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Some attention-seeking sneeze behavior from me recently, with an interesting result.

Boyfriend and I and another couple were out for cocktails last Friday. Our server was an attractive young woman with read hair, in a little black dress that made her legs look wonderful. I was kind of taken with her, and was very conscious of how she was moving around the space. As the tickle begins in my nose, she's at the bar doing stuff with glasses. I'm not sure where the tickle came from, maybe the change in air temperature from outside to inside, but there it was. I turn  to my left, away from the table, and sneeze three times into my paper napkin. Pretty ordinary sneezes, with a medium pause between them. "Eschoo... Etchoo... Hetchoo!" I get some blessings from the table, nod thanks, wipe my nose, put the napkin back in my lap.

At that point I vainly wondered if waitress has noticed my sneezing. She hadn't. But then two things happen. First, the itch returns. Second, I realize that the glasses she's traying up over at the bar are ours - she'll be coming over soon. And I decide that I really want her to see me sneeze. I'm worried I'll sneeze before she gets over, so I try the finger under the nose thing.  Not something I do very much, but it seemed to work, even if it made the tickle a bit more aggravated. She's walking over, and then starting to say something like "I have your..." when it finally comes. I whip the napkin out and sneeze to the left again. And, I don't know how clearly I planned to do this, but these definitely came out as "campy" sneezes. "AhCHIIIIIEWWWW! Aaah - CHYIIIWWw!"

"Bless you!" she says, with a joking attitude of shock "Are you all finished there?" she adds, with a mock-dramatic motion suggesting that the drinks might be in danger if she put them down. There is a bit of laughter, I laugh too and mumble something pointless like "Yes I'm done now." She smiles and says "ok good!" She puts the drinks down and recaps what they were. She's on our side of the table now, basically behind me. Our friend asks her a question I can't remember about the menu. And - I love this - as she answers, she reaches a hand down and gently rubs my shoulder. I didn't see it coming and it was just sort of warm and wonderful. Maybe she was apologizing for making me self-conscious (little did she know I'm the one who made me self-conscious). I wished for another sneeze (what would she have said then?) but nothing came, and it was still delightful.

That bit of physical contact got me thinking. I'm fairly certain it only happened because she thought I wasn't into women. I definitely don't blame her for that - god knows what unwanted attention a woman in the service industry gets. But with four guys and two couples, I'm sure she just assumed we were all gay. And, I don't know if these even makes sense, but those last two sneezes sort of sounded gay, in a stereotypical way. Thing is, I'm bi. So part of my felt a tiny bit guilty about getting to enjoy this - I'm sure that's close to what a lot of us have felt about our hidden fetish, one time or another. But then there was also something innocent and lovely about it, like we were just bypassing all that background of harassment that can contaminate how men and women connect. Complicated, right?

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Thanks for sharing this with us. You can tell it very well! And it's an interesting situation. Many people here have a block. I used to have it too, but today i realized again it's gone. I was at Subway (the sandwich shop) when all of a sudden i had to sneeze while i was trying to pay and the woman in front of me was telling me the price. I turned over to the side and sneezed in my jacket, once. I felt slightly embarrassed but was ok. To read you were desperate to have her see you sneeze is opposite. Especially when you are that sneezy, 5 times in a row! Interesting! 

But what i am wondering is how they other guys respond on this. And your boyfriend? He knows about your fetish i guess? Or not?

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Actually he doesn't! This is something I'm conflicted about, because generally I'd rather be open about things. But part of my fetish has to do with how other people respond to my sneezes, whether that's surprise, concern, amusement, whatever, and I've always felt that if I told him his reactions would change or I'd feel he was humoring me. I wouldn't be  able to "camp up" my sneeses like I did in this obs and get a genuine response. I feel like this makes me sound like a creep, but yeah, that's how it is.

I did get some blessings from the others, including my boy, in a low-key way which would have still been fun in itself if it weren't overshadowed by what happened with the server. Thanks for saying such nice things!

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