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Alyssa heard the shower turn on in the bathroom that shared a wall with her and Alex’s bedroom.   She nudged him awake.   “I think your daughter’s up.” She told him.   Alex’s daughter had flown in from her mother’s late last night.


Alex looked at his girlfriend blearily.   “Send her back to bed.”


“She’s in the shower.   You’ve got some time.  Also, it’s 8:30.”  She looked at him as he lay on his back and coughed roughly.   God, he looked tired.   Despite the NyQuil, he’d been up half the night coughing and sneezing, which of course meant she hadn’t had much sleep either.    


He rolled away from her suddenly.  Hehh-chuhhh, ehhh-chushhh.”   He fumbled for a tissue on the nightstand and blew his nose loudly.   He rolled back on his back and massaged the bridge of his nose.  


She slid out of bed to the bathroom, coming back with cold medicine.  “Take this now, then it’ll have kicked in when you get up.”    He sat up, swallowed the pills, and slid back down.   I’ll get up, make her breakfast.  You sleep in.”


“You think that’ll be ok?”


“I think she’d rather her dad’s girlfriend make her breakfast so her dad can sleep in when he’s sick rather than spend the day with dad’s girlfriend while he sleeps.”  She slipped out of bed, heading for the closet.  She paused in grabbing her clothes, “hihh—choo.”


Alex heard the soft sneeze.   “I gave you this.” He said, stuffily. 


She sneezed again.  “It was only a matter of time,” she sniffled, matter of factly, heading for the shower.  


Alyssa was showered and dressed before the kid and started making French toast.    She had the first few slices ready when Alex’s 11 year old daughter wandered into the kitchen.


She smiled at Kristin.   “I made French toast.   I hope that’s something you like.”  She said nervously.   This was her first time alone with the girl.  


“Sounds good.” Kristin smiled back, taking the offered plate and sitting down.  “Where’s my dad?”


“Um, he didn’t sleep well – he’s got a bad cold .   So he’s gonna sleep through breakfast, then spend the day with you.”    


Kristin nodded.  “sucks to be dad, I guess.”


A series of coughs came from behind them.  “Not that sucky.  My girl is here.”  A tired looking Alex smiled.   


“I thought you were sleeping in.”  Alyssa told him.


“Couldn’t fall back to sleep, so breakfast.”  He collapsed into a chair and took the plate Alyssa offered him.  “Thanks, Lyss,” he managed breathlessly before wrenching his body away from the girls.   Hehh-Chuhh,  Hehhh-chuhhh,  ehhh-chushh, uhhh-chuhhh, chuhhh, uhhhchushhuhh.”  He followed up the fit by starting to cough.   And cough.   And cough.    


He was vaguely aware of Alyssa rubbing his back and telling Kristin to get him a glass of water.   When the coughing stopped, he took a sip of the water his daughter handed him.    “Bless you, dad.” She told him.   


He nodded, catching his breath.   “Thanks……Ihhhh-chuhhh.”   He took the napkins Alyssa slid over to him and blew his nose several times.   “Ugh, sorry.”  He apologized for his display, turning back to breakfast.   The girls sat down and joined him.   


“What did you want to do today, Kristin?” He asked with a sniffle.   “I know we talked about shopping, the beach and Theme parks.”


His 11 year old looked at him. “What are you feeling up for?” She asked, sounding like a miniature adult.


“Whatever you want to do.   The cold medicine will kick in soon and then I’ll be good to go.”


She looked him up and down.   “Dad, I just want to spend time with you.   I don’t care if we don’t do anything today, just spend it together.”


Alex looked at her, not quite comprehending.  Alyssa cleared her throat.  “You mean, like if you two stayed on the couch and watched movies or played video games,” she mentioned softly.


Kristin nodded.  “I’m kinda tired too.”  Her flight had gotten in later than expected.  


“Hii—choo.  Excuse me.”  Alyssa ducked her head and sneezed.   “I think that sounds lovely for you two, Alex.”   He nodded.   “I could make you guys cookies or brownies….” She offered.  


“Yeah.”  Alex was finally catching up with the conversation.   He turned to his daughter.   “What movies do you want to watch?   And what kind of cookies do you want?”


They settled that, finished breakfast and Alyssa tucked Alex in on the couch with Kristin next to him, heading off to make cookies.   





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I like these characters, and it's very nice to read something that's just light and sweet and warm like this. :)

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Thanks @Privatedancer, @Puzzle & @March Hare.   I appreciate the comments.    I love developing these characters beyond the Drabble thread.  I don’t know if there’s more to come on this on or a different one.   There’s a sequel to something; I just haven’t decided where it goes.   

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