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Dusty Construction = Allergies


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My neighbours have been doing construction and redoing their home so there’s been lots of drilling and ground breaking. I think it’s been bringing up lots of dust and making me sneeze all the time. My sneezes sound like “Ehh-Ehh- HEHITCHOO” with the hitching at the start and ending with a “SHOO” or “CHOO”. My nose and eyes have just been non-stop itchy and watery and I’ll catch myself rubbing and scrubbing at my nose. I’ve lost track of how often I’ll sneeze in a day but I have realised that I sneeze in threes. So it’ll be like “HE..HECHOO” “HEHITSHOO” “HAITCHOO” and the trio of sneezes will usually end with a false sneeze and me thinking I’m going to sneeze again and being stuck with an itchy nose.

The other day while I was sneezing right after I went “HEHSHOO” from the other side of the wall I actually heard one of the workers sneeze as well. So I guess it’s not just me the dust is getting to😂 


Side note: I didn’t think it was possible for my sneeze to change?? Like the sound of my sneeze is different. Before my sneezes used to sound harsher like “HA-ESHOO” and “HACHOO” but now it’s become almost more girly with it sounding closer to “HEH-ITCHOO” 

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Bless you and thank you for sharing. This was a nicely written observation. 

And to answer your question, I do think sneezes can change a bit. I think sneeze sounds are maybe 50% reflex and 50% subconscious and there for can change. 

I have heard of one person’s significant other’s sneezes changing in sound after they found out about their fetish and turning more into the kind they liked.

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On 12/19/2019 at 4:07 PM, Macy said:

usually end with a false sneeze and me thinking I’m going to sneeze again and being stuck with an itchy nose.

Argh, that sounds like the worst! Unusual that its the last sneeze that does not come - it seems that for most people who suffer from false starts, this is something that happens before they get their sneezes out. Real nice obs - you should keep us updated :) 

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Great obs, and not the worst thing to experience temporarily - I am always wishing I could get more multiples out when sneezes feel stuck - maybe that would help me! lol 

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