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A great resource for pollen allergies


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I stumbled across this site while I was looking for information on ragweed for a fic, and realized I'd inadvertently struck gold;


Want to make your characters suffer by putting them in a forest or meadow? Now you have an alphabetical list that tells you which trees and grasses are the most severe.

Now to figure out if there's a similar site for flowers...

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@AltoFairy Yeah, my Googling didn't reveal anything as extensive as the other list, but I found several sites talking about flowers that are bad for allergies. I just use those when necessary. And then sometimes I just ignore them and go with whatever flower I want. Roses are just too popular not to use, dang it!

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Great your finds ! :thumbsup2:
I was just writing a story, your sites will help me for my future chapters. It even gave me some additional ideas. A big thank you to both of you for sharing !

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