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Last weekend my husband caught a cold, which i got into more detail in the adult section. The poor guy had been sneezing and sniffling a ton. He tends to stifle them into "hnngxt!" But towards the end of day one those turned into failed stifled "hnngsshhht". 

Day 2 I awoke to his stuffy snoring. I smiled and began to make breakfast. When I went to wake him up, I saw his nostrils twitch a little, glistening. I watched for a few seconds before I decided to help him out by kissing his nose. Which resulted in this gem.

"Hrushhhh! Hrushhht! Heh..*sniffle* HARSHHHOO! Ugh.."

"Bless you. A bit worse this morning. Let me grab you some Dayquil."

" *sniff* thang you. Could you make it dnyquill? Id like to sle- heep this thi- heh- thing hrashoo! Off..."

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