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Once upon a time in Hollywood (Leo DiCaprio)


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Ok so I just saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the newest Tarantino movie. I loved it, and I couldn’t help but think I loved it just a little more because of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. There were some frequent points in the movie where he seemed sick. He was coughing and sniffling a lot. Then there was this one scene where he was putting his face in a bowl of ice water because of his illness I’m assuming. Not sure the cause of the illness/point of it but it was really hot. Go check out that movie if you’d be interested in that stuff!

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Great movie! Great performance! Great character! I don't think he was specifically ill so much as exhausted, hung-over and cigarettes starting to get the better of him. It was all to mark that he was getting old, at least to the eyes of Hollywood. 

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