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The beautiful loss of control (slightly messy)


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So, this happened a few years ago at a call center where I was a team leader. 

Before the day kicked off and the phone rang, we would have "circle meetings" where every group (we had 4 groups of like 10 people in each group) would talk about the challenges ahead, any news that would affect the work day etc. 

It was customary to wear our uniform (jeans and a dark blue button up shirt which was quite tight to the body) regardless of season. 

Now, this ob occurred right in the start of the flu season and the main character was a girl by the age of 23. She had a slightly curvy body type and considered quite attractive by most standards. Her nose was slightly rounded and her nostrils seemed to be flaring at even the slightest of irritation. She had long blonde hair which she would frequently put up in a messy ponytail. On that day, the tip of her nose looked just slightly red, and she had sniffled just about enough for me to take notice. For ease (and to keep her anonymous) I will refer to her as Emily. 

So, I kicked off the meeting by mentioning whatever statistics were relevant at the time (call duration time, amount of handled cases etc). After that came the time for everybody to talk about what they had done the day prior. While all this was going on, Emily kept itching her nose and her sniffle had become more frequent. 

While I most certainly had enjoyed the show, my responsibility of team leader was to keep everything in the team running smoothly and I was trying to avoid a mini-plague of flu from happening. Emily's nose however, had other plans indeed. 

When the time came for her to present what she had done the day prior, she cleared her throat and started mentioning cases and her stuff. Her voice had gotten quite raspy so the circle grew smaller in order for everyone to hear her. 

The perfect storm of infection had now become inevitable. 

Her nostrils were flaring as if to give a final warning for what's to come but only I took notice of this. With that warning out of the way, her breath quickly hitched with a "hehh" before she, entirely uncovered, exploded into a single but severely powerful "hehTCHUOh".

The beautiful glistening spray was evenly spread into the entire circle with no chance of avoiding it. It was as if she had not seen it coming, or felt the mischievous tickle building as no attempts to cover the sneeze were made. 

The head manager laughed sarcasticly as he had witnessed the whole ordeal, and left a snarky "Hey, why don't you join the other circles so we can close down the entire office?" 

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10 hours ago, Scandinavius said:

Beautiful! So well described too. Do you have any follow up obs of anyone getting sick after this incident if I may ask?

Haha thank you fellow scandinavian :D

That sneeze did indeed kick off the office epidemic (frankly, with the spray, that was inevitable) :D

Follow up ob Nr. 1: Satan's flu

Now, the title of that comes from the person whom sneezed. I'll call her "Taz". The reason for the name is that her internal username, which was randomly generated was something along the lines of "s4t4n5" which we joked a lot about because of her personality and appearance. 

She was a very petite (no taller than 1,5m if measured optimistically) with a cute/dorky style. She had shoulder length blonde hair, loved wearing fluffy stuff (big fleece hoodies at least 2 sizes too big and scarfs etc). She was always this interesting mix of bouncy and energetic but also at the same time introverted. Her voice was quite high pitched and stereotypically girly. 

Her nose was like a textbook example of a "button nose" with barely any bridge but a button with nostrils :D

Her sneezes were always initiated by all consuming, vocal and long buildups which are surprisingly hard to type out but I will give it a go; "hehphuphuphu Hahsphuhhh" (essentially very prone to false starts) 

She was sitting at the desk next to mine on the day the flu had grabbed hold of her. 

At first I didn't notice but she started to sniffle and complained about her headache. At that point the suspicion that she had gotten infected was turning into a realization of the fact that she indeed had the flu. (I was quite frankly excited about the inevitable epidemic but contained it :D )

It didn't last long before I heard her breath hitch, followed by a sigh in frustration. I asked if she was alright and in reply she said "I'b fide..." (vocally congested by this point) 

An hour or so passed by with the sniffles getting more and more frequent. Not so suddenly I heard "Hehhph" which was a clear sign of the inevitable. A sneeze was brewing inside of the little pink button. I asked if I could get her something (proper polite team leader as I were ;) ). She replied "N-no thaks" (clearly and slowly being owertaken by the sneeze) 

"Huhphh" was heard, and then a "AHhh" before the very wet and sickly "huhpph... AHHhtCHOUuhh". Her signature explosive sneeze erupted and echoed off the walls of the office. There were no longer any doubt. The flu plague was spreading and she too had become the carrier. She, however, managed to cover this one but there are more to come :D


I realize how my ob's almost turn into a fic-style of things but I assure you these are all true stories :D

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