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Here is another story with Ashley and Bennet -- the cyberelf and feline aliens characters I wrote about in "Dinner Date between Outsiders." Hope you like it!


“Here it is,” Ashley began to explain. “When the government brought me over from home, they told me this was the best they could do for a house of one person – but as you can see, they didn’t really clean the basement.”
Her boyfriend in tow, the elf turned her head all about to take in the old trinkets and oddities of whoever lived here before her. From what she had been told, most of these things were collected and stored here almost fifty years ago – and to someone who had only known Earth for a year, so much of it seemed very alien. She didn’t go very far, though – at least not without her mask – for fear of inhaling grime from generations past.
Remembering her mask, she looked up at Bennet and froze. She pursed her lips when she realized what a huge oversight she had made in bringing him here.
He raised an eyebrow at her silence. “Is something wrong?” he asked, still standing at the basement doorway.
Ashley blinked. “Uhh…” She glanced at one of the masks in her hand, then up at his face – his large ears and nose concerning her the most. The blonde elf could maybe convince herself that her boyfriend could get the mask straps around his ears, but would the mask cover any of his face beyond his large felid nose? There likely didn’t exist a version of this mask that worked with his face, either.
After even more silence, he spoke up again. “Is there something wrong?” he asked.
“Well,” Ashley began. “If you want to help me and don’t mind the sneezing fit you’ll suffer from cleaning, then you can still help.” A nervous smile plastered over her face. “Sorry, sweetie – you didn’t do anything wrong; I’m just a dork.”
Seeing the way her thumb brushed along the masks in her hand, Bennett figured out what she was so concerned about. “Oh!” he exclaimed. “Oh…right. Sorry I didn’t warn you.” The enlightened man poked his nose and chuckled. “I’ve never had to wear that kind of mask over my face before.”
Ashley figured that was the case. For the first time, she got to see her man in a white T-shirt and jeans – a striking contrast to his usual attire – yet all for nothing. “I guess,” she began with a sigh, “We can go out and do something else.”
Just when his girlfriend was about to step past him, Bennet spoke up. “Well, wait!” he declared. “I can still help you clean this place up.”
At that, Ashley bit her lip. “Are you sure?” she asked. “Because I have seen your allergy attacks before and they never end with just one sneeze; I don’t want to think of what a dusty basement would do to your reactive nose.”
The way she so brazenly said that word – the s-word – made Bennet want to squirm where he stood. In a sick way, it almost felt backwards to him that she wouldn’t want him to go in maskless – especially when he didn’t think doing so would have been such a bad idea.
“I can still do it,” he finally said.
Ashley flinched when he said that. “You – you’re serious?”
He smiled at her and nodded. “Sure! And if I can’t take it anymore, I’ll just head back upstairs. It will work; trust me!”
She didn’t trust him, but she also didn’t know what she could say to him to make him change his mind. “Well, alright…” she murmured. “But please just tell me when you need to go up – okay, sweetie?”
The spark of arousal flickered in his eyes as he pulled the two of them closer, his groin grinding against hers as their chests pressed together, his tail subsequently coiling around her to pull her in even tighter. “I’ll be fine,” he assured, then reached in for a kiss. Their breaths stilled as their lips came together, pulling apart and coming back together in rhythmic fashion, steadily keeping each other in their euphoric flow before breaking apart and looking each other in the other’s dazzled eyes.
Ashley snuck an Eskimo kiss as his tail loosened. “Let’s get to work, then!”
Her mask strapped around her own pointed ears, Ashley took off her flannel shirt to reveal a white tanktop underneath – the likes of which barely covered the dark square in the middle of her chest where her distillation bay used to be. She set her shirt on the stairs and moved to the back of the basement, flicking incoming lights on as they went forward. “We might need to get some kind of tote before we get too carried away, but let’s just look at what we have here.”
They had reached a part of this room that consisted mostly of plastic toys sitting on top of old wood shelves that didn’t look like they were going to support the weight of anything much heavier any time soon. A lot of the figures she found were blocky and colorful, yet faded with age and dust. Nearby she noticed a sewing machine with a pedal and what looked like a bunch of unfinished blankets – all caked in dust, as they had been sitting atop the shelves near the ceiling. Fortunately for both of them, she had a ladder – albeit one she was not entirely confident with using herself.
Bennet assumed Ashley was going to go for the items on the top, but instead found himself surprised when she pulled things out from the middle.
“Bennet, can you help, please?”
Without a word, he joined her in removing these bricks from the shelf. They all looked like pieces of a cake that had been sprinkled with dust – so much so that traces of the powdery grime could even be found in between the narrow ridges where the bricks interlocked. He wasn’t even sure if the owner of these toys was trying to make something concrete with these bricks or not – if they had fallen apart by themselves or were smashed to bits by a child long ago.
A few of the bricks fell to the rocky floor, bringing with them clouds of dust that reached up to tickle his nostrils. At first the dusty puffs were almost negligible, but it became too much for his sensitive nose within seconds.
Coming down on his knees, Bennet hurriedly pushed his collected bricks to the pile his girlfriend had made, eyes closing fast as he turned his head away from her and sneezed. “H’ihp-tSChh! Ii'kshh!” The scelan scrubbed his nose along his dirty hand, trying not to sneeze again.
“Bless you!” Ashley replied. “Are you sure you’ll be okay, Benny?”
He tried replying, but wound up sneezing again. “HIK-t’Shh’k! Yeah – I'll be fine!”
He snorted and Ashley grimaced behind her mask. “Well okay...” she muttered. “I think we’re almost done with these bricks, though.
Bennet held his breath as they continued groping around the shelf for anything they could find. “You know when I said we might need a tote earlier?” she asked, to which Bennet nodded. “I think a trash bag probably would have been better.”
“I can get one,” Bennet stated, still refusing to breathe through his now-moist nose.
His girlfriend didn't argue. “Thank you,” she said before removing the last of the bricks. “If you could please, that would be amazing.” And as her boyfriend left the scene, she set up the ladder so she could remove the sewing equipment on top. Even from the comically-low height, the acrophobic elf wobbled a little on her first step up. She had to take a deep breath and urge herself to face forward just to keep herself from shaking herself off the ladder.
When at last Ashley She wanted to retch when her fingers dug into the dusty remnants of blankets long-since sewn or almost sewn. The first thing she took out was the main body of the machine as well as a pedal, making sure to be careful as she brought the heavy equipment down with her.
Meanwhile Bennet grabbed a trash bag from under the kitchen sink – but not before grabbing a few tissues and ridding his sinuses of his dust-laden snot. He rubbed his nose gently with the used tissues and sniffed, praying he wouldn’t sneeze again once he got back down there – but the scelan wasn’t naïve. Knowing his luck, his nose would probably start twitching once his girlfriend came within eyeshot.
Pushing those thoughts to the side, he rubbed his nose one more time before tossing the tissues aside and returning to his girlfriend with the big white bag. He was almost surprised to see the machine along with all the bricks.
“Just use that bag for the bricks right now,” she commanded. “That machine is way heavier than I thought it would be – and if you put it in the bag, you’ll probably just tear a hole through it.”
He took another look at the pile and nodded. “Okay!” Without hesitation, he bent down and proceeded to gather all the bricks into the bag, running a hand under his nose any time he felt a twinge or drip threatening to push him over. All the while he kept a close eye on his girlfriend, making sure she didn’t slip or fall back on the ladder.
Ashley quickly came to realize there were many more blankets on the top shelf than she had originally thought – so much that she could barely reach the ones at the back. It came as a surprise that none of them had attracted any bugs or life of any kind – just eons of dirt that she’d probably never be able to wash out herself if she tried. She created a new pile just for these blankets, plopping each one on the floor – but perhaps not far away enough from her boyfriend, who still had some bricks to collect.
Having fought back a thousand stimuli over the past few minutes, Bennet found himself with a million more as his girlfriend haphazardly set the old cloths aside.
Ashley hadn’t realized she was pitting the scelan’s nose to a battle it couldn’t win until she turned to see the desperate, distorted look on his face. It was at the same time when she absentmindedly brought down the other sewing machine pedal along with the blankets, knocking the mask off her face as a strand around her ear broke with a strangely-satisfying snap.
Hit’sch! Ip-st'SCHh! K’it-sch’ih...Kyih-t’schhh! HEHK’t-s’SCHEW!” By the time he recovered, the scelan could barely breathe through his clogged nose.
Frustrated at herself for letting him do this and at him for persuading her, Ashley hurried down the ladder to help him recover.
“Bennet,” she said, skipping the blessings entirely. She inhaled sharply. “Go back upstairs please.”
His eyes watered as he looked up to see the elf staring down with unwavering copper eyes. There was a silent fire that glowed in them – that urged him to follow her command, lest he see how intense her flames could become.
Bennet ran a hand under his nose and snorted – or at least tried to before realizing he couldn’t draw breath through his nose at all.


Part 2 coming soon!...

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And I just realized I failed to change some of the words for the forum. 😒 Basically Bennet's creator had some certain words he liked to used when describing a male or female version of his species -- "scelan" being one of them.

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