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Hey all,


I'm not sure when the site came back up. Just tell me two things : first, WHAT HAPPENED??? Where did you all go?;)

And second, where is the thread where everybody should be bitching about how the website went away, how much they missed it, and how they almost committed suicide without it?:)


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Here you go. ;) 

By the time it did return, I think most people who love this place were too relieved to bitch about it being down, and rather celebrated its triumphant return. :lol: 

Welcome back! 


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@Chanel_no5 Thank you so much Chanel! It's probably gonna sound a bit strange, but you were actually the person on my mind during this time! Just because I read so many posts where you talked about your distress and depression at times, and I thought "Shit this is gonna make some people SO miserable, especially Chanel". In the end, though, I have to admit I was probably missing it just as much as anyone else 😋
And then I was looking all over the place for an email address and couldn't find it anywhere and thought I had lost my friend from here;) That, and in between secret relief for all of my posts being gone from the internet LOL

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