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Deck building games (on PC)


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I was watching Vinesauce Vinny playing Dicey Dungeons on YouTube the other day. It’s apparently a sort of cross between a “roguelike” and a “deck building” game (neither of which I know much about).

I looked up some things about deck building games and am tempted to try one- on PC, unfortunately I don’t really have someone in real life interested in playing a physical one.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I’d be interested to know- even real life card games, not just PC ones.

(By the way, I initially searched “deck building” on Google and got products to build a wooden deck on your garden patio. No DIY advice please! 🙂 )

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For deck-building games I’m a big fan of Dominion, though I don’t know if there’s a virtual version of it. That said, to a certain extent, deck-building games tend to be more similar to one another than many other types of games, so it may be more a matter of just seeing what strikes your fancy.

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Not quite sure if this qualifies as a deck-building game, but it does involve getting to decide what cards to put in a deck and a lot of random chance, so maybe. Anyway, it's called Hand of Fate 2, and it's awesome. Tons of different events, some games of chance and short combat sessions to add some variety, decent story, lots of challenges associated with the different cards to keep you playing or unlock new material...I really like playing it, but I have to do it sporadically because I can sink hours into it trying to unlock everything. Even if it's not an actual deck building game, I'd suggest looking into it anyway, because it's a lot of fun.

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The go-to recommendation for deckbuilding games on PC is Slay the Spire. It's a pretty unique fusion of card games and RPG combat, with your deck of attacks and defensive moves getting stronger as you go. A full game takes like 20 minutes tops, too.

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