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3 obs - English teacher (sneezing fit/cold)


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So,my English teacher doesn't get sick too often but she does get a cold once/twice a year.

One day I noticed she sounded a bit congested so I guess she was coming down with a cold. Her nose looked a bit red and chapped. She also had a bit of a cough. 

Also,once she said she was probably catching the flu from her daughter (as she was starting to develop a sore throat) and I think she did 'cause she stayed home for a few days and when she came back she said she'd been ill. 

Also,one day,while my classmates and I were doing a class test,she had a random sneezing fit (she didn't sound stuffy or anything,so I think something just randomly triggered her nose). She sneezed 3 times in a row,holding her nose with her fingers,to stifle the sneezes. 

I said : "Bless you" so she looked me and said : "Thank you",softly sighing and sniffling as she had just sneezed.






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