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One Prompt-Ten Authors: "Honeymoon State Of Mind", M


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I decided to use this as an opportunity to stretch myself and try things I wouldn't normally try for a fic.  It's a very different style than I would normally use, has a character with the fetish which I never do, and it's original rather than fanfiction, holy crap!  The bit about Universal Studios came from a dream and everything sort of grew around it once I decided to use it for a fic.  Stir in a little bit of using the prompts, and I came up with this: a newlywed female narrator with the fetish and her stream of consciousness thoughts about her new husband sneezing during their offbeat honeymoon.


"Honeymoon State Of Mind"

I sit in the passenger seat, plucking paprika coated peanuts out of the bag one by one, wiping my hands on the napkin draped over my leg after popping each one into my mouth.  I let my head turn toward the window, watching the scenery go by, shrouded in the fog rolling in off the Pacific.  Fog which, apparently, will "burn away" by midday.   The view is magnificent, and the fact that much of it is hidden by the hazy fog doesn't lessen my enjoyment.  It has made a sort of game of it, to see what I can glimpse before it is hidden from my view again.  I'm somewhat lost in my thoughts, so much so that I hadn't registered what was playing on the radio until the masculine voice next to me in the drivers seat joined in singing along to it.  That instantly snapped me out of my reverie and got my attention.  "Always A Woman" by Billy Joel.  I think I prefer his slightly off-key rendition to the one on the radio.  It's endearing.

His voice still sounded a little stuffy.
"He"...my husband, actually.  We only got married a few days ago so I'm still kind of getting used to that word.  And that would make me a "wife" now. Now that's definitely weird!  Funny how I'd always been so averse to that sort of thing.  None of that traditional nonsense for me, I'd always said.  Definitely nothing that even smells like commitment for me, I'd always said.  Then he came along and it all seemed so natural.  I even put on a big white dress, wore one of those sparkly crown looking thingies in my hair-what are they called again, the whole nine yards.  It was actually nice, I have to admit.  And now I am sitting here, feeling all happy and content in a way I'd never thought possible.
It's been a flurry of activity in the last few days.  We got married and then immediately set off on our honeymoon.  Turns out neither of us are all that into sitting on some beach doing a whole lot of nothing-so we decided to do things our own way instead.  And yes, I know what you're thinking!  That's not what honeymoons are for!  You're supposed to do a whole lot of nothing, just stay cooped up together and "get to know each other" if you know what I mean.  Trust me, there's been no shortage of getting to know each other on this honeymoon.  And we got to know each other pretty well before this.  I know you know what I mean.
The song is over, and it's made way for a different one, and he's stopped singing for now.  Either he doesn't know the words or he's not all that big on Taylor Swift.  I say that like I don't know the answer - it's both.  He sniffles and clears his throat and I instinctively look toward him, studying his distinctive profile carefully.  He gives me a brief, knowing glance and a sly smile before returning his eyes to the road.  
He knows.
We started off at the Grand Canyon, made our way to California, and we're going to end up in Seattle. Never spending more than a day in one place.  Turns out that doing this is utterly exhausting. The whole thing was my idea,  so that's on me.  But he enthusiastically agreed, so that absolves me a little bit.  Okay, we did kind of fudge our rule for Universal Studios and Disneyland because there was no way we could do those both in one day and properly enjoy it, but we spent the night in different hotels for each one, so technically, technically, it did follow the rules.  We're driving up the Pacific Coast Highway now, on our way to some vineyards in Northern California, even though neither of us is crazy about wine and a love for good whiskey is another thing we share.  Needless to say we're both pretty tired.  But I get to sit in the passenger seat eating paprika coated peanuts and Skittles while he does all the driving.  Not that I haven't offered to take over driving for a while.  Repeatedly.  But he says he gets bored as a passenger and prefers to have something to keep his mind on.
He sniffled again.  More insistently this time.  I turn to look at him again, but this time I add a sympathetic touch to his lower arm. He smiles back, and the warmth in his eyes threatens to melt me faster than his sniffles do.
He loves me.
Universal Studios was yesterday.  Disneyland the day before that.  The first time he sneezed was in the Haunted House.  Right at the beginning of the ride.  He muttered something then about wondering if they ever dusted in there.  He's pretty sensitive to dust so that was a reasonable theory.  I held his hand tightly the entire time, and it had nothing to do with being scared of the oh-so-spooky atmosphere.  And he knew exactly what was going through my head.
You know what's lucky?  Meeting an amazing man who is everything you ever wanted in life, who treats you wonderfully and fits in with your sense of humour and outlook on life.  If you happen to have a thing for sneezing, him having great ones is the icing on that cake.  Not necessary, but pretty damn wonderful to have.  And for him to be not only cool with that being a thing, but encouraging of it?  That's sprinkles and cherries and gold leaf and intricate marzipan flowers on top of that icing on top of the cake.
I love him.  Also now I'm hungry for cake.
I lazily toss another peanut into my mouth at the same moment I hear a quick, soft gasp from his direction.  I'm pretty sure I nearly choked on the damn thing in my moment of surprise.  In any alternate realities where I did choke, I hope I got to see one last sneeze before I shuffled off the mortal coil.  In this reality, I happily did not choke, and turned my head just in time to see his head pitch forward over the steering wheel.
I let out an involuntary "mmm" of appreciation and he gives me that same sidelong smile as before, mischief twinkling in his eyes.  I'd pounce on him right now if I wasn't so into that whole "not veering off the road and crashing" thing we have going on right now.
"Pity it's another few hours until we stop for the day," he muses, finishing off his statement with a flourish of a wink.  
"Not if we find a reason to stop in the meantime," I counter, shaking my recently emptied energy drink can in his field of vision.  "I'm sure I'll probably need a rest stop soon.  We could find somewhere quiet..."
He chuckles to himself, rolls his eyes and shakes his head, but I can tell he's considering it.  
The sneeze in the haunted house he could have easily passed off as dust, and at a stretch, the one in It's A Small World.  Maybe.  But then there was another one outside and another one at dinner and by then I had my suspicions.  Like I said, he'd been looking tired.
We'd been on the tram at Universal Studios.  Sitting in the back, and I think I was having more fun than he was.  I couldn't tell then if he was just tired or if he was a little bored by the whole concept of the theme park.  It was certainly a change from his giddy delight at Disneyland.  He sat to my right, our shoulders pressed together.  I felt his body jerk and he quickly ducked to the side to aim a quick sneeze in the vague direction of the outside.  Immediately I grabbed his hand and squeezed tightly.  And then, moments later, I gave him a quick peck on the cheek.  And then, okay, I clung onto his arm for dear life and snuggled him and didn't pay that much attention to how the rest of the ride went.  I admit it, I am shameless.  He has a really, really, really cute sneeze.
But it was that moment that really solidified it in my head.  It couldn't be explained away by dust or whatever.  And now, in the car...I was certain.  Good luck to me trying to mention it though.  Only a couple of months ago I practically had to plead with him to go to the doctor when he injured his ankle.  Days.  It took days to get him to go.  And then he acted all surprised when it was indeed as bad as I kept telling him it was.  He wasn't surprised, he knew damn well it was that bad, he just wanted to try to get through it on his own.  He's like that though - weakness doesn't sit well with him.  I'm trying to break him out of that tendency but I'm not sure how.  The only way I can think of is to make sure he knows I love him whether he's strong or whether he needs help, and I'm working on that, and I hope it helps.
He's singing along to the radio again and I lean my head back and close my eyes, happy just to listen to him for a while.
Dang, I missed that one.  I turn toward him again and put my hand on his arm once more.
"I keep doi'g that," he says, as if he's mystified by the entire experience.
"You sound like you might be coming down with something," I venture, bracing myself for the inevitable denial, the hypothesizing that there must be dust or something in the car right now.  He gives a small noncommittal shrug, then sighs.
"Yeah, I think so.  Bad tibi'g, I'b sorry."
"Don't be sorry."
If I were the sort of person who liked to romanticise their life in a dramatic inner monologue, I might think that the fog is a metaphor for this moment in time, something hazily obscuring the greater world around us so that we exist in a blissful moment of our own, the things immediately around us are the only things that matter and the rest of the world can wait for another day.  
I am exactly the sort of person who likes to romanticise their life, and that is exactly my inner monologue right now.
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This was so whimsical and lovely. Sensual~~~ humorous, and very relatable. 

Sad to see it end! 

Great addition to OPTA! Thank you so much for participating!

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I LOVE the way you write. I just do. :lol:  I don't often read male fics (almost never), but I had decided I would read all the OPTA fics regardless, and I'm so glad I decided to. This is cute, funny and just warm, somehow. It made my heart happy. :wub: 

On 12/13/2019 at 7:03 PM, SleepingPhlox said:

I'd pounce on him right now if I wasn't so into that whole "not veering off the road and crashing" thing we have going on right now.

I giggled several times while reading, but this part made me laugh out loud. Unexpected humour is the best one. Love it! Thank you! 

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