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Good Thing I'm Sneezy!


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I fell in love. She is the sweetest, funniest and smartest person I have met. We deeply opened up to each other because of a connection we shared. She decided to trust me and told me things she had never told anyone.  She told me about her sexuality and her need for sneezes. I was confused. I love her, so I was curious and optimistic.  She told me about her love for the sneeze fetish forum as well as the details of what she likes. I want to describe in detail and plan on doing so but at this point I will keep it simple. Best way to put it.. Good Thing I'm Sneezy!  She enjoys reading observations but what she likes most is listening to recordings or watching videos of sneeze fits.  She asked me to record my sneezes, so..  I DID!  Lots of them. Usually she would listen to these recordings and ask me questions about the situation via text. We thought people on this forum might enjoy these recordings so I made an account to share. My sneezing fluctuates drastically. Sometimes, I have fits that will last 30 minutes or maybe it's just one but bottom line, I sneeze, I have my whole life.  The reason behind these sneezes is always somewhat unknown but my allergies come and go.  I joined this forum to share my sneezyness.

I hope you enjoy! Be patient 

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Awww you accepted partner’s fetish!? You are such a good person! We are welcome to share if you need any help for sneeze fetish! Have a good day!

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