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On the fence with a cold... What're some ways to really get it going?


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I have a really good immune system so I usually get sick once every year or two. I get this "on the fence/am I getting sick/scratchy throat/tired" another one or two times a year. This usually never goes past being a little sniffly and a slightly sore throat in the mornings for a few days. 


I'm having one of those one the fence moments, and need some help from those who have more experience getting sick. I woke up yesterday with one side of my nose blocked. Today I've had an on and off sore throat with a bit more sniffles. One side of my nose was blocked again when I woke up too. 


Also maybe related or unrelated, but it's really cold where I live. We've had some on and off snow and I've been really hot for some reason when I go out. Like taking off jacket and wearing nothing but a hoodie in 20°F hot. 


Finals have been going on and I supervise some kids every weekend so I know I've been around some colds, I just usually never catch them.


What are some ways to make it worse other than staying up late? There's gotta be something else I can do to turn this into a full on cold!

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