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How to search Google for topics now that domain name is different?


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Hi lovely people!

I was overjoyed when I saw the forum was back! I know I don't post super often, but I have a very sentimental attachment to a lot of the content/people here and it made me really sad when I thought it was gone forever! 

I'm so grateful it's back and running under a brand new domain! The only (tiny, almost insignificant) problem with the new domain means I can't find my fave stories/posts via a google search anymore. I used to type "site:sneezefetishforum.org" and then a couple keywords into Google to get a comprehensive list of forum posts containing my search terms. Now that we're dotcom instead of dotorg though, there have only been a few posts under the new domain, so I can't use that method to find what I'm looking for.

I know this is sort of a silly question, because I can always just log in and use the website's search tool, but I'm wondering if anyone has found a way around this lil hiccup? Is there still a way to search google for a list of every post for a certain fandom/keyword?

I won't complain if not, I'm just happy the forum is back tbh!

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Hi Zwee,

Welcome back! :) 

I will admit I don't know exactly how the Google algorithm works but I would expect it will adjust over time as traffic to the previous domain dwindles and traffic to the new domain increases. However, as the site owner I do have access to what are called the Webmaster tools for both domains, so I will look through those and see if anything can be done to promote the new domain more, which should help with your searching issue. As I said though, any changes made will probably take a few days or maybe even weeks to work through the system.

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I have also noticed that my mobile phone network has yet to flag this new domain as being 'inappropriate' and will currently let me access it without disengaging content blocker. They were wise to the old .org domain though :lol:   

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Thanks everyone! It's nice to know that it may work soon, I'll just have to be patient.

And thank you HoL for all your efforts to get the place up and running again!

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