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As someone who's moved from place to place numerous times since childhood, I've been in several different schools and workplaces over the years -- and my experience in this regard has led me to believe that for almost any school class or job I have, there's always that one person you can count on to sneeze at least once during the day.

With that said, I was wanting to know: what are your stories in this regard? Who was that one person in your school or job that you could almost always count on to sneeze at least once when you were in the same room with them on a regular basis?


For me, I've had two people like that. One was someone I grew up with, but did not really start to realize this about her until we were in our final year of high school. Girl named Deanna; was generally known as a friendly community organizer -- and for whatever reason, she had probably the itchiest nose of anyone I knew at that time. She had a distinct sneeze, too -- the kind that started with a sort of hiccup sound and ended with a little sputtering noise, sort of like "hHNNG-fF'SSHh't!"

I guess what made me notice her sneezes was at one point she seemed to start sneezing a lot more harshly than usual; possibly due to allergies? Not sure, but in any case, I could always count on a strong "hHNNG-fF'SSHh't!" from her every day in my stats class. One day when my graduating class had to take some three-hour standardized test -- and I swear she sneezed three or four times through the whole thing; was definitely more than anyone else in the room.

I think my favorite obs with Deanna was once when I was taking pictures for the yearbook, I decided I had taken enough photos and proceeded to head back to the spot where the track people had set their backpacks. It was one of those moments where I was just looking around for a moment, minding my own business, when I turned my head toward sometime just in time to see their pre-sneeze face. That said, that was the only time I could remember having one of those moments with Deanna, catching a glimpse at her tilted gaze as she practically pointed her full, flaring, rounded nostrils at me as she walked my way -- all in an instant before she sneezed into the fabric of her sweatshirt arm. In her recovery, she looked up at me with a sniff and said, "Hi Al."

I responded with "uhh..hey.." but if I weren't such a shy wreck back then, I would've responded with "Hi Dee... And bless you, by the way 😉"

The second person, funny enough, was someone I met in my last year of college -- a short little thing named Ada; I remember she had a little cut and piercing through her eyebrow and a slightly upturned nose. She wasn't quite as reliable as Deanna, but she was close! Like Deanna, her sneezes started with that hiccup sound and ended with a sputter -- though unlike Deanna, Ada's sneezes almost always came in doubles. They sounded more like "uP't-FF'SHh'k!" On top of that, her almost always sneezing in uncovered pairs of two meant you usually had a good chance to see her triangular nostrils dilate and breath hitch before she let a second one loose!

I remember the first time I heard Ada sneeze was when she was late and had to sit next to me, since I was the only person with an empty seat by them. When she felt that urge, she almost seemed to duck her face beneath the desk so any pathogens would just land on the floor... Or on my shoes 🤭 The only time I can recall where a sneeze from her didn't almost automatically lead to another was when she sneezed so hard that not only did that single sneeze seem to have the strength and effect of two, but the class conversion stopped just so everyone could say "bless you" to her; it might just be me, but I could swear I saw her blushing with all the blessings she received.


Sooo yeah there's my obs; how bout yours?? 😮

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There was this one girl in my spanish class a couple of semesters ago. She was pretty cute, vaguely Asian looking, probably mixed, and her spanish was terrible. But - she sneezed multiple times every class. It was a cute little sneeze, stifled and usually in twos or threes, and I had no idea what set her off. Some classrooms are dustier than others but this one wasn't, and most everyone else would sneeze from time to time but no one like this girl. The setup of the room was weird so I was pretty much sitting across from her but not directly, so I saw every time her nose would bother her. It was just a little 'hhEp-choo' that would sometimes get stronger and more vocalized if she was sick or if what I assume was allergies were especially bad that day. The class was boring, but I always looked forward to seeing the show 😉

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Agreed - I have known several people in my life who have just been particularly sneezy but just seem to take it in their stride. I have worked with people who I was pretty much guaranteed to see sneeze at least once per day, and in some cases a great deal more :D Also great when there are people who have grown comfortable enough around you to not desperately stifle, but are not afraid to just let those sneezes go!

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