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Jedi Fallen Order fanfiction.

The Second Sister and the Ninth Sister knelt before the door. This was customary. They rose.

"Shall we go?" said the Ninth.

"Wait until you are invited." said the Second.

For a minute they waited. Then they heard the heavy breathing of the Sith Lord. Like playground terror, they were both scared.

"Inquisitors. Come in." said Darth Vader.

The Second Sister, and the Ninth Sister came into the chamber and knelt.

"Inquisitors." said Vader. "I am interested to see you."

Trilla felt an intense tickle high up in her nose. She began to hitch.

"Muh- hah... my Lord?" she said to Vader. "May I remove my helmet because I think I'm going to sneeze?"

"Yes, of course." said Darth Vader.

Trilla took her helmet off and sneezed enormously


Vader simply watched.

"Bless you."

Trilla gulped.

"Do not be so scared at giving in to the physical things, Trilla. I've been there. When you become stronger in the force you will be able to resist even a physical thing like a sneeze."

"My Lord, yes."

"I know You're an intelligent student."

"I- I get scared my lord."

Vader knelt next to her. "I get scared too. But fear makes us stronger as Sith."

"My Lord?"


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Darth Vader drew his bloodshine saber and held it up to the bright light of the Inquisitors' Fortress.

And Trilla put her hand over her eyes.

"Do you even think you deserve to live?"

Said Vader.

"No my Lord." she said, patting her pocket to make sure her lightsaber was there.

"No, I don't deserve to live."

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"This thing cannot be mine!"

This was how Cal found his Lightsaber. He thought it must have been a joke. This is the same way that any true Jedi comes to the sword.

First, he played with it. Then he felt it was not his. Then he dropped it.


Like the the opening chords in Maggie May he drew it, then put it down again. A swordsman only gets his weapon when he learns to be frightened of his sword.

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"Trilla" said Vader. "You have to kill the young Padawan".

"My Lord... I don't want to."

"This is not an option Trilla. Do this and I will promote you. Fail me, and I'll kill you."

Trilla gasped.

"Was that direct enough?"

"Oh yes, my lord."



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The order burned in her head. Trilla wandered ino the jungle of Kashyyk, looking for Cal. Her nose was tickling but she didn't  care. She juggled her lightsaber in her right hand.

"Anything, anything, anything...."

"Hey! Who are you?"

A Purge Trooper came upon her with an electro staff

""Thought you could screw with us?"


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