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One more ob about my English teacher (tickly nose)


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A few days ago,my English teacher was well,but it seems like she had a very tickly nose : she kept rubbing and scratching it like crazy,and I think she also sniffled lightly from the tickle. 

I thought she was getting sick,but I guess it was just a random tickle because the following days she was completely fine,she didn't sound stuffy at all and her nose wasn't tickly anymore. 

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13 hours ago, ThePokeFan599 said:

If only she had sneezed

Yeah,that's what I thought too

Anyways,today she had a tickly nose again but sadly she didn't sneeze.

I've heard her sneeze before,as I said in another observation (she sneezed 3 times in a row) but (sadly) I only remember she stifled the sneezes,not the sound of them.

So I just hope she'll sneeze again one day. 

She did sniffle (very lightly,it was barely audible) though.

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