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Self obs (Induced sneezes)


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Hi guys!

So,a few minutes ago I had a very annoying tickle in my nose so I grabbed a tissue and I rolled it up to induce some sneezes and get rid of that tickle. 

2 wet sneezes got out and they were a bit harsh on my throat,which is a bit sore today. I sneezed into the tissue I'd used to induce and then I blew my nose into it. Then I sniffled to clear the congestion.

I think inducing might have not been a good idea since it's made me a bit stuffy.

But at least I managed to get rid of the tickle! 


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2 hours ago, tomriddle said:

bless you, how it sounds your sneeze?? 

Thank you,my sneezes are usually pretty loud and powerful,as I'm not a stifler,even though sometimes I do stifle them (if I want to be quiet). They sound like a plain "achoo/ashoo!" to me 

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14 hours ago, tomriddle said:


I'm not a sneezy person,I sneeze when I'm sick (but not too much,I don't usually get sneezy colds).

I do have allergies but they're not that bad. I always take medications so I don't sneeze a lot. 

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