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Possibly putting myself in danger.


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Tonight I'm going with my friend to his place of employment to make sure an ex-employee isn't sneaking in with his meth head friends. Hopefully we don't get attacked.

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Please just call the police. This is what the police are for. The very fact that you called this thread "possibly putting myself in danger" shows that you know this is a bad idea. The world is scary enough without taking unnecessary risks. Please be smart/safe. 

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indeed I agree with Matilda on this, messing around with the type of situation your talking about, is a seriously very bad idea! you could get badly hurt or worse killed. you should let the law enforcement professionals handle it. for one having the law enforcement deal with it will keep you out of legal issues and #2 it'll keep you from bodily harm or even death. Chilted man don't mess around and be stupid ok? use your head man it aint worth getting into any of that kinda trouble! 

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