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Self observation (cold progression)


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Cold progression :

Day 1 : So,I started getting sick on September 26th (Thursday) : At first I just had a sore throat,which got progressively worse throughout the day. 

I knew right away that I was getting a cold though. Towards the end of the day I started feeling a bit sniffly and I sneezed like twice. I also felt really tired,so I decided to go to bed a little earlier than usual.

Day 2 : The next day I woke up and my nose was pretty stuffy and I still had a really sore throat. My voice was a bit hoarse,too. As the day went on my nose got stuffier and stuffier and I sneezed a few times (I never get sneezy colds,so the sneezes are only an early sign of my colds,as is the sore throat). By the end of the day I was sneezing,sniffing and blowing my nose A LOT (my nose wasn't that congested,but it was so runny). The congestion was still quite  mild but it was DEFINITELY getting worse. Before going to sleep I checked my temperature because I felt a bit shivery and feverish and I had a low grade fever indeed. I went to bed since I was KNACKERED but I woke up at about midnight because I wasn't able to breathe properly,as my nose was soooo clogged,so I just spent most of the night sniffing and blowing my nose into tissues,trying to clear up the congestion.

Day 3 : On Saturday,I felt AWFUL : my throat didn't hurt anymore and the sneezes had gone away,but my nose was COMPLETELY stuffed up,I had to blow every two seconds.

My fever had got worse,I felt so weak I couldn't even get out of bed,otherwise I would get  extremely dizzy. I had a splitting headache as well. I went through at least 3 packets of tissues that day,considering the amount of snot I had to get out of my poor blocked nose. I spent the whole day in bed without managing to eat a thing,as I'd also lost my appetite. I developed a pretty messy cough too. 

The following 4 days I felt really sick and my fever wouldn't let up,but,on Friday (October 5th),I slowly started feeling better,I just had a bit of a lingering cough/stuffiness. By the following 3/4 days I was fully healthy again. 

Sorry if I made any grammar/spelling mistakes,English is not my mothertongue.




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