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Let's talk about depression


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I'm sorry. I realise I'm becoming a bit of a joke, like Moe in the Simpsons who jumps off a bridge every year. :lol:

I hope everyone has a good Christmas. 🎄

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Certainly not a joke :) 

Mental illness is such an important, and yet inexplicably taboo, part of modern society. This time of year is particularly difficult for those with these types of ailments. Hope everything is OK? 

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Mental illness isn't exactly a comfortable topic for a lot of people, myself included. Either way, hope things improve for you.


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It’s just something that at this point, I’m not ready to talk about much.    But I sincerely hope that if things are not ok for you, you find what you need and things improve.   

maybe someday, I’ll be ready to talk about it, but I’m not removed enough from it at this time.   

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Depression is a slice of hell, and that's all I can say about it. I have no relevant experience and very little theoretical knowledge. I have heard and read stories, though, and as an illness, it's right up there with cancer in the Holy Fuck How Is Evolution Even Allowing Human Systems To Do This To Themselves.

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Depression is also so many different things to different people. The way it manifests, and while symptoms are usually similar, they really can vary depending on the person. What I experience might not be the same as what somebody else does. It's... difficult to function with for me personally. But I hold out hope for everyone who is struggling with it. That there's a possibility to cope, and learn, and heal. 

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