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this is from about a week ago

Basically, I came in from outside after having a cigarette, sat down on the couch to watch TV, and hiihhh....hiihhtschoo, long pause and a very wet hihhh...hiishcuhh. I blew my nose and sneezed two more times.  Hihhh...hiitschoo, pause, hihhh....hihhhhhihhschhh.  

For the 8-9 months or so, I've been sneezing in 4s and always struggle to get the last two out. I've never had to fight with all 4 of them before though.  And I have no idea why if my body is telling me to sneeze, it has to be a struggle.  

Also, turns out I have a sinus infection....explains the headache at least.   

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Bless you x4! Thanks for sharing :) so you haven't always sneezed in fours, you said it's just been for 8-9 months? Before that, how many at a time did you usually have? Four is such a nice number to sneeze in a row, not a huge fit but rarer than doubles and triples.

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It was always random before...mostly 1 or 2.   This is the first time in ages it’s been a consistent number, although I’m not sure why it’s a struggle to get the last two out.   

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