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My Horrible Cold (female, self, with wavs).


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I've had a really horrible cold (possibly the flu, but I don't think my fever has been high enough to really be the flu) for over a week now. It started with just a sting in the back of the throat, quickly turned into a cough, which turned into a worse cough, congestion, sneezing, runny nose, fever, dizziness, and making me a moody bitch as well because I absolutely HATE being sick. 

I guess it's good research though. But I've been sick twice already this year, each time thanks to my mom, the queen of inconsideration re: germs. I just wrote an entire paragraph that would have been better suited in Snake Pit, but deleted it. For the time being, let's focus on the positive. Namely that I have been able to produce some wavs. 😅


(a single. Actually the first sneeze of the cold, and it teased me long enough that I'd be prepared in advance.)


(coughing, sniffling, moaning, three sneezes. And you can probably hear my cat jumping off the bed in the background, too.)


(three sneezes, sniffling, sighing/groaning)


(coughing only. I don't sound like that all the time, only when I lie down. Which sucks because I'm tired and want to lie down.) 


(two very wet, exhausted sneezes and some coughing.) 


At this point the sneezing seems to be over, but I'm still feeling lousy and the cough lingers.

Yeah, and this is why I hate getting sick. Once I do, it sticks around like cat hair on a gluestick. 😩


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Thanks guys! I'm still not recovered, but at this point, it's just a cough... aaaaand a double-sided ear infection. :rolleyes: Because healthy, what is that? :lol:


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Hahaha, thank you! Just want to point out that this was well over a year ago... so there's no need to bless me now. :lol:  

Also, for anyone reading this thread later, keep in mind that vocaroo files are only up for a limited amount of time and then they're gone. I don't save my wavs after posting them, so there's no use asking me to reupload. :) 

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The files are still there, and it's quite an enjoyable listen. Thanks a lot for uploading! 😊

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