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Reporter at impeachment hearings had a bad cold (f)


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How did I miss this? Poor woman. I have to really admire she still went to work despite that. Although I'd be concerned about getting others sick. 😅

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This is fantastic - I love that he interviewed her and how nasally she sounds.  thank you.  I watched the hearing but my CoLDar apparently doesn’t work on tv or during major national events 

I’m sorry but Anderson is a member of this community.  He asked all the right questions a cold fetishist asks.  I know he’s a journalist but this is exactly how I interrogate a cold sufferer.  I’m serious!

anderson?   You there?

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Just a random Ukrainian here - you should be thankful to Ukraine and our president Volodymyr Zelensky for this hearings  to happen :D 

And of course thanks for sharing

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this really is a great find. Just saw the 5 sneezes...love the pre sneeze and the frustration after sneeze 3... you can see her mouth "BADDD"...nasally i'm sure. Also, if you scan the whole 3 hrs, her nose gets appreciably redder as the hearing continues. Wish i had time to count the blows....my guess is she well exceeded 20.


....and yes, thanks to our friends in Ukraine for making this cold video possible. 


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