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Being sneezed into by boyfriend - pepper inducing obs


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Recently I told my boyfriend about my fetish, and we have chhinkni on the way but made a few attempts to induce with what was around this weekend! For reference, he is white/Hispanic and tanned with lots of freckles and has warm brown eyes and soft black hair :3 It started when we were both cuddling on the couch. He's made jokes about being allergic to the throw blanket before because he's been sneezy when we've been under it, so I was playing with one of the blanket's tassels and twirling it up his nose, but to no avail. I then tried the tissue method on him with a paper towel, but still close but no cigar. Finally he sniffed a bit of pepper and that seemed to work. He was lying down on his back, and I was half sitting up next to him, watching as the tickle built and his eyes closed and mouth opened halfway. He doesn't have much of an active or vocal inhale-y buildup and tends to just stay frozen while it builds, until it takes over. I've told him before that I would want to be sneezed into to feel the force of it, so at the moment of release his hands would tighten around me, his eyebrows would knit, and he'd kind of pull me a bit closer and sneeze right into the crook of my left shoulder, with a "heh'ESSSH!" I really, really liked feeling the force of it. I couldn't really feel much spray, and the sound gets a bit muffled or cut off due to the sneeze being crushed into my sweater. He sneezed like this four-ish times in the first few minutes after snorting the pepper, and they did seem somewhat more irritated, forceful, and open-sounding than his usual sneezes, which sound more like "heh'esh-SHOO!" with a barely audible buildup and sometimes a high-pitched ending. 

After the initial couple of times, the sneezing subsided, but I was really glad to have one of my fetish-related fantasies fulfilled, getting to feel the jolt of it through his body 😍 Later that evening he sneezed a couple more times in singles and remembered to press one into my stomach on my right side near my hip. Bonus mini-anecdote: we went to an antique store the next day and had some fun near the books - I'd take a dusty one, flip through all the pages quickly, and slam it shut in front of his face, and we'd trade smirks, knowing what I was trying to do. 

Oh, he's joked before I should post about him on the forums and give him a five-star review for "sneeze fetish girlfriends," so here's to you babe, this is my endorsement ❤️

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Wow, that is awesome! I told my husband recently and want to try something like that - I imagine feeling the force of the sneeze is amazing! 

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