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((Ah, this might be my first fanfiction on here. Forgive me, I'm not good at writing canon characters. Sir Nighteye is a Pro Hero and is 38. Bubble Girl is one of the two assistants at Sir Nighteye's Hero Agency and is 21. I will provide references for Tickle Hell in Part 1.))

Part 1

Sir Nighteye, 38, frowned at Bubble Girl, 21, who was locked into Tickle Hell, the machine's power on 12 for the grievous error she made. " Bubble Girl." He said sternly. "This is the second time you've come in sick this month. You should know better to stay home when ill." He chided. At least she was wearing a flu mask. "We cannot provide humor and light into people's hearts when we are not at our very best ourselves..." He lectured.

“Yehehehehesss!! I’m Sohohohohohorrrryyy!! Plehehhheassseeee forgive meee!!” She pleaded as she kicked and screamed, howling from the ticklish feathers that adorned the sides of Tickle Hell, their reach impeccable. Her thighs, her stomach, and even her underarms were being tickled simultaneously.

He frowned. No. This was the second time she had come in sick this month, after all. She needed to be punished longer. He cranked the machine’s power level up to 15 and her screams and laughter escalated. “My, my. Even when sick, see how energetic you can be? Maybe…” He turned the machine’s power down to 7. “That deserves a reduced sentence.”

All Bubble Girl could manage was continued laughter, however.

Eventually, she was released from the clutches of Tickle Hell and Sir was kind enough to let her down. Bubble Girl coughed as she tried to catch her breath, and Sir flinched imperceptibly. He hoped he wouldn’t get sick. He didn’t have time to. “Do you feel up to working today?” He asked, his tone slightly softer than earlier.

Bubble Girl finished catching her breath, straightened up, and nodded. She saluted him with as much energy as she could muster. “Sir, yes sir!” She said, but that led to more coughing. Sir Nighteye frowned. “Very well, then. If you feel too unwell, let me know. Go on.” He let her get back to work.

Sir Nighteye went back to work as well. But, soon, enough he got a tickle in his throat and started to sniffle. An unlucky stroke of fate, but he wouldn’t let himself get sick. There was too much work to do. He abused the tissues on his desk quit a bit, however, and by the time Bubble Girl finished her work and came in to declare that she was heading home early, what she saw made her gasp. Sir Nighteye’s nose was quite red and runny, and he didn’t notice her as he focused on his work, clearing his throat with a cough.

When he did notice her, he straightened up, giving a slight sniffle. “Yes, Bubble Girl?” He asked.

Bubble Girl opened and closed her mouth. “I finished my work today, Sir, and I was planning to head home. But are you well?” She stammered slightly.

“Of course. I feel fine. Now, come here and handed me your work.”

Bubble Girl nodded, pausing when she suddenly sneezed, some bubbles floating from out of her flu mask. “Pardon me.” She blushed and handed him her work.

Sir Nighteye frowned, a bubble touching the tip of his nose. “Hhhh…. hhh…Hk’ttsscchh!” He had grabbed another tissue just in time to sneeze wetly into it.

She bowed. “Oh, Sir. I’m so sorry.” She apologized. “Why don’t you head home early for today?” She suggested softly after her heartfelt apology. He was sick because of her, but Sir was a stubborn man. He wouldn’t rest easily.


(Tickle Hell references)

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On 10/31/2019 at 3:18 PM, superimmunegirl said:

Never heard of this fandom but it’s adorable!!!! Nice story! I like the BDSM element 😊

Thank you. I appreciate it. Sorry that I got back to you so late.

If anyone is interested in seeing me continue this story, let me know.

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Yay! I didn't realise there were any fics for BNHA on here - how nice to be proven wrong! I would definitely be interested in seeing more.

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How am I just finding this? Sir Nighteye is amazing, and I love the way you wrote his character (he's totally the type of guy who wouldn't take a rest when sick...). I love how you wrote it, and I'm interested in seeing a continuation of this.

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