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So I’m on vacation and my friends and I met up with one of our friends, who I’ll refer to as R. R is a male, age 26, about 5’6, tan complexion (he is Israeli and has a thick accent), and has a head full of dreads, which was in a bun on top of his head. The observation started when we got to R’s apartment. He seemed congested and began sniffling a lot and rubbing his nose. I kept hoping that he’d sneeze. When we got outside to walk to our next location R sneezed a double. Unfortunately his back was to me so I didn’t get to see the build up. He sneezed once into his right elbow...followed by all of us (3 females in their mid 20s) blessing him. And then about 5 seconds later another one into his right elbow...followed again by bless yous. He said “oh my goodness...thank you so much.” It sounded manly, but not too loud and pretty controlled. Something like heahhppshoooo....

We spent some time at a bar and all the sudden I heard my friend say “bless you” but didn’t hear anyone sneeze. I realized she was blessing R early because he was building up (but again I didn’t see 🙁). He lost the sneeze but there was a lot of sneeze talk to follow. After R said the sneeze was gone, he informed us that he felt like he might be getting a cold. He also said that he is always the first one of his friends to get sick. I wanted to continue the sneeze talk so I asked if he had allergies. Ahhh this question led to more than I could’ve hoped for. He told me that growing up he had many allergies (the ones I remember are: cats, dogs, dust, grass, seasonal). He went on to say that his teachers would ask him to leave the classroom because he kept sneezing so much that they “couldn’t teach.” R explained that he would sneeze about 20 or 30 times in a row and then maybe stop for a minute and then again several in a row. I kept looking at his with this empathetic, like “poor you,” kind of face. R finished the conversation by saying, “so yes, you could say I have allergies.” R did also say that his allergies have gotten better over the years. 

I hope you enjoy this obs! I have a girlfriend who is a photic sneezer and I’ll have to post some obs for you all soon. She is a very generous sneezer since she knows I have the fetish ☺️

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