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Baby It's Cold Outside (Secret Santa for matilda3948, Good Omens)


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First part to my Secret Santa for @matilda3948 Just some sick Crowley and some caring Aziraphale making sure that his demon gets the TLC he needs. Not a ton of sneezing in this part, that's for the next part when Crowley cold hits him at full force. Mwhahahahaha! Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this @matilda3948 and that this is what you were looking for in a fic!

Aziraphale had a lovely evening dining at the Ritz with Crowley as per usual. The demon had even been kind enough to offer to walk him home, but as they got closer to his shop, the angel had a feeling that something was…off about the demon.

Crowley had his thin jacket pulled tightly around his shivering form in a feeble attempt to shield himself from the cold, a flush coloring his cheeks and nose with a matching red tint.

 All of this made him very reluctant to leave Crowly to walk home in the cold, so he’d spent most of the walk silently scheming of ways to keep him at the book shop.

Crowly cleared his throat, pulling Aziraphale from his thoughts, “ You’ve been quiet, Angel.” He smirked, a slight rasp at the edge of his voice, “Something on your mind?”

Azirphales face flushed a brilliant pink, “Oh yes.” He said, smiling unassumingly, “I just thought this has been such a lovely night, perhaps you like to come in, and we can have a couple of drinks by the fire.”

The demon raised an eyebrow, a mischievous look on his face, “We both know you don’t have a fireplace, Angel.” He teased.

“Oh, pish!” Aziraphale said with a snap of his fingers, “That can be easily solved.” He said, opening the door to the book shop, ushering Crowley inside.

“I really don’t know if this the best idea right now, Angel,” Crowley said, making some attempt to protest, but Aziraphale clearly wasn’t taking no for an answer leaving Crowley on the couch as he ducked into the kitchen to get them some drinks.

That’s how Crowley ended up bundled up in a couple of blankets, hot toddy in hand wondering if he’d gone soft in his old age, “Angel this really isn’t necessary.” He mumbled in protest despite already sinking into the blankets.

The warmth of the book shop already taking the edge off of the chill that had been plaguing him most of the evening.

“Nonsense.” Aziraphale said, taking up residence in the spot next to Crowley a mug in his own hands, “You can stay for a couple drinks, can’t you?” He asked, flashing that brilliant white smile at the demon that he knew the other simply couldn’t resist.

Crowley sighed a long drawn out sight knowing precisely what the angel was playing at, “One drink, then I have to go.” He told him, taking a long sip from his mug.


They both knew that it could never just be one drink. One drink turned into two, then three until Crowley was sloppy drunk, in more ways than one.  

“Hih’GgXXSSHUuh!! Ngk…” The demon groaned after sneezing harshly, pawing at his pink nose, as the angel tutted sympathetically.

“Poor dear.” Aziraphale mumbled, “I couldn’t possible send you out like this.” He scoffed innocently as if keeping Crowley here hadn’t been the plan the whole time.

Helping Crowley onto his feet, the demon starts to protest loudly, “That was probably your plan the whole time, you cheeky bastard.” He laughs, “If you wanted to have some fun angel, you could have just asked.” He said, giving him a sly look.

Aziraphale chuckled, rolling his eyes, “Perhaps we can have a little more fun when you start feeling a little better.” He told the demon.

Crowley gave Aziraphale a dazed look, “M’not sic-hih-ck…” He started a fuzzy expression coming over his face as he snapped nearly in half with a couple of loud sneezes, “Hhh’tssSHUuh!! H’tsshuUh!!” He stumbled a bit, Aziraphale steadying him, “Woo head rush.” The demon giggled.

Aziraphale’s expression went soft, “Of coarse not love.” He said, helping him up the stairs to the bedroom. Luckily they made it up them with little incident.

He eased the demon on the bed, snapping them both some warm, comfortable pj’s.

Before Aziraphale crawled into bed, he dug in one of his drawers producing a worn jumper tugging it over Crowley’s head for a little extra warmth knowing full well that if the demon were in the right mindset right now, he would have protested.

He knew that Crowley truly loved it though, it was warm, comfortable and smelled like his angel.

Aziraphale climbed into bed, Crowley immediately snuggling up to him, “M’warm.” The demon mumbled, already starting to drift off as the angel combed his fingers through his soft red hair. It wasn’t long before soft snores broke the silence.

With a soft kiss to his forehead, Aziraphale ensured that the alcohol was out of his system. Not wanting the poor demon to have to deal with a hangover on top of whatever nasty bug he’d contracted.

With one last snap of his fingers, the lights went out as Aziraphale closed his eyes as well let himself drift off into blissful unconsciousness.

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16 hours ago, matilda3948 said:

Oh, thank you sooooo much! It's wonderful!! Sweet Aziraphale looking after his sickly demon ❤️

Yay! I'm glad you like it so far!

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Cuuuute! Of course Aziraphale''s clever plan is just to get Crowley drunk enough that he doesn't remember to hide his symptoms. I really like the established-relationship tenderness here, they're so comfortable with each other and it's great.

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