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Where's Lenny? (Legends of Tomorrow; Post Oculus)


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Part 1


Sara was getting a call from Ava in her personal chambers, and quickly fixed her hair and laid down on the bed, hoping to seduce her girlfriend, “hello, gorgeous.” 


Ava blushed and smiled, “oh um.. Hi,” she brushed her hair behind her ear and cleared her throat, “actually this is a business call.”


Sara popped up, “Whatcha go for us?”


Ava nodded and looked at a file, “ok. We have some activity in this old factory. Nothing time related exactly, but with all the little complaints and tips we’ve been getting about this place… I just need a favor.”

“You have a hunch and you want us to check it out because you can’t spare the manpower?”


“Something like that,” ava sighed with relief, “corporate is breathing down our necks and I can’t tell them I sent people on a hunch while there are problems that concern them.”


“You can make it up to me when we get back,” she winked, “see you tonight?”


“Absolutely. I’ll bring wine?” 

“Please.” Sara grinned and they said their goodbyes before hanging up and walking out, “LEGENDS! Get your butts up, we got a mission!”


After she explained the problem, Charlie rolled her eyes and went back to her room, thinking it seemed boring, and she was really getting into this new books she found. 

“Fine, anyone else?” Sara looked over and stopped on Mick, who actually seemed eager to go, “mick?”


“Wouldn't mind stretching my legs.” he stretched a bit. He’s had a weird feeling all day and had been itching to get out; light something on fire. He just felt sort of off. He’d been having a lot of those feelings lately. It was almost Leonard’s birthday.


Sara nodded, “alright, let’s go.” she knew Mick seemed a bit more on edge lately but didn’t want to poke the bear. 


They got off the ship and went to this old abandoned factory.


“Huh,” Ray tilted his head, “building looks like it's barely holding together.”


“It's an illusion,” Constantine patted Ray on the back and walked forwards and put his hand through something invisible, and from their perspective, was gone.

“Woah..!” Ray tentatively put his hand out, “my hands gone!”


Constantine smiled and walked through. When no one followed, he pulled Ray in.


“Alright... Guess it’s safe,” Sara followed, then Mick, then Zari.


What they say next wasn’t exactly any better, “well, it doesn’t look abandoned anymore.” 


“It’s low level magic. They couldn’t make a better illusion or they’d make it scarier.”


“What do you mean?” Ray furrowed his brow.


“Well, ever see an abandoned building and get the Willys? It’s not the house that does it, love.” Constantine put his hands in his pocket and walked over to the door, muttering a quick spell and watching the door slowly open.


“Magic’s so cool,” Ray went over to the door and followed Constantine in.


Mick looked at the building and tried to ignore the feeling in his stomach. Like something was pulling him towards it. Like on the other side of the door was something he wanted...something he needed. 


Sara put a hand on his shoulder, “you ok?” 


“Yeah…” Mick glanced at her and nodded, walking in after everyone else.


Sara had a weird feeling too and kept her eyes peeled.


They all walked through a corridor and Ray was paying close attention to the wires around the floor and walls, “whatever’s hooked up to all this is using a lot of power. There’s gotta be generators here?”


Mick opened the door and kept his heat gun up, searching the next room, “Ray.. what the hell is that?” he swung the door open to see a giant metal thing, that almost looked like the oculus, but bigger.


“I have no idea..” Ray walked in and started to get closer when someone stopped them. 


“This is private property, you can’t be here!” This doctor in a lab coat came in, “Who are you?” 


They all stuttered, but Constantine put on a smile, “this ain’t private property, mate. It’s government property, and we just happen to be the government.” he flashed an ace of spades, which to the doctor, looked like a badge, “you’re the one trespassing.”


The doctor looked taken aback, “what? We have our paper in order!” 


Constantine made a face and stepped forward, “Mate, where do you think you are?” The doctor named an address that was on the other side of town, “Cheers.” He turned back to the team, “he’s under a spell... Someone else is in charge... But I don't sense anyone.”


“Ok,” Sara looked back at the man and smiled, “Ray, go find out what we’re dealing with. We could-”


“Exuse me?” The doctor was walking over, “Do we have some kind of inspection in order.”


“Yeah,” Ray quickly interjected and said something technical that no one else cared to understand. 


“Oh, sure.” The doctor showed Ray to the office and they blabbed about whatever for a while, while the rest of the legends went to go see what was actually going on. 


A few minutes later they all came back to the same room and found nothing else in the building but that. But now there was another doctor who was starting the machine. 


Sara then noticed that Ray was looking at some whiteboard and anxiously talking to the doctor, “Ray! What’s up?!” 


Ray came out and freaked, “wait! Don’t turn it on!” too late, it was on. There was a blue flash and waved went through the whole room.




The next thing Ray noticed was that he was suddenly in a grassy field and his dead fiance was standing in front of him with a picnic basket, “Anne?” he took a step forward.


“What’s the matter, Ray? Is it your allergies?” She came closer and put a hand on his forehead, “We don’t have to do this today..”


“No..” Ray leaned into the hand, “I want to do this with you.” They used to go on picnics and he’d promised her one before she died. He was happily lead to a spot under a tree and sat down with her, smiling as she fed him grapes. 



Sara was suddenly in a training room with her dead sister standing in front of her with gloves on, “come on Sara. Don’t hold back, I need this.”


She paused and took a step forward, “Laurel?”


“What?” She put her hands down, “I know I'm your sister and you don’t want to hurt me, but you won’t ok? I’m getting better at this.” She went over to Sara and put her arms up, “sparing, every thursday. You promised.” 

“Yeah,” Sara smiled and started helping her sister with her stance.



Zari was back home in the future, her family getting ready for dinner. 


“Zari! Help your brother set the table, food’s almost ready.”


“Mom?” She stepped closer and could smell the food, her little brother suddenly handing her plates, “What’s going on?”


“Dinner, aren’t you paying attention?” her brother raised a brow and poked her, “did you just wake up or something? You’re being weird.”


“No.. I'm fine,” She was holding back tears as she set the plates and helped her brother put the utensils in the right order, “mom, do you need help with dinner?”


“You never want to help,” her mom seemed shocked.


“I do now,” She let a tear fall down her cheek.


“Aw, sweetheart,” he mom caressed her cheek and wiped the tear away, “I'd love the help. Try this.” She put a spoon in the dish and put it to her daughter’s lips.


Zari tried it, and almost cried again, “it’s amazing, mom.” 


“Ah,” her mom was delighted.



Mick found himself in front of the couch in his home back in Central city. Leonard was walking towards him and suddenly wrapped his arms around him, he had tears in his eyes.


“Lenny?” Mick remembered this moment.


“You bastard,” Lenny kissed him, “you’re making me cry.”


“Sorry,” Mick quickly held his waist, afraid he’d go away.


“I love it,” Lenny kissed him again and flashed the ring on his pinky finger.


Mick remembered every detail. He’d been searching and stealing ring after ring, looking for the right one for Lenny. Not necessarily an engagement ring, he just wanted something on Len’s finger to show he was his… and he decided on this stupid lug nut from their first job. He cut it and sanded it down until it would fit Len’s finger. The best he could do was his pinky, as it was a small ring and making it any bigger would break it.


“I love you, Len,” Mick put a hand up and wiped the tears from Len’s eyes, “I miss you so much.”


“I love you too, Micky,” he was suddenly kissing him, like they’d never been apart. 


Apart of Mick knew it was another hallucination, that Lenny wasn’t really there, but he needed this.. He needed Lenny.


“I shoulda asked you to marry me,” Mick put his forehead to Lenny’s, “I shoulda told Rip to stick it and run away with you.. anywhere... I shoulda protected you better.”


“Lenny furrowed his brow, “What do you mean, baby?” he put both of his hands on Mick’s cheeks, “I’m right here. Why are you crying?” 




Constantine found himself feeling slightly dizzy, and his knees buckled, but someone caught him. When things started to focus, he instantly recognized the expensive cologne and the feel of strong arms around him, “Luci?” 


Lucifer helped him up and kept hold of him even after he was standing, “darling, you look ill.” he tsked and checked his forehead, “why are you dizzy, what’s wrong?”


“THe magic… this isn’t real..”


“No, it isn’t,” Lucifer nodded, “I’m all in your head, but I could be here… I’m just a phone call away.”


“You went back to hell, I can’t..” He shook his head.


“Did i?” 

Constantine looked up and noticed something was different about Luci. His eyes suddenly went red and he shook his head.


“Ah,” Lucifer winced and righted himself, straightening his jacket, “Johnny? I’ve been trying to reach you for months!” 


Constantine stepped back, “What.. how?”


“You’ve been blocking me? Why?” Lucifer stepped closer, “What’s the matter? You look terrified?”

“You’re real.. This isn’t a hallucination..” The background went back to the storage room and saw the legends all on the floor unconscious, “oh no..’ 


“They’re fine,” Lucifer put a hand on his cheek, “they’re just asleep.”


“I need to help them… We have to.. Stop the machine,” John got dizzy again and fell into Lucifer again.

“You aren’t doing anything,” Lucifer looked concerned, “whatever that’s doing is messing with your magic, you’re getting overwhelmed, focus on me.” he kissed his forehead, “we need to talk, but that can wait. I want you healthy when I get my answers.”


“Yea.. we need to talk,” John nodded and held onto Lucifer, “help me wake them up?” he tried to stand back up and held onto Lucifer, “I love you, Luci, I always have. I promise I'll tell you everything. But please help me with this first.”


“Fine,” Lucifer sighed and moved Constantine’s face so he could kiss his lips, “you’re making a deal with the devil, you know.”


“Yeah,” he smiled, “isn’t my first, won’t be my last. If you let me.” 


“You have a lot of explaining to do,” Luci kissed him again before holding his hands. One by one he convinced the Legends to take his hand, each being pulled out of the fantasies. No one could see Lucifer, except that Constantine’s eyes were blood red, which really freaked Zari out. 


When they got to Mick, they all stopped in their tracks when they were faced with Mick on his knees, clinging to Leonard’s waist as he cried into his stomach. Even Leonard had a few tears staining his cheeks as he held him. Leonard was the one who saw them first. He didn’t bother to wipe away the tears and just bent down so he could look Mick in the eyes.


“Mick,” Leonard lifted his chin so they could look at each other, “baby, you have to go with them.” 


Everyone except Sara was shocked when Mick kissed Leonard. 


“I don’t wanna leave you,” Mick whispered and held him tight.

“You would never,” Leonard kissed the top of his head, “I'll be with you always,” he gently touched Mick’s shirt and lifted the ring on the string out of his shirt, “I'm right here. I know you feel me.” he kissed the ring, “you stole a thief's heart and you keep it next to yours.”


Mick put his forehead on Lenny’s and tried to stop the flow of tears.


“Mick,” Sara took a step forward but didn’t let go of Zari’s hand, keeping the connection, “we gotta go.”


Mick quickly kissed Lenny, “I love you. I Shoulda told you more often… I love you.” He took Sara’s hand they were all back. 


“Mick?” Ray took a step closer but jumped back went Mick got up quickly.


Mick spun around and aimed his heat gun at the machine, yelling as he lit it on fire. 


Everyone expect Mick duck for cover as sparks flew. Lucifer, who was only visible to Constantine, spread his wings and covered Constantine.


Constantine looked at the wing with shock and gave him a look like “we are DEFINITELY talking later.


There was another wave and everyone was knocked down. When they all looked up there was a blue cloud that was formed around the remains. It started to form a human-like figure with a hand out, and was suddenly blown back until it hit the floor a few feet away.


Sara immediately had flashbacks to watching Len knock Mick out and take control of the Oculus, “Snart?” 


Mick looked up quickly and the rest looked confused. 


The body on the floor gasped and started coughing. It turned over and weakly tried to sit up, but just fell.


Mick noticed that it looked like Snart, but considering how many doppelgangers he’d encountered, he wasn’t exactly ecstatic about it. 


This Snart couldn’t see them as he was turned away, but muttered, “Mick… He’s..safe…” 

Mick stared hard, aware that Sara was staring at him. The way he said his name, it sounded like his Lenny. He never told anyone this, but each version of Snart said his name differently. It might not have been obvious, but to him it was striking. That was his Lenny… That was his Snart, “Len?” He slowly got up, “that-” he had another tear run down his face, “That’s my...that’s my partner.” 


Sara stood up too, “you sure?”


“Yeah,” Mick ran over, “that’s my partner!” He slid down by his side and carefully picked him up. 

“Micky?” Leonard coughed and looked up at him, gently moving his hand up to touch his cheek.


“It’s me, Lenny…”


“You all got away…” he looked relieved, “you got away.” 


MIck kissed the hand and held him closer, unable to say anything anymore.


Leonard didn’t even notice the crowd, and let his hand fall to Mick’s chest. He looked puzzled for a moment, then pulled out the string with his ring on it, “you got.. It..” He smiled before passing out.


“Lenny?” Mick held his hand.


Ray came by and checked his pulse, “It’s there, but thready. We need to get him to the ship, now.”


MIck didn’t need to be told twice and lifted Lenny up, running back to the ship. Mick ran as fast as he could. He couldn’t lose Lenny again, he just couldn’t. He finally got his partner back and he’d be damned if he ever lost him again.

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Part 2

When they got back to the ship, Mick made a beeline for the hospital, “Gideon! Lenny’s hurt.” 


“Mr. Snart?” Gideon sounded confused, “Have we found another version?”


“NO!” Mick laid him down, “It’s really him..”


“Mr. Snart seems to be running a fever of 104 degrees.” 


“Fix it, please..” Mick sat down and held his hand so tight like he was afraid he’d run away.


“Of course, Mr. Rory. I will do my best,” stats started showing up on the screen, “He is dehydrated, I suggest fluids.”


“Do it,” Mick’s voice was small and scared, “please… anything’ you gotta do.”


A bit later, the rest of the legends showed up. Sara was the only one brave enough to come closer to the pair and put a hand on Mick’s shoulder, “Gideon? What’s Leonard’s status? Is this our Leonard? I mean, If he from our earth and timeline?”


Gideon took a second to answer, “yes, captain. It appears he is the same Leonard as the first. He is stable and I expect he will wake up tomorrow.”


“Good,” Sara nodded and rubbed Mick’s back, “do you want to be alone?”


Mick nodded and waited until they all left and the door was closed before he put his head down against Lenny’s chest and let himself cry. 



Constantine slipped out and left the ship under the guise of needed a smoke break. Sara thought that was suspicious, considering she knew he had been wearing patches to stop smoking and she hadn’t seen him smoke in days. She was pretty sure he didn’t even carry a pack anymore, ever since he got back from the personal time he took. So when he left, she followed him, not having expected to see he was meeting up with a stranger in the woods, who looked insanely overdressed for the occasion.


“Hey,” Constantine looked nervous and didn’t look at him, “I promised you answers.”


“Yes,” Lucifer stepped forward.


At first, Sara thought it was threatening and she got ready to help defend John, but then the guy gently caressed his cheek and looked sad.


“You just left me,” He bit his lower lip, “you vanished, why?”


“I’m sorry,” John took the hand and held it, “I never wanted to leave you.”

“Then why did you?” Lucifer took a step back.


“You have every right to hate me-”

“WHY JOHN?!” He was starting to get impatient.


“I had cancer!” John yelled back.


Sara gasped and quickly covered her mouth.


Any anger left Lucifer immediately, “what?”


“I had lung cancer, stage 4,” he cleared his throat, “I was really sick, I didn’t want you to see me like that.”


“You know I don’t care, I would have healed you.”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that,” John took a step back, “you would have had to ask a favor from your father. You didn’t have all your powers-”

“But I have them now!” Lucifer came closer, “Johnny, let me heal you?”


“I already am,” John took Lucifer’s hands in his own, “I love you, I never stopped loving you. The cancer’s gone, I made a deal.”


Lucifer’s eyes went red, looking at him up and down, “you still have your soul, I Don’t understand-”


“I tricked Triton,” He put a hand over Lucifer’s mouth so he couldn’t yell at him, “I’m fine. He gave me immortality…” 


Lucifer took John’s hand away from his mouth, “you have…”


“Immortality, yeah.” John was close to tears, “I can still be killed, but…” he stepped closer, “look, after seeing what just happened back there… I realized I was an idiot for leaving and I should have stayed or at least told you what was wrong. I never wanted to lose you, but I just didn’t want you to watch me die if it didn’t work.”


“So… does that mean I can have you back? Forever?”

“Are you saying you’ll take me back?” John gently touched Lucifer’s cheek and smiled.


Lucifer smiled, “of course I would. How can I turn a man down who got immortality to be with me?”


“You can’t,” John smiled and kissed him, “do you still love me?”


“Even God couldn’t make me stop loving you.”


“Good,” John smiled then looked suspicious, “now when the bloody hell did you get your wings back?”


Sara went back to the wave rider, still completely confused about what she just witnessed, when she ran into Ava.

“Woah,” Ava tried not to drop the bottle of wine she had, “sorry.” she noticed Sara looked confused, “are you ok? You said to pop by after work-”


“Yeah,” she smiled and took the bottle from Ava, “sorry, just got a bit distracted,” he took Ava’s arm and walked her back to her room, “I have soo much to tell you, but first, we are popping this baby open and-” she played at the waistband of Ava’s pants, “these.”


Ava smiled and pulled her into the bedroom. 



Mick had fallen asleep next to Lenny and was softly snoring.


Len had woken up, feeling like absolute crap, but smiled despite himself when he saw Mick fast asleep. He pouted slightly and gently touched his cheek. He didn’t really remember what happened while he was… discorperated? But he was aware that it had been a long time since the incident. He felt like he’d been in a coma for months, maybe years. 


Mick startled himself awake, muttering something about an explosion. He did a double-take when he saw that Leonard’s eyes were open, “Why did you wake me?”


Lenny smiled and huffed a laugh, “wanted to watch you.”


Mick looked down, slightly embarrassed and slipped his hand in Lenny’s, “you ok?”


“Tired,” he turned slightly away and coughed harshly into his elbow for a few seconds before relaxing again, “feel sick…”


Mick got up and kissed his forehead, checking his temperature, “you still have a fever. Do you want water?” 


There was a knock on the door and Ray came in, “how is-” he stopped when he saw Snart, “you’re awake!” He had a glass of water in his hands and slowly came in and shut the door,” how are you feeling?” 


Len sighed and started playing with Mick’s fingers, “I’m going to be getting that question a lot, aren’t I?” 


“Yeah, well,” Ray put the water on the table near Len, “it’s just because we care.”


“So I've noticed,” he smiled slightly as he eyed many "Welcome Back" and "Get Well" cards, “I'm guessing the one with calligraphy is yours?”


Ray blushed, “yeah,” he took a thermometer, “under the tongue.”


“Nothing wrong with good penmanship,” he opened his mouth and let the thermometer in.


Mick looked at Ray, “He said he feels sick. He was coughing earlier.”


Len glanced at Mick, his expression unreadable.


“Yeah,” Ray sighed, “I was talking with Gideon about your condition. Good news, you’re going to be fine. Bad news, you’re going to feel like you have the worst case of the flu.” 


Mick looked worried and anxiously waited for the thermometer to finish. When it did he snatched it out of Leonard’s mouth, startling Ray but Len thought nothing of it, “102.4.” 


Len closed his eyes for a moment before opening his eyes and wincing, “Do I have to stay here? Or am I free to go.”


“Yeah, you can, I mean-” Ray looked at Mick, “If he’s still welcome in your room-”


“He’s staying with me. Bed’s all ready.” Mick stood up quickly and held Lenny’s hands to help him up.


“Can I shower first? Maybe change clothes?” 


“I can find someth-”


Mick interrupted Ray, “I kept your clothes.” Mick steadied Len as he stood up and caught him when he half fell into him, “I got you.”


“Always do,” Len leaned into Mick a bit too long to be necessary, and slowly stood back up, “thank you.”


“Yeah,” Mick glanced up at Ray and looked like he had forgotten he was there, “You’re taking a cold shower.”


“Have I ever had a hot one?” Len raised a brow and earned a growl from Mick, “Besides when you’re in it.” 


Mick was sort of surprised Len said that in front of Ray, “Len…?”


“I know,” He looked back at Ray and winked, “If I'm free to go, doctor, I'd really like that shower.”


Ray nodded and stood wide-eyed. 


Leonard took Mick’s arm and they walked out together.



Mick ended up getting in the shower with Lenny, both having settled on a lukewarm shower, and were currently holding each other under the spray. 


Len had been slowly moving his hand along Mick’s skin until he could cup Mick’s cheek, “I’m sorry if I have been too forthcoming with them.” he was referring to his outburst with Ray, “I just spent months in nowhere… and all I could think about was you. All the things I didn’t do, say… I started to forget what you felt like.” he bit his lower lip and ran his thumb over Mick’s bottom lip, “What you taste like… I didn’t like that feeling.” 


Mick kissed his fingers and moved to gently kiss Len, “I know what you mean,” he kissed him again, “I froze chocolate, just so I could get a hint of what you used to taste like. Cold chocolate and strawberries.” 


“Did you freeze strawberries dipped in chocolate?” Lenny teased and kissed him, “hm, that sounds really good right now.”


“You want chocolate strawberries? We could see if Gideon can fix that up.” he kissed him again, this time biting lightly on his bottom lip before pulling away, “but I think you also need some soup. You need your strength up.”


“Ok,” he sniffed a bit and wiggled his nose, “I'm not all that hungry, but I'll try.” 


“Thank you,” he kissed his twitching nose and smiled as he scrunched it up, “Itchy?” 


“Sick, remember?” he rubbed his nose and pouted, “stop laughing.”


“I’m not laughing,” he was, “I just missed how cute you are.” he kissed his nose again and watched him battle the tickle before giving in.


“Ehh-hieew!” he sneezed into Mick’s chest and hitched a bit before Mick put a finger under his nose.


“Uhuh,” he shook his head, “I'm not done with you,” he moved the finger away and kissed him again, smiling into it as Leonard kissed back and put both of his hands on Mick’s face, cupping his cheeks. Mick had one hand cupping Leonard’s other cheek and the other hand along his back. 


After a few breathless kisses, Leonard felt Mick move his nose along the underside of his, making the tickle come back. He quickly moved into Mick’s shoulder to sneeze, “Heitsch! Hih’eitsch!-tshiew!”


“Bless,” he kissed along his jawline, “ready to get out? You can get comfy in bed while I get the food?” 


Leonard nodded, “I’m stealing your hoodie.”


“Damn right you are,” Mick kissed him again, “I’d be pissed if you didn't.”



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