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New work obs (2F)


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As the forum is newly back, I'm going to post a couple of new workplace observations. I'll use names, but they aren't the real names- so don't worry.


First I'm going to mention is a new recruit, Sarah. I hope this is not an unkind term, but the most obvious way I can describe her is "mousy".

Sarah is slim, and quite geeky, but pretty and with a nice figure for a slim woman (my preference is curvier people- for women, at least). Pert, cute breasts. Long, straight brown hair. She usually wears sweaters with either a short, tight skirt with tights, or dark trousers.

Sarah seems to sneeze quite frequently, and they're just small and gentle- I would call them "girly" but that is not really right. There is no feminine pretention, no loud "Choo!" (which I've nothing against). I see her eyes narrow as she can't stop the tickle, and she just sneezes quietly:

"Heh-pshmmmpt! Heh-pshmmmpht!"

What's also cute is that she blesses people (in my workplace, some young men will bless other young men- I'm used to only women doing that, and I bet a few of you would love it... more on that soon maybe).

Recently I was near their desks and heard John, a geeky brown-haired, freckled coder guy sneeze twice.

"CHAH-HOOO!" and a few seconds later his tickle came back. "AH-CHUUUUH-HOOO!"

Sarah said "Bless you." in her gentle voice, which I found realy cute.


Second is Irina. She has worked here for some time now although I do not really know her at all.

She's quite petite, wavy brown hair. She's a very pretty, perfectly-formed woman. Apparently very talented too- I am told in the past her hobbies included singing, dancing, and playing instruments. She wears either a dress, or a blouse with trousers to work- she clearly has good taste and an eye for fashion. She often sits on her office chair by tucking her legs up under her so she's kneeling on it, a feminine mannerism that I find cute.

Irina seems to be quite sneezy. I don't sit near her desk, but quite often if I have a reason to go down to the office where she sits, I hear her sneeze. She usually seems to sneeze in twos.

What's interesting about her sneezes is that she usually tries to stifle, but her stifles are actually louder than her unstifled ones. Unstifled is like:


but stifled is more like


Neither are very loud, but I found it interesting she tries to stifle usually when her normal sneezes are so gentle-sounding. Maybe it's an idea of holding the sneeze in is more hygenic and more polite? I don't know.

She sometimes gets blessings, in the way that men will often bless an attractive woman. I've also heard her say "'Scuse me" after her second sneeze, just while everyone was working at their desks. I find that cute when someone excuses themself for sneezing, even though her sneeze clearly caused no disruption.


Hope you enjoyed. :)


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3 hours ago, Heathcliff said:

What's interesting about her sneezes is that she usually tries to stifle, but her stifles are actually louder than her unstifled ones.

Women who sneeze like this exasperate me :D I really want them to just go for it and release the full sneeze rather than putting in all the stifling effort and it still exploding out loudly, but without the voiced sneeze which for me is so appealing. 

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