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Bizarre Experience in Pharmacy


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So I was in line at the pharmacy this evening.  There was one fiftyish woman in front of me, who was being served.  I was daydreaming a bit, thinking of other things--when, all of a sudden, I hear her ask the pharmacist, "Does this store sell handkerchiefs?"  The pharmacist must have said "no" (I couldn't actually hear her well), because the woman then said, "Oh.  He said he needed some, but I don't know where to get them."  I suppose she was talking about her husband or her SO.  I mean, I always get my handkerchiefs on Amazon.com, but...I guess I was too taken aback to do anything but keep silent and marvel that such a conversation should just happen to take place while I was standing right there to hear it!

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You should've joined in somehow after she stepped away from talking to the pharmacist. Like saying where you get your own handkerchieves,and then having a brief conversation. You could've asked the same question yourself just to get a rush. In Walmart, l asked a lady employee where to find ladies' bandanas (l knew where they were) and she walked me to the aisle. Arriving in front of the display,l told her l liked to keep my hair kerchiefed much of the time and asked what she thought was a choice or choices. (My demeanor is entirely masculine). She pointed out several she thought would look nice--black bandanas with blood-red roses all over them. I had a dark,dark purple bandana on as a tight kerchief at the time,and she commented that she liked it a lot--one edge folded a little at the front and two corners knotted behind and the rest hanging straight down the back--kind of standard for either sex nowadays. She said she liked burgundy too. l thanked her and she started to leave,then she turned back and said they made unusually nice handkerchieves for blowing the nose--"nice and large and practical if you prefer a handkerchief to a tissue. Black and red roses look nice on a handkerchief for a man or a woman". Then she walked away. I ended up getting four of the latter and two in dark burgundy. Sometimes you have to make the conversation happen,but it's worth it.

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