits that I really can't stand. They make me feel helpless.

So after was probably twelve or so repetitive but non- rapid fire sneezes, my head stops swimming & I realize that our bassist had been standing there. He was talking to Rock God about the merch table. As I was catching my breath, he leaned down & offered a slightly enthusiastic "Bless you!" Then followed it up with, "Are you allergic to Rock & Roll music?" He was only teased but I wanted to curl up & die from the cringe. Seriously...Who says that? :dead:

Rock God then put his hand on the Bassist's shoulder & whispered, "She's been sneezing all day." He sounded concerned but I was more pre-occupied with fact that he had even said that. He made my heart flutter again with those words! It wasn't true but I never shy away from anyone fretting over my sneezes. (As long as I'm comfortable with them, of course.)      

Anyway, that's where this one ends, as I've had my head completely buried in a term project since then but no shortage of Fall Hayfever symptoms. So we'll see if I have anything else fun to write in about eventually.

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