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To throw some backstory on this: one of my friends (friends until recently, anyway) created a character in his original species that I felt like writing a little fic on with one of my own characters. His character is a cat-like alien named Bennet and mine is a robot elf named Ashley. Up until our falling-out, we were pushing these two characters together -- but one day after waking up way earlier in the morning than I had anticipated, thirsty for some fetish fiction, I decided to cobble this piece together on my phone. As I told him: "Bennet is such a cutie that I couldn't resist!"

Before the story begins, though, I should let you all know that the person who created the "Bennet" character in this story is quite a controversial figure in the community; I'm well-aware of this and have foolishly defended his actions in the past, but not anymore. I might end up making a post on this site detailing what our relationship was like, but until then, I figure now's a good time for me to start sharing some of what we made. So why not start with something that was done entirely like me, but with one of his characters?! :D

I plan on releasing more stories like this soon -- those that either I wrote myself or were co-written with somebody else. Hopefully this is just the first of many!


Ashley made sure to dress in her best rosy outfit for her dinner date – yet still she felt underdressed. She went as a girl in red – basic, yet beautiful in its simplicity. Meanwhile, Bennet came in his usual attire: black suit with the pink tie and everything.

“You look very cute,” he said as they met by the door, his pink cheeks reddening with a blush.

Quickly Ashley found herself blushing, as well. “You do, too!”

She almost froze when he took her by the hand and they waited their turn to be seated. For the time being, they reclined around the waiting area, fingers interlocked as they squeezed together as tight as possible among all the restaurant chatter. It was only after they pulled themselves so close to each other when Ashley remembered the perfume she had sprayed on herself before she and her boyfriend had met up. It wasn’t a terrible amount she applied, but after they had met at the bookstore all those weeks ago, the cybernetic elf worried any amount of perfume was enough to set him off.

After sitting for a few minutes in awkward silence while everyone else in the restaurant chattered about, Bennet spoke up. “How have things been going since we last talked on the phone?”

She squeezed his hand a little tighter than she intended when he asked. “Oh!” she began, twirling a gold lock. “It’s been okay. The only exciting thing that’s happened since then is someone recognized me as 'that robot elf' the other day and I…kind of just minded my own business and left.”

Her date gave a nervous chuckle. “Gosh…I could never get used to that kind of attention.”

“You say that like I’m used to it!” Ashley snorted.

A smile broke across her boyfriend's face for a moment, then disappeared almost instantly as his nose gave a visible twinge. Before Ashley could ask what was wrong, the scelan started fanning his face and batting his eyes before turning his head away with a half-stifled sneeze. “Ihp-Shh’t!

Already Ashley started to regret wearing any perfume at all. “Bless you,” she murmured, a hint of guilt trailing along with her words. Perhaps she was right to pack some tissues in her purse.

Bennet sniffed. “Thank you. Sorry – it’s probably just allergies again.”

“Do you need tissues?” she asked, a hand already in the bag.

“No, no,” Bennet insisted, waving a hand at the idea. He sniffed again. “I’ll be okay; it was just a sneeze.”

Knowing she could trust him at least a little on this matter, Ashley remained cautiously optimistic that he would be fine. It was shortly after zipping her purse back up when the two of them were taken from their spot in the lobby and moved to a booth. From there, they received their menus and made their orders.

Both of them at opposite sides of the table, their date truly felt like a one-on-one now. To Ashley, it almost felt like an interview – especially once her boyfriend started with his questions.

“So, Ashley,” he began, hands in his lap as his tail rested beside him on the empty space on his booth. “What are your parents like? You know I’ll want to meet them soon if we end up getting serious!”

She raised an eyebrow as if confused by the question. “My par –? Oh!” She giggled. “Sorry, no – I don’t have any parents.”

At that, Bennet tilted his head. “You…didn’t grow up with a mom or dad?”

“Nope!” the elf admitted. “My people don’t have parents; we were all just created in the core of the planet and pushed into the world at the right age to get to work immediately.”

“Oh wow,” the felid man said with a chuckle. “Well, I’m glad you feel comfortable telling me that. It can’t be easy living without parents.”

“No, it’s fine!” she insisted. “But what about you, though? Your parents, I mean?”

Being asked the same thing in return, Bennet scratched the back of his head. “Wellll,” he began, “You probably know my mom.”

As he spoke, his girlfriend rested a finger under her upturned nose and rubbed gently, still listening.

“I wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for her,” he continued. “I don’t know what she’s doing now, but it’s probably something magical and fantastical. My home is such a different place from here – dangerous, but I still feel like going back sometimes.”

Lost in thought, Bennet had failed to notice that Ashley had almost lost track of the conversation, as well, her eyes wavering as her gaze tilted up and long nostrils dilated in a defiant sternutation. “Hat-t’SHEEEIW!” she sneezed, turning into the back of her hand at the last second. The loudness surprised Bennet as it always had, but nonetheless made his cheeks flush red again.

“Sorry,” she said with a sniff. “I had to sneeze so bad and I thought I could fight it back. I gue – snf – guess I wah – ” Her breath hijacked the conversation once more. Ashley, not wanting to frighten anyone with a second noisy sneeze, clasped a hand over her mouth and turned away again. “KK’ssSHHEEEEE!!” Though muffled, Bennet could make out the mousy sound perfectly.

Once she was sure the tingles had decided to leave her nose alone, the elf turned back to her boyfriend and gave a harsh sniffle. She sniffed again and grimaced. “I’m really sorry,” she continued. “Do you mind if I blow my nose?” Another sniffle.

She was practically putting on a show for her man and she didn’t even know it. “No, not at all!” Bennet insisted, watching as his girlfriend reached into her bag for her tissues.

“Thanks,” she said before bringing one of the cloths to her face. The elf gave a light puff into the tissue and rubbed the clean cloth along the rims of her nostrils, embarrassed to feel how wet they were. She puffed again and wiped her septum before crumpling the tissue up and placing it back in her bag – albeit in a different compartment.

“So, your parents,” she resumed, hoping no further distractions would break them up this time. “What about your dad?”


Their dinner was just as lovely as Ashley had expected, her fit notwithstanding. At almost seven-thirty, Bennet took her back to her apartment – at the foot of which she prepared her goodbye for tonight.

“A had a great time with you today, Ben,” she said with a sigh. “I hope we can do it again soon!”

He modestly batted his eyes as if to show he was proud to be the source of her happiness. “Me too,” he said simply, realizing he still had a grip on her hand as she had loosened hers.

Heat rising up to her pointed ears, Ashley almost stammered when she asked, “Do you have some special way of saying goodbye?”

At first Bennet thought she was referring to something related to felid culture, then realized what the elf meant when she turned the side of her face toward him. With a smile and no words, he leaned in, she closed her eyes, and he pressed his lips to her soft cheek, his nose pressed to the metal strip on her face; he was surprised to realize how tactically well it blended in with the rest of her face.

When at last he pulled away from his girlfriend, she opened her eyes and returned his smile with one of her own. Her left cheek awash with a little bit of his breath, she gave one final wave before walking back up the stairs to her home. Bennet managed one last look at her when he murmured, “Goodnight, Ashley.”

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