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Takes place during season 2 after the events of season 1 episode 12 of Young Justice, "Homefront". All characters are 18+.


The Zeta tubes where activating and the voice announced, "Robin B01."

"Robin's here?" Wally looked up from the sandwich he was making and quickly grabbed a bottle of water and ran to meet his friend as he materialized. He had looked better than he did the day before, but he was still sweating with fever and coughing harshly into his arm, "You shouldn't be here." He quickly put an arm around his waist and rubbed his back.

"Robin?" Aqualad came forward, "are you ill?" 

The wheeze that came from Robin startled the team, "'m not.. contagious."

"That is not why I am asking," Aqualad quickly came over and took his bag from him as Wally helping him to the couch.


"What!?" Artemis' eyes went wide, "you need a hospital!"

"He just got out a few hours ago," Wally took the bag from Aqualad and took out an inhaler, "you sound terrible, take it." 

"Oh, you poor thing!" M'gann flew over with a blanket and wrapped it around Robin, "I'll go make you soup. Do you need anything?" 

"I'm fine-" he quickly turned into his arm and coughed again, unconsciously leaning into Wally for support.

 "You're not fine, you should be at home... or at least resting.." 

"Batman wants me to try to-" Robin's voice cracked and he rubbed his throat.

"go over the specs for the EMP, I know... he gave me the lecture yesterday. It's fine, if the reds come back we'll use it again." Wally put a hand to Robin's forehead and frowned, "you're burning up... I wish I could kick Batman's-"

"you wouldn't last a second," Robin chuckled lightly before coughing, "I promise I'll rest on the couch. I just wanna make him happy, ok?" 

Suddenly Artemis was in front of him with a thermometer, "Fever check. If it's over 101, you're doing nothing until you've napped and had a fever reducer." 

Wally and Robin shared a look, the only one of them knowing he couldn't take that. 

Robin sighed, deciding to just tell the truth, "I can't take that stuff... Besides, I'm on strong medication. The fever will be gone soon." 

Artemis looked at Wally for support but sighed when Wally shook his head, "Fine... you're still taking a nap." 

"I'll take a nap," he put his hands up in surrender.

"You can take my bed," Superboy and in the kitchen, helping M'gann make soup, "Wally says the couch isn't all the comfortable." 

"Great idea, Supey," Wally picked Robin up, "Kaldur, can you grab his bag?" 

"aren't you worried he will work while the door is closed?" 

"oh, I don't plan on leaving," Wally started walking, "He might look like he's in civvies, but I bet his jacket's got more tech in it than my high school." He smiled down at the boy wonder, "Besides, someone's got to make sure he doesn't choke." 

Robin relaxed in Wally's arms.

"You have not been sleeping well either," Kaldur walked with Wally to Connor's room, "perhaps you both could get some rest?" 

There was a certain look in Kaldur's eyes that made Robin blush.

"What if I sleep through a fit?" 

"trust me," Robin cleared his throat, "it'll wake you up." 

Kaldur pulled back the covers and took of Robin's shoes before Wally put him in bed. He watched as Wally slowly laid him back against some pillows and tucked him in. "I shall leave you to it." He slowly closed the door and left. 

Artemis passed back and forth by the couch, "how could Batman make him work like this?" 

"He did sound terrible," M'gann was worrying her lip as she diced some vegetables, "My uncle would be furious if I-" She cut herself off and stared down at the vegetables with tears in her eyes. 

Superboy came over and put an arm around her waist, and smiled back at her.

"Batman has his reasons, and knows the limitations of his protege," Aqualad entered the room, "If I am current in assuming, Robin would most likely continue his duties regardless of his illness. I believe this is Batman's attempt at rest. Wally, while juvenile, is a very capable scientist. I have no doubt the EMPs are in working order."

"so what?" Artemis relaxed against the back of the couch, "He figured we'd make him take a sick day?" 

"I do believe he feels more comfortable being vulnerable with us." Aqualad looked thoughtful, "he knows he has nothing to prove here. But I do not think he feels the same.... elsewhere." he paused and looked at a hidden camera in the corner of the ceiling, thinking Batman may be watching. 


Robin woke up about two hours later by Wally gently running his fingers through his hair and calling his name, "hmm.. what?" He opened his eyes and noticed it was a little hard to breathe.

"Sorry, but you're wheezing again," wally shooking his inhaler and brought it to his lips, "take a few pumps then you can go back to bed-"

The bedroom door opened and M'gann came in with a bowl of soup, "Connor heard you calling his name...so I figured it might be a good time for some soup?" 

Robin took a few pumps and let Wally help him sit up, "Thank you... you didn't have to." 

"I wanted to, silly," She slowly put the bowl in his lap and kissed his forehead, "you do still feel hot." 

Wally swallowed the joke he wanted to say, "But it's much better than it was. You just need more sleep." 

"You need to eat," Robin put a hand on Wally's stomach, "Go eat. I'll be here when you get back." 

"M'gann, stay with him?" he stood up slowly, "two minutes-"

"no," Robin rolled his eyes, "try to chew your food and relax? I don't want you to choke." 

"I won't choke," Wally walked over and put a hand back on his forehead, "I'll come back with some water.. and tea. Your throat must be killing you-" He backtracked at M'gann's horrified expression, "Just an expression. Robin is not dying... I promise... I just meant it must really hurt."

"You do not have to take care of him alone," Kaldur was in the doorway with a glass of water, and Connor was behind him with a mug of tea, "Go eat. We shall keep him company until your return." He noticed Wally's reluctance but smiled when he sped away. 

"Thought he'd never leave."  

Kaldur moved out of the way to allow Artemis in.

"Think Wally might be obsessed with you," Artemis sat down on the bed.

"Jealous?" Robin whispered between spoonfuls of soup.

Artemis made a face, "you can have him." 

"We are all just as concerned as Wally," Aqualad put the water on the table, "I know little of your illness, but your paleness and wheezing, concern me greatly." 

"Basically-" Robin took a breath and coughed a little, "breathed in the water... during my drowning-" he coughed into his arm as M'gann rubbed his back, "must have had some bacteria in it... bad bacteria... I don't know the specifics... there's just something in my lungs that shouldn't be there."

"But you are taking medication to clear it?" 

"yeah," he took the water and sipped it, "before you mention it, Aquaman tried to use your Atlantian medicine on me as a kid... Didn't work."

"I have been told my Batman that you have all the medication you require."

"you called him?" 

"no," he looked back at the door to see if Wally was eating, but saw him on the phone instead, "he contacted us to see of your condition." 

"he tried to contact Wally," Robin smiled and chuckled a bit, "Wally knows more about my lungs than I do. Batman likes all the details... trust me, you don't want to know." 

"He seems to like taking care of you," M'gann smiled and took the now empty soup bowl away. 

"I think he's more concerned that if he's not sitting on me at all times I'll go dance in the rain or something stupid." 

"definitely or something," Wally was back in the doorway, "seriously, dude. You had the flu with a fever of 103 and you still came to my science fair."

"you were really proud of it, though," Robin was avoiding eye contact with Artemis, who seemed to try to tie him to the bed with a glare, "I couldn't miss that."

"yes, you could have," Wally sighed and was suddenly right by his side in bed, "I could have shown you at home.. or next week... I wasn't going to destroy it." 

"not sorry," Robin yawned behind his hand and rubbed his eyes, "I'm really tired... Can you guys lecture me tomorrow- wait.." Robin looked at the bed, "If I'm stuck here, where's superboy gonna sleep?" 

M'gann blushed and Connor shrugged, "I don't mind the couch." 

The whole team hid smiles and Robin just took M'gann's hand, "Thank you for the soup... and the bed," he smiled at Superboy, "thanks for taking care of me." 

"We are a team, we take care of each other," Aqualad smiled and opened the door, subtly saying they should say goodnight.

"All for one and one for all, right?" Artemis fist-bumped Robin and walked out with Aqualad.

"I'll bring you more soup in the morning," M'gann floated out.

"uh," Superboy pointed to the dresser, "there's another blanket in there if you're cold." he walked to the door then paused, "seriously, stay as long as you need. I'm good." He turned off the light and closed the door.

"well, that was..." Robin smiled.

"Get used to it, Dick, " Wally crawled back under the covers and moved closer, "we got you." 

Robin actually moved closer so that he was cuddled against Wally, sighing at the warmth, "yeah... you got me." 

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tw: Swearing


Over most of the week, Bruce, Alfred, Jason, Tim, and Damian all came down with the same brutal cold. Dick had finally gotten all of them to rest and promised to take care of all of them. Over the course of the illness, He had to literally strap Bruce to the bed, rub Jason's back as he threw up many times (even got a bit on his shirt), run Tim a cold bath as his fever worsened and sat with him so he wouldn't drown, Sat with Damian giving lots of hugs and cuddles as he had nightmares and trouble falling asleep, all while keeping this from Alfred, who kept insisting that he was well enough to help. 

He was exhausted, to say the least, but at least they all seemed to get better and even joined in breakfast Friday morning. Dick made pancakes for everyone, except Jason, who was given toast, just in case his stomach wasn't ready for real food yet. Alfred insisted on making tea for everyone, which Dick was glad for. He didn't get much sleep last night, as Damian kept waking up freaked out, and Dick stayed up all night rocking him to sleep. The poor thing always had terrible nightmares when he was sick. Just remembering it made his stomach tie in knots and he unconsciously touched his stomach. 

"Are you alright, Master Richard?" Alfred put a cup of tea in his hand, frowning.

"Yeah," Dick put his hand down and sighed, "Damian had nightmares last night..."

"Hearing his cries breaks your heart," Alfred put a hand on Dick's cheek, "You are a good man, Master Grayson." 

"Thank you, Alfred," He put the tea on the counter and hugged him, "I'm glad you're feeling better."

Alfred shouldn't have been shocked at the hug. Master Richard has always been rather affectionate, but it had been so long since he lived in the house. He had greatly missed these hugs, "all thanks to you."  

"Aww," Jason walked in, "Group hug?" 

"Not you're style, Master Jason," Alfred let go and smiled, "may I help you find something?" 

"Nah," Jason raised a brow at Dick, "Just wondering when boy wonder here was gonna join us? You look like shit." 

Dick chuckled, "I'll be there in a second. Just need to find the syrup-" 

"Ah, that would be in the storage cabinet down the hall. We have not had pancakes in quite a while. I shall go-"

"No," Dick put a hand on Alfred's back, "you're both still recovering. I'll go grab it. Go sit down." Dick was gone before either could protest. 

When he reached the storage room, he turned on the light, which triggered a sneeze, "tiew!" 

"what the hell was that?" Jason was behind him with his arms crossed.

Dick wiggled his nose and walking in, looking for the syrup, "let me see... chipmunk? rabbit?"

"definitely rabbit with your little nose wiggle," Jason walked in with him, "why are you sneezing?" 

"It was dark and I turned on the light," Dick raised a brow, "sometimes it makes me sneeze."

"uhuh," Jason wasn't convinced, "the syrups right here," he picked it up and stepped in front of Dick, "you sure you're ok?" 

"yes," Dick took the syrup and stepped closer, "you're in the way, Jay." 

Jason was going to move, but notice Dick shiver. He quickly pulled off his jacket and wrapped it around Dick's shoulders, "you got our cold."

"don't be r-hih.." he brought his elbow up, "hink--nuh... hiih-iktsch-schiew." 

"I should be pissed at you," Jason took the syrup back and fixed the jacket, "but you're so damn cute." 

Dick smiled slightly, focusing on Jason calling him cute, "I can manage. You all still need to rest."

"Bruce promised Alfred he wouldn't go back to work until Monday, and the same goes for Batman. Tim and Damian have the weekend before school and if Batman doesn't go, neither do the robins. You've done enough." 

Dick sighed and pulled the jacket on tighter, "aren't you cold without this?"

"no," Jason rolled up his sleeves, "Alfred's been stuffing me with tea since I woke up. If anything, I'm warm." He stopped Dick's hand from coming to his forehead, "not what I meant." 

Dick took his hand back as he needed to sneeze again, "hih-kiew..kiew..ihsch-hiew." 

"bless you, bunny," He opened the door wider and pulled Dick outside to meet the rest of the family. 

"Grayson, you're going to bed before I kick your skinny ass," Damian was mimicking Jason's earlier stance, "and in your state, it wouldn't be hard." 

Tim frowned and shoved Damian, "what he means to say, is that it's our turn to take care of you."

Bruce walked over and picked Dick up, "we will all rest. Family movie day on the couch." 

Dick was too tired to argue and relaxed in Bruce's arms.

"Poor dicky bird," Jason teased and the rest followed Bruce into the living room and watched him set Dick down on the cushions. 

Tim wrapped him in a quilt and checked his forehead, "we will finish with breakfast. You get some rest." 

Dick didn't remember falling asleep, but he did awaken to the feeling of being lifted as someone slipped in behind him. He opened his eyes to see Bruce pulled him into his lap and Tim moving his feet into his lap, "hmm?" 

"Sorry, we tried not to wake you," Tim gently began to rub Dick's feet while still wrapped in the blanket, "What movie do you wanna sleep to?" 

"Don't care... gonna sleep through it anyway," Dick rubbed his nose and stifled two sneezes into the blanket, silently. 

Bruce shushed him softly and ran his fingers through his hair, "you'll hurt your head doing that." 

"Besides, it's not like your sneezes are loud," Tim glared at Jason, "unlike someone we know." 

Jason growled and Dick reached out to gently touch Jason's hand, stopping his attack instantly. Jason sat on the couch's arm and watched Dick cuddle into Bruce, "just so you know, when Dick's feeling better, you're a dead man, Drake." 

 Tim just rolled his eyes and kept massaging Dick's feet. 

Damian came with a cup of tea and placed it on the table next to Dick. He noticed Dick's eyes were open, but they weren't seeing. He guessed the massage and the fingers running through his hair were lulling him to sleep, quickly, and made a mental note of it. 

Suddenly Dick buried his face inside the quilt and his body tensed with each sneeze, "heh'itsch!ew...hiuhh.. tsch!tsch!uh.. hh'Yitsch!Hiew." his knees bent and came to his chest with the last one, making Bruce and Tim frown deeply. 

Damian tilted his head in confusion. They were so soft but seemed to cause Dick a lot of distress. He would have been more concerned if not for the small smile in Jason's face as he slowly bent over and rubbed his side until he loosened up. 

Tim and Bruce both resumed their previous duties and soon Dick was fast asleep.

Damian took the remote and put on some Disney movie about ice? He didn't recognize it but knew Dick liked Disney movies, so maybe he would have peaceful dreams. Instead of watching the movie, Damian watched him sleep, shoulders relaxing when Dick slept with a smile on his face.

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I've Never Heard You Sneeze

Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) x Dick Grayson (Nightwing)


Dick was at the computer when Barbara came through the front door, "Hey! How was lunch with Jaybird?" 

Barbara put her bag and keys down on the counter before answering, "it was actually really nice. We talked about you, actually." 

"Me?" Dick turned around in his chair and raised a brow, "Is he ok?" 

"oh yeah, everything's fine. It was kind of an accident," she blushed, "he mentioned something... and-" She put her hands down on the counter, "this is going to sound so stupid, but it's bothering me." 

"What is it?" 

"How long have we known each other?" 

"uhmm... about 12 years?" 

"Yes," Barbara put her face in her hands for a second before looking at him, "twelve years, and I've never heard you sneeze." 

"Sorry?" Dick leaned forward, "Barbara, that's crazy. Of course, you have. I literally sneeze five times this morning?" 

"no," Barbara frowned, "It was six, and you suppressed them. That doesn't count." 

"So you and Jason talked about my sneezes?" 


"Ok," Dick suppressed a chuckle, "how did that accidentally come up?" 

"Jason made a comment on the weather and asked how you were feeling? I didn't even know you were having a bad day." 

"I'm not having a bad day," he moved a bottle of allergy medicine so it was in view, "actually found something that works without making me sick." 

"Oh, that's great," Barbara felt a bit guilty about being upset over this when Dick's finally feeling better with his allergies.

"Hey, come here." He pulled her closer, "Jason, Tim, and Damian, all lived in the mansion with me. So we learned each other's schedules, which includes charting my allergies. They practically know when I'm going to get sick before I do. That was just the house we lived in."

"What about Wally?" 

"What do you mean?" 

"Jason mentioned Wally was testing your DNA with medicine or something... He doesn't live in the house. Has he heard it?" 

Dick blushed deeply and looked down remembering Wally's reactions, "uhm.. yeah." 

Barbara groaned, "Is this because of Jason or something?" 

"Now I'm confused." 

"Did he.. make fun of you or something? I would blame Wally too, but he would never." 

"You think Jason teased me about my sneezes so much that I stopped letting them out?" Dick laughed, "babe... I promise that's not it." 

"Then what?" 

"It's a mix of things," he let her sit in his lap and wrapped his arms around her waist, "I got used to stifling for missions and patrol... and I had to do it during performances in the circus.." he shrugged, "I just don't want anyone worrying about me because they here a few sneezes." he noticed the look, "Wally and the family are used to my fits. I'm a very sneezy person." 

Barbara rolled her eyes, "and you thought I'd be bothered?" 

"You've been studying for exams and doing all this research for Bruce and the kids... I didn't want to distract you." 

"stop being so nice," Barbara kissed him softly.

"Sorry, no can do," he kissed her back before taking her hand, "but since this is bothering you so much, I'll tell you a secret few know." 

"few being me and the bat family?"

"Nope, they don't know."

"Then who does?" 

Dick blushed again, "Wally." 

"Of course." she smiled and raised a brow, waiting.

"Ok," He moved her hand so her index finger was out, "just trust me." 

She looked confused until he gently touched his septum with the tip of her finger and moved up until his eyes started to close and he let her hand go.

"Ehh-hiew! hiih..Ehk'kiew!-hiew!"

She just stared, eyes wide.

"Oh.. now my nose is itchy," Dick rubbed his nose and let loose another squeaky sneeze against his wrist, "Ehkschiew!"

Barbara's face softened and cooed softly before looking stern and hitting his arm.


"You suppressed them for that?" She pursed her lips, "they are tiny and adorable!" She pouted, "you're like a little kitten," she slid further into his lap and kissed his cheek.

"hm," Dick sniffed and squeezed her a bit, "so are you satisfied now?"

"Very," she kissed him again, and while he was distracted, she tickled his nose again with her finger.

Dick should have expected this. Wally did this all the time, "Ish'schiew!" He barely turned his head and probably sneezed on her.

"Bless you, kitten." 

"oh god," he sniffed, "please don't make that a new nickname?" 

"Why not?" 

"you don't see the irony?" he wiggled his nose, "I'm allergic to cats, Barbara. Damian sure as hell won't let me forget that with how many cats he brought into the manor."

"aww, poor baby," she said sarcastically as she kissed along his neck.

"Out of curiosity, what did you think they sounded like?" 

Barbara stopped kissing to think, "before Jason said anything, I figured they were loud and they'd hurt your throat. But after... I don't know. I drew a blank." 

"ah," Dick scrunched up his nose again, "He seems to think I sound like a bunny... I don't get it."

"it's not your sound," Barbara kissed his nose, "It's your little nose wiggles. Like the girl from Bewitched, Samantha. Remember?" 

Dick chuckled and rubbed his nose with his hand to stop the wiggling, "rabbit makes more sense now, thank you." 

Something dawned on Barbara and she sat up, "hey... How does Wally know about the under the nose trick?" 



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Ahhhhh my husband Dick Grayson.😘😘😘😘 My fav was the second one. Love!!!!!! 

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On 1/2/2020 at 11:28 PM, Arty said:

Ahhhhh my husband Dick Grayson.😘😘😘😘 My fav was the second one. Love!!!!!! 

AHHH! Thank you! I"m so happy to see some Dick Grayson Love! Got any batfam requests then? 💙💙💙💙💙💙

On 1/3/2020 at 12:00 AM, Rook said:


I try! He deserves the love!


Unexpected Breakfast

Birdflash - Wally West/ Dick Grayson



Dick was an early bird, and was usually up before the rest of the Wayne family, and always awake hours before Wally, but today, Wally was actually up before him and had already had coffee made.

"Well, this is unexpected,"  Dick sniffed softly and walked up to the isle in the kitchen to grab his coffee, "why are you up so early?"

"I was hoping to surprise you with breakfast this morning."

"oh?" Dick smiled and walked over to give him a quick kiss, "you're so sweet." 

"Not as sweet as you."

They were exchanging kisses and giggling when Damian walked in with his eyebrow raised, "Must you two be gross in the kitchen?" 

Wally glanced over and his heart dropped when he saw the fluffy cat in Damian's arms, "uh, buddy? You know Dick's out of-"


Wally sighed, "out of allergy meds." 

"I am aware," Damian didn't move from his spot, but tilted his head, "Alfred has left to retrieve some." 

Dick pinched his nose and bobbed forward twice, before sheepishly smiling at Wally, "could have sworn I had three pills left." 

"I would blame, Jason. He was in your room yesterday," there was a soft "tt" at the end to punctuate his dislike for Jason, like just uttering his name put a sour taste in his mouth.

"Why would he take it?" 

"not sure," Damian walked to the fridge and took out the orange juice, "but he has been looking more disgusting than usual."

Dick frowned and closed the fridge for Damian and grabbing a glass before he could try to drink from the carton. 

"Why doesn't he just steal his own.." 

"Technically he did," Dick wrapped his arms around Wally from behind.

"He's a jerk."

"So you've noticed," Dick kissed his neck and rubbed his nose quickly before Damian could see.

"I have homework to finish before school," Damian walked away, but left the cat in his chair, "try not to burn the kitchen down."

"Please take the cat with you?!" Dick shouted back then glared at the furball in front of him, "he does this to torture me." 

"If you were Tim or Jason, I'd believe it," Wally turned back around and kissed his lips, "I bet he searched the internet for ways to cure you and saw that sometimes being around the allergin helps get rid of the allergy." 

"Aw," Dick pouted and wiggled his nose, "he cares."

"Just a bit," Wally kissed the tip of Dick's nose and tried to hide his amusement when Dick whined and sneezed on Wally's chest, "bless you." 

"Wa..huh" Dick sniffed softly and tried to fight the tickle long enough to tell him, "W'hah'lly... Th'iih-Hih'KIEW! the p'hahh-Itsch-hiew!..hiih' TIEW!" his eyes were starting to tear up and he gave up on trying to speak, "hiiih...ihhuh- HAH-schiew! Schiew! chiew! tiew! tchiuh-" He ended with a small moan as Wally moved his hands down his back and pulled him closer, "The pancake is- kiew! ugh... burning." 

Wally wasn't paying attention to the food anymore, focusing only on how much he wanted Dick Grayson right on that damn countertop-" wait... what's burning?" He turned around and quickly put the pan off the stove and threw away the blackened pancake, "shit.. sorry." 

"s'ok," Dick hugged him from behind and rubbing his nose against his shoulder, "my nose itches." 

"so I've noticed," he kissed the top of his head and leaned back, "give me a kiss." 

Dick gave one more good rub before kissing Wally on the lips then brushing his nose against Wally's, trying to coax another tickle out. He hitched against his lips, mostly masking the moan that came from Wally, then ducked into his neck, "Hitsch-hiew! itsch-itsch!hiew.. hiuuhhhh-hih'KIEW!" 

Wally's moan wasn't masked that time.

"Think..tsch!" he rubbed his nose against Wally's neck, "think I need a shower." 

"y-yeah," Wally turned so he could hold Dick by the waist, "you're just a mess." He kissed him again then lifted a finger to gently tickle the underside of his nose, then left his finger underneath to help Dick stifle. 

Dick turned off the stove and pinned Wally against the counter, "Hingt--! Ingt---! hiih... Engxt--! oh.." He rubbed his nose against Wally's finger and sniffed, "pancakes later?" 

"yeah." After picking Dick up and before he sped to the showers, he kissed him again and smiled, "I was always more of a breakfast sausage person anyway." 

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A request?!?! Yes! Ok how about everyone takes advantage of Dick being extremely nice and giving and he doesn't know how to say no and overworks himself to the point where he gets sick including working as a cop...patrolling and being the mama bear he is. and either Wally realizes or one of his brothers and he gets the TLC he deserves.

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On 1/12/2020 at 9:56 AM, ayslin said:

I'm loving this!  

Thank you! xo


On 1/11/2020 at 12:11 PM, Arty said:

A request?!?! Yes! Ok how about everyone takes advantage of Dick being extremely nice and giving and he doesn't know how to say no and overworks himself to the point where he gets sick including working as a cop...patrolling and being the mama bear he is. and either Wally realizes or one of his brothers and he gets the TLC he deserves.

I hope this is what you were asking for! xo


Over-Worked and Under-Appreciated 

TW: Swearing, fainting

Over the course of the week, he'd picked up a lot of double shifts at work as many were out sick or had emergencies that he couldn't say no to. I mean, His partner's mom was getting married, of course, he'd step in. Between that, he's also been up the last few nights and had barely slept five hours in four days. Alfred was away on family business in England, and Bruce was on a business trip. So not only did he have to pick up the slack as Nightwing and Batman, but he also had to stop Tim from doing too many all-nighters during school, Jason from.. basically everything, and helping Damian with his constant nightmares. With Bruce gone, they only seemed to get worse. To make matters worse, Bruce wasn't going to be back until tomorrow and he was starting to feel really sick. 

He knew he was coming down with something yesterday when his voice cracked while singing Damian to sleep. Yes, that was the only thing that seemed to calm him. Usually, it was really sweet and he loved doing it, but that night it kind of hurt. Damian asked if he was ok and he tried to brush it off with a joke about hitting puberty. 

Now he was downstairs trying not to sneeze as he made Tim and Damian's breakfast before school. Tim's face was buried in his textbooks with headphones in his ears, and Damian was still upstairs getting ready. Tim didn't look up when Dick put some eggs, bacon, and toast in front of him. 

He couldn't hold back anymore and quickly left the room to sneeze. Finally making it to the bathroom in the hall he stifled a fit into his elbow before blowing his nose and washing his hands. Checking himself in the mirror, he noticed the heavy bags under his eyes and the redness to them, "Damn..." Someone was going to notice...

When he got back to the kitchen, Damian was now stuffing a piece of bread in his mouth while scooping himself some eggs before going back upstairs. He was pretty sure that muffled sound was his attempt at saying thank you... but he did have food in his mouth. 

Dick just sighed and went about cleaning the kitchen. Once the kids go off to school he should be able to take a nap. 

"Ih'kiew!" He barely got his elbow up in time, not wanting to spread his germs. Shit. He waited for a 'bless you' or some comment from Tim, but when he looked back, Tim didn't seem to notice. 

Tim finally moved when Dick had finished what he thought was all the dishes, only to have Tim's dishes on the counter. There was a loud 'thank you' from Tim, who's headphones were still in and nose pressed to a book as he ran to get his bag to go to school. 

Once the house was officially empty, Dick went over to the couch and fell on it. He didn't notice he'd passed out until he was rudely awoken by his phone ringing. 

He groaned and answered, "hello?"

"Something's come up, I won't be home until the day after tomorrow. Can you stay?" 

It took him a second to realize who was speaking and what of, "oh.. uhm... yeah." He winced at the scratchiness of his voice, thinking Bruce would tell him to leave so he wouldn't infect the kids.

"Good, I owe you." Bruce hung up.

Dick did not expect Bruce, Batman, to not notice something was up. Something must have happened on the business trip to get Bruce so preoccupied. Just as he was about to lay back down, his nose itched, " hih-itsch-schiew! hiih...hingxt!-nuhh.." He moaned and massaged his sinuses.

"Bless you."

Dick practically jumped onto the coffee table, "Jason?!"

"yeah," He chuckled, "who else?" 

Dick turned and watched Jason give him a once over and figured Jason would step back and look disgusted or leave.

"You really need to stop letting Damian pet strays," Jason rolled his eyes and came closer, "You know he's basically always covered in cat hair."

Really? Did he seriously look like he was having an allergy attack? 

"I'm actually glad you're here," 

oh boy...

"I need help with something." 

Of course, he did, "what?" 

"Bruce locked me out of the system and I can't hack my way back in. Can you look something up for me?" 

"Oh?" Dick raised a brow, "not worried about me stealing your mission?" huh, maybe Jason did know he was sick.

"Please," Jason huffed, "you're too busy looking after the replacements and work to steal my case."

nevermind, "Fair. Batcave," he motioned for Jason to lead the way.

He instantly regretted going downstairs without a sweater. The Batcave was always cold, but he suspected he had a low-grade fever and was starting to get the chills, "Heh-tiew!" He frowned when he heard Jason laugh, "ah-hiew!  not fu.. hiih'itsch!-yiew! so not funny." 

"aww come on," Jason wrapped an arm around his shoulders, "but they're so cute." 

"Let go or I'll sneeze on you," he meant it as a joke... teasing.. but it came off a little more grumpy.

Jason raised a brow, "since when are you grumpy? What's up?" 

This would have been a good time to just say it... Tell Jason he's sick and just wants to lay down by the fire and sleep, but Jason needed help on a case... People's lives were at stake, "sorry, it's nothing. Just woke up on the wrong side of the bed." 

Jason didn't believe that and squeezed him slightly before letting go and walking with him to the computer. 

Dick logged in then moved his chair out of the way to let Jason look whatever he wanted up, "I'm going to go back upstairs-"

"wait," he pulled Dick's chair in and frowned when he saw Dick shiver. He quickly pulled off his jacket and wrapped it around Dick, "yeah.. go back upstairs." he gently hugged Dick from behind and kissed his forehead, feeling the fever, "Thanks, bro. I owe you." 

"You and everyone else in Gotham." 

Jason smiled, "you just can't say no, can you?" 


Jason took what he needed and left, but not before texting a certain Speedster, "Hey. Dick's got a pretty nasty cold or flu, definitely has a fever. Think you can handle it?" 

He got an answer right away, "I'm supposed to come over for a movie date tonight. I'll bring meds. Thanks for telling me."

"Dumb ass can't say no." 

"One of the many many reasons we love him." 

"Shut up."

Dick finally made it back upstairs just as he got another phone call from Bruce. He whined and leaned against the wall before putting on a smile and answering, "yes, how may I be of service?"

Bruce was taken aback and paused for a moment. While the tone seemed nice, the word choice told him Dick was putting on a show, "Why do you think I need anything?"

"Did you just call because you miss me?" 

"no-" There was a sound like someone jabbed him, "partly?"

"You brought Selina didn't you." 


the phone had been taken away, "Dick?" 

Dick moved the phone away from his mouth and cleared his throat, trying to sound as well as possible, "Selina?"

"He misses and loves you very much."


Selina sighed, "You know him. It always comes with a but." 

Dick could hear the glare she was giving him.

"He needs some information from the cave."

Dick couldn't help the groan and whine but he stopped it just as soon as he started, "What does he need?" 

"Are you ok-?" 

The phone was taken yet again before Selina could truly ask about his health. Bruce was back, "I'm sending you a picture. I need an ID and-"

"Barbara isn't answering, I know," Dick went back downstairs quickly, ignoring the pain in his head and sat back down by the computers, "running facial rec..." 

"Why are you out of breath?" 

Dick didn't have the energy to answer. World's greatest detective my ass. 

"Dick?" When Bruce didn't get an answer he sounded worried, "Dick!" 

"i'm right here... please stop yelling." the pain in his head was getting worse, "Think I got it.. check your phone.." 

"Got it," Bruce paused, probably because Selina was saying something, "Thank y-"

Before Bruce could finish, Dick hung up and shut down the computer. He was officially done for the day. He had completely forgotten about Wally coming over later, so he had every intention of going back to bed. When he tried to stand up, the world started to spin and he was suddenly on the ground, eyes closing. 

When he opened his eyes again, he saw a familiar tuft of red hair, "hm... Wally?"

"hey, Dickie," Wally gently helped him sit up while examining the bump on his head, "You must have passed out." 

"Why are you.. here?" 

"Date night, babe," Wally saw the frown, "which means I plan on stuffing you with cold and flu medicine while cuddling you and watching all your favorite movies. Sound ok?" 

Dick would almost cry, "I love you." 

"I love you too," Wally helped him up and walked with him up and out of the Batcave, "How about you sit here and ill get you some ice."

Dick tried to relax, but his phone went off and when he picked it up, he saw a text from Damian, asking if he could drive to his school and drop off some homework he forgot to pack.. then something about a teacher needing to talk to a parent about a fight. He couldn't take it anymore and just dropped the phone to put his head in his hands and cried.

It was silent and his hands covered his face, hiding the tears, but Wally turned and saw his shoulders shake, "oh.. babe.." He sped over and held Dick while looking at the text, "Don't worry about that, ok? I can speed over there and give him the homework and I'll tell the teacher that Bruce doesn't get back until tomorrow-"

"Next..day," Dick said between sobs.

"I"m sorry-" He frowned, "are you saying Bruce called you..."

Dick tried to stop crying but could only nod his head in answer.

"Did he notice you were too sick to do all this?" 

"no.. one... noticed.." He started coughing, harsh and wet like it had been developing for days.

"Jason noticed... he's the one who told me to come early with medicine." 

"He did?" 

"yeah," Wally kissed his head and wiped away his tears, "He told me when Bruce gets home he's kicking his ass." 

"no..." Dick sat up and wiped his eyes, "I said i'd take ca-" His voice broke and he started coughing again.

"Shit, Dick... This is a house full of fucking detectives... How did you get this sick?" 

"works shifts... and school projects.. and nightmares.. and cooking-" he looked panicked, "what are they going to have for dinner... I didn't go to the store..."  He tried to get up but only had another dizzy spell and fell into Wally's arms.

"Dick!" Wally caught him and carried him to the couch, "Dick, you're in no condition for any of this... we'll order some pizza, ok? You need to rest." 

Dick seemed to calm down a bit as he was laid down, "sleep... medicine.. and sleep." 

"Yeah, baby." he sped and grabbed the medicine and was now kneeling in front of the couch, "ok,  take this for me?"

Dick downed the medicine, "can I sleep now?" 

"Yeah, let's get you into bed." Wally picked him up and slowly carried him upstairs and into his bed. Once Dick was tucked in and fast asleep, he ran to Damian's school to give him the homework and tell the teacher about Bruce's late arrival. 


Tim came home before Damian and walked into the kitchen, expected nobody, or at least Dick there, but was completely thrown off guard to see Wally, "Dick didn't mention you'd be here."

Wally yelped and spilled a glass of water but caught the glass before it could shatter, "Really thinking of putting bells around you guys... gave me a heart attack."

"Sorry, I didn't know you where here, or I would have announced myself."

"Dick and I had a date," he shrugged and went back to stirring the pot.

"so, are you surprising Dick with a homemade meal?" 


"Where is he?"

"hopefully taking a nap upstairs."

Tim raised a brow and smiled slightly, "you tire him out already?"

Wally blushed and stared down at the pot, "no, of course not..."

"Dick doesn't take naps."

"For someone who prides themself on not only being a detective but being a big fan, you don't know much about him."

"he doesn't take naps unless he's hurt," Tim looked confused, "I saw him this morning, he didn't show any signs of being injured."

"there's more than one reason to take a nap and have chicken noodle soup."

Tim opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by loud, wet coughing coming from the stairs. He looked over to see Dick slowly coming down, "That sounds terrible."

Dick started and looked up at Tim, pale and sweaty, "you're home early.."

"last period was free, decided to come home," Tim walked towards Dick and looked instantly guilty, "I should have noticed..." 

"You had a test today-"

"you must have been sick all week to get this bad," Tim put a hand on his forehead and gasped slightly at the heat, "I am so sorry, Dick." He quickly hugged him before running to the couch and grabbing a blanket, "Wally, I need a thermometer." He came back and wrapped a blanket around his older brother, leading him back to the couch, "Don't worry about Damian, I'll help him with his homework and make sure he eats something. You just rest." 

"I can still-"

"nuhuh," Wally sat down and put DIck's head in his lap, "you are staying here and taking a nap while we take care of you. Now open your mouth and slip it under your tongue?" 


Jason was standing on a roof, overlooking the city while on patrol, when he got a phone call he'd been dreading, "What Bruce?" 

"I can't get a hold of Dick-"


"Excuse me?"

"You heard me," He started to get angry, "you're a bastard! You've been calling Dick all day making him do shit for you, and not once did you ask him how he was feeling?" he didn't let him answer, "You know he's sick, right? of course, you do, but you don't care. Bet you didn't know that Dick passed out. I just got a call from Wally that he's got a fever of 104! But you were too busy bossing him around to notice he's got the flu. You know, Dick warned me about you. How the things you teach us would change us and we'd never be able to unlearn it. Congratulations. Tim and Damian have been with him for a week and they didn't notice. Not until Wally told Tim seconds before Dick came downstairs drenched in sweat. You idiots wouldn't even notice he was dying unless we told you! No wonder he left you!" Jason hung up the phone and decided to stop patrol tonight. He was too angry and worried about Dick. Besides, he caught the guys he wanted hours ago...Thanks to Dick.


Hours later Tim was helping Damian figure out his homework while doing his own, by the table in the living room. They were originally doing it in the kitchen, but Jason didn't want to leave DIck's side to keep breaking them up while fighting. So, now Jason was rubbing Dick's feet on the couch while keeping an eye on the boys and whispering threats as to not wake the sleeping sickie. Wally was still seated on the couch with Dick's head in his lap, gently dabbing a cold cloth along his forehead and trying to soothe him when his fever took hold of his dreams. 

Every time Dick coughed, Damian stopped what he was doing and looked worriedly at his brother. His chest rattled and he kept wheezing after each fit. Thankfully, Wally brought up a small oxygen tank to help Dick breathe after each fit. The whole situation put his stomach in knots. 

Jason knew Dick didn't need the massages, but he needed something to do with his hands, and he knew Dick would love the affection. His whole body was shaking and Jason just wanted to wrap him with every blanket in the house and hold him until he got better, but Wally didn't' want his fever to get worse, so they settled on a thick quilt by the fire. 

All of they're heads, except Dick's, looked over at the door when they heard a car pull in.

"Father?" Damian looked just as confused as the rest of them when Bruce walked in.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Jason stood up, hands in fists. He was ready to yell at Bruce again when he heard a small whimper from Dick and instantly calmed down, kneeling to him as he woke up, "hey.." 

"hmm.." Dick opened his eyes and frowned, "you're..mad?" 

"not at you," Jason tried to reassure and pushed the hair out of Dick's eyes, "stay laying down... Bruce's here."

"How long..!?" he tried to get up but just got dizzy and fell back into Wally's lap, coughing.

"He's home early," Jason tried to shush him and calm him down, "you've only been asleep for an hour.."

Tim had suddenly moved to the couch and continued Jason's massage, hoping the contact will keep Dick calm, "He's really sick, Bruce..."

"So I keep hearing," Bruce walked to the couch and looked down at his son, "I should have noticed, I'm sorry, chum." 

"'s fine.."

"it's not," Bruce leaned down and put a hand on Dick's shoulder, "I have asked too much of you... we all have. Now it's time for bed." 

"They... haven't eaten, yet.. and none of you can cook-" he looked at Wally, "Except you.. but you've done so m-"

"Babe, stop talking," Wally kissed his forehead, "Tim ordered pizza ten minutes ago, and I'm not leaving your side until you're better. Aaaand-" he looked at Jason, "I think the same goes for him?"

"leave you in Bruce's hands?" Jason raised a brow, "hell no."

"Alfred is on a flight back," Bruce stopped Dick before he could retort, "He says you need him more than they do. You're his family too, Dick, and he's really concerned." 

"Alfred's going to kick your ass later, Bruce." Jason looked much too excited about that.

"Selina has already begun. She went to pick up the doctor." Bruce moved to the front of the couch and gently picked Dick up, "Let's get you to bed. The doctor can see you in there." He looked at Wally, "let's go. Everyone else can fill in the doctor." 


The doctor concluded he has a bad case of the flu, mild dehydration, mild bronchitis, and exhaustion. All things Bruce did not want to hear but expected it anyway. This only went to show how little he'd been paying attention. That's what Dick had been trying to tell him for years... one of the many...many reasons he left and formed his own teams.. teams built of trust, friendship, and love... The reason Dick always praised first and complimented and loved so freely. He never wanted anyone to feel the way he did. Bruce had failed him in so many ways... you'd think he would have learned from past mistakes... but here they were.

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself and go be useful," Jason pushed past him in the doorway with a glass of water, "Go patrol as batman or something. You're not needed here." 

Tim and Damian came in behind with a bowl of soup and tea. 

He wasn't needed there, and that was his own damn fault. But at least Dick was going to be alright. He was looked after and loved. He deserved at least that. He tried to sneak away, but Dick caught him.

"I think Gotham can survive one night without Batman," his voice was raspy and soft, obviously losing it, "For once, can you stop brooding and join the team?" 

Leave it to Dick to try to make being sick a happy moment, "Do you have room for me in that bed?" 

"well, it is a large bed. I think we can squeeze you in. If you don't mind my germs." 

"hmph," Bruce climbed into bed and let Damian sit in his lap. Wally was in the middle, holding Dick, while Jason was on his other side, trying to pretend he wasn't trying to entangle his leg with one of Dick's, and Tim was in front of Bruce and Wally, right at Dick's arm, holding Dick's hand and subtly keeping track of his pulse. They stayed there and most fell asleep by the third movie all tangled up together. Bruce took a moment to take it all in before letting himself relax against the pillows and fall asleep, listening intently to Dick's soft, congested, wheezy snores, just glad to have them all back. 





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On 1/19/2020 at 12:23 PM, MyOwnPrivateSFC said:

Ohhh, I loved this one! ❤️

Thank you! ❤️

21 hours ago, Arty said:

Ahh;hhhh perfect!!!!!

ahhh! YAY! xo thank you!


Kaldur'ahm x Dick Grayson

season 3 kinda got me thinking... would be cute. 

set in season 3 of Young Justice but no spoilers. just general unwellness and love. also, this is just a *crack* ship that I wanted to play with. in no way am I trying to get rid of cannon relationships or anything. Just playing around. I love the cannon ships too.


Dick knew he had a fever, everyone knew, but he wanted to be there for Kaldur. The teams weren't exactly happy with him at the moment, and the poor guy was getting more heat then he deserved. Maybe if he was there he could take some of that blame off his shoulders... or more likely keep everyone away from Kaldur by being germ-ridden. 

"You are supposed to be in bed," Kaldur immediately stopped his conversation with Superboy and M'gann to walk over and wrap an arm around Dick's waist, wanting to keep his stable, "You feel much warmer than before." 

"I'll manage," Dick wrapped an arm around Kaldur's shoulders and leaned into him, "didn't wanna leave you alone." 

"I am far from alone," Kaldur gently kissed his cheek, "if you refuse to stay in bed, will you sit on the couch with me? You need your rest." 

"yeah, as long as you're there."

"I am going nowhere," Kaldur smiled and lead him over and wrapping a blanket around him before sitting on the couch, "Connor and M'gann are attempting to diffuse the tension. I do not think our presence will be of any comfort now." 

"it's bad..." Dick nodded and sighed, leaning against Kaldur.

"How do you feel?" M'gann was kneeling by the couch and gently touching his forehead, gasping and pulling her hand away, "Connor get ice! he's burning up." 

Tim had heard M'gann from the other room and quickly came in, rushing to the couch and waving a scanner over Dick before anyone could process what he was doing, "103.4... Dick you shouldn't be up." 

"I'm not up."

"you know what I mean," Tim sat by his legs and frowned, eyes full of worry.

"Tim," Dick gently nudged him with his foot, "I love you, please don't worry about a cold? ok? and don't get too close, you could catch it." 

"Unlike you, I actually rest when I get sick, so I don't get this bad." 

"who do you think drilled that into you," Dick smiled, "I never let you out of bed when you're sick."

"If only you'd take your own advice."

Dick looked at Kaldur for help, but sighed when Kaldur was giving him the same concerned look, "you both know I'm not going to pass out, right?" 

"It does not make your condition any less serious," Kaldur knitted his brows together and put a hand on his chest, whispering, "you're breathing was uneasy last night. It frightened me."

Dick wanted to comfort him, but before he could get a word out, Connor was back with a bunch of ice and put a large compress on his head. The sudden cold made his nose itch and he suddenly lifted his shirt up before hiding in his elbow, "Heitsch! itssch- itschhieiew! hiuh... eh'kiew! tiew! ahh-tiew! tschiew!" 

Connor had his fist to his mouth trying not to laugh at his little fit, fully aware of the glare he was getting from M'gann. Tim and Kaldur both looked worried, but Tim also looked surprised, eyes wide. 

The shiver made Kaldur look even more worried and started to rub his arms, hoping to warm him up, "please, Dick... let me bring you back to bed. Tim can handle what needs to be done here..."

"Nothing needs to be done," Tim was gently rubbing Dick's legs, also trying to warm him up, "please rest... you're scaring me." 

Dick's heart broke, Connor and M'gann could see it on his face and their hearts sunk, "Timmy.."

"Just please go back to bed," Tim looked down, "you can't keep running yourself into the ground like this... we've all lost too many and suffered too much to watch you torture yourself like this." 

"Come here."

"Thought you were worried about me catching it."

"But you're obviously not," Dick pulled him in with his feet and let him cuddle into his chest, "you're not going to lose me from some stupid cold, I promise. I'm not going anywhere." 

"I promise, this is the last time he shall be out of bed until his fever is gone," Kaldur put a hand on Tim's back and smiled, "perhaps you could make him some tea while I put him to bed?" 

Tim nodded and reluctantly let go and went to make the tea.

"I think he wasn't done," Dick frowned.

"yes, but-" Kaldur chuckled slightly when Dick's nose twitched, "you need to sneeze again." 

"Show o'hiih-" he ducked back into his elbow, "Heitsch!" 

Kaldur gently stroked the back of his neck and tilted his head waiting for more, "Is that all?" 

"yeah..." Dick looked confused, "guess my old fit wasn't done." 

"hm," Kaldur stood up and took Dick's hands as he helped him up. It took a little longer than it should have to get to the room, and by the time they arrived, Dick had sweat running down his neck.  He couldn't help but fret over his condition, sitting Dick down on the bed and quickly removing DIck's shirt.

"Woah," Dick noticed Kaldur looked panicked like he thought Dick was getting dizzy, "taking advantage of your sick boyfriend?" 

"This is no time for humour," Kaldur frowned and went to the bathroom to get a cold rag, "You are very ill. I would never take advantage in any state-"

"Kaldur, I know," I pulled him closer and gently kissed him, "you're just so tense. I'm ok. I've worked with worse."

"That gives me no comfort." 

"blame batman."

"I believe your stubbornness shares blame."

"Fair," he sighed, "if I lay down, will you stay with me?" 

"I have already promised you I would."

"you did?" He furrowed his brows.

Tim came in with the tea and paused in the doorway, "am I interrupting?" 

Kaldur stepped back rather quickly, not wanting to seem like he was being inappropriate, "no." 

"I'm kidding," Tim came in, "Maybe you need to tea more than Dick does." He put the tea on the nightstand, "I get it. He's very clingy on his good days. Can't imagine he's the opposite while sick."

"You'd think that," Barbara wheeled in, "at least in my experience, he always tried to sleep on the couch when he got sick."

"yes," Kaldur smiled slightly, "he has tried similar tactics, but my Atlantean biology makes me immune to your earth illnesses." 

"does he still try to hide he's sick?"

"yes," Kaldur sat next to Dick and started to try to get the sweat off him and cool him down, gently moving Dick's hand away when he attempted to take it from him, "he is reluctant to ask for help. But I truly do not mind."

Dick slowly moved his head to Kaldur's shoulder and sighed, giving in.

Tim left the room for a second before coming back with his bag and placing it on a chair, "Alfred sent me here with soup. Sorry, I forgot about it until now." he took out a thermos and put it on the nightstand, "do you need anything else?"  

Dick shook his head, "Thanks, Timmy." 

Tim nodded and started to get ready to leave, but hesitated. he put his bag down and walked over, leaning over and kissing Dick's forehead, "I love you." 

Dick smiled and gently touched his side, "I love you too, so much." He watched Tim leave and curled his legs up so he was better cuddling into Kaldur.

"Stay in bed!" Tim called from down the hall, which made Dick laugh, "I love my family." 

"Even bruce?" Barbara chimed in.

"yeah, can't help it."

"I Know," She smiled, "now crawl back into bed and drink your tea and soup." 

"yes, ma'am." 

Barbara glares slightly, more teasing than anything, "did you just ma'am me?" 


"you're fever must really be high."

"so people keep telling me," Dick moved from Kaldur and crawled into bed, all while coughing into his elbow.

"Drink the tea, please," he gracefully moved into bed beside him and let him lean against him as Dick took the tea with careful sips, coughs slowly dying down. 

"I'm going to talk to Bruce, see if we can give you anything more, ok?" Barbara's face softened.

"Thanks, Babs." 

"of course," She smiled then looked at Kaldur, "I want constant updates."

"I shall alert you if anything changes," he nodded and watched her wheel out, "now that we are alone, try to get some rest." 

"I'll try... I'm just really cold," he shivered.

"Yes, I do not understand much about human fevers, but I do know you are much too warm.  I am sorry, but I can not give you another blanket or risk you overheating." 

"I know," Dick gently rubbed Kaldur's side, "until this fever breaks, I know I'm going to feel lousy. Does body heat count as a no no?" 

Kaldur raised a brow, "If you are referring to... cuddling," He was not used to that English word yet, "I believe It can not hurt." 

"good," he moved closer and kissed him as they laid down. 

Kaldur broke the kiss, "You are supposed to be resting."

"I find kissing to be incredibly restful."

"Dick," he chastised lightly and pulled him close, "please, try to sleep. Perhaps you will feel better when you wake."

Doubtful, "Can't hurt to try," he yawned and closed his eyes as he rested his head on Kaldur's chest, "Night..."

"Sleep well, my love."


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O.o kaldur is my husband how did you know!!!????!! Then you pair him with my other husband? 


I love you.

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On 1/20/2020 at 11:52 PM, Arty said:

O.o kaldur is my husband how did you know!!!????!! Then you pair him with my other husband? 


I love you.

AH I love you too! Maybe I'm psychic? 😉 


On 1/21/2020 at 10:54 AM, MyOwnPrivateSFC said:

Aw! 😍


14 hours ago, ayslin said:

Aw Kaldur!  Not a pairing I've thought about before, but I kind of like it.  And Dick ❤️  nice job!

Thank you!! xoxo ❤️


Thank you all for reading my stuff! Here's some DickBabs sexy times :P pg 13?


Barbara had had a rough day and decided to grab a bottle of red wine and grabbed two glasses before moving over to the couch to do some oracle work while she drank. Soon Dick would be home and she never did like to drink alone. Just in time, she heard the door open just as she opened her computer, "Hey babe, come here." 

"Comin'," He hoped over and gently picked her up so she was sitting in his lap, "what's up?"

She moved her head slightly so she could give him a kiss, "Drink with me?"

"Bad day? or just thirsty?" he kissed her again and tasted the red wine, "oh.." 

"uhuh," she smirked and kissed him again, "You ok with that?"

"Very," he smiled slightly and scrunched up his nose, "Damian met up with me to patrol and my nose has been itchy ever since." 

"Oh?" she backed up a bit so she could see his eyes and examine him, "you look ok."

"yeah, Bruce doesn't let him touch the cats with the suit on, so he was mostly cat free." 

"mostly," she kissed his nose and watched as his nose twitched, "poor baby." She grabbed his glass of red wine and handed it to him.

Dick took the glass and slowly took a sip and watched her work. He wasn't even half finished with his first glass when he suddenly pulled her closer and moved her hair away from her neck, putting it on her right shoulder, "Ehxt!nuh-" He stifled against her neck.

"Already?" she giggled and tied her hair to the side, giving him more access while keeping it neet. 

"As I said, I've been needing to sneeze for hours," he kissed just under her ear.

As he continued to drink, the sneezes started to happen more frequently and Oracle was beginning to lose focus on her task. Now she had moved her computer away and was leaning into Dick as he was having a little fit into his neck and shoulder.

"Ah'tiew!" he couldn't stifle it and sprayed down her front, "so'hih--"

She shushed him and put a hand on the back of his neck, guiding his head into the curve of her neck, "never apologize for that." 

"Ah'schiew!"  he moaned slightly and rubbed his nose against her neck, "eh'tschiew!-tchiew!-chew!" he sniffed and started kissing again, "it feels so good to finally let them out." 

His little moans were making it very hard for her to stay quiet, "Maybe I should cat sit."

"I will literally die," he chuckled and nibbled her ear, "think we can settle for red wine and daisies?" 

"and that french perfume your aunt bought me?" 

"oooh... forgot about that one, " he moved his hand to slowly go up her shirt, caressing her stomach, "that too-hiiih'Ingxt!tiew! hiih.. Itssch!- tsch!" he sprayed the back of her neck, "those came out of nowhere.." he was a little surprised.

Barbara's hand moved from the back of his neck, to gently cup his cheek, letting her thumb move down the side of his nose. She wasn't looking but knew every inch of DIck so well, she didn't need to. What did surprise her was that Dick moved into her hand and rubbed his nose against her palm before moving the bottom of his nose against one of her fingers. She straightened the finger, getting an idea of what he was doing.

The underside of his nose was extremely sensitive and anything touching it usually made him sneeze, "Ingdt-huhh.." he stifled against her finger, "Hihh.." he pressed his nose harder against her finger, "hiih-Id'schiew!- oh that didn't work." 

Barbara was melting.

"close your fingers," Dick waited until she did so before putting his hand over hers and pressed it against his face, covering his nose and mouth, "HPMH!sh..hh'hmpsCH!" 

This time, Barbara was the one who moaned.

Dick smiled and put their hands down in favor of slowly moving her around until she was straddling him, "My turn." 

She looked slightly confused but kissed him when he moved closer, still wondering what he meant by that? He wasn't turned on by her sneezes. Her questions were answered when Dick got that far away look again and instead of taking her hand or moving to her neck, he pulled her up and sneezed into her breasts. 


Ohh... she liked that much more.

"hiih'Ahk-hiew!" he sniffed and rubbed his nose, "it's stuck." He rubbed his nose against the rim of her bra, touching his septum lightly, "Etsch!hiew-tdiew!" he still looked like he needed to sneeze, but just kept hitching. 

Barbara watched as he struggled to get the sneeze out. Breathing quickly, hoping the air would set him off, even sniffing for some whiff of perfume or dust, but he just kept hitching. Wanting to put him out of his misery, and rather desperate herself, she gently tickled the underside of his nose with her nail and watched him get more desperate, squeezed her tightly, nostrils flaring and twitching.

"Yeagsch!HIEW!" He ducked forward with a particularly harsh, yet high pitched sneeze, "Etschiew! itschiew! hi'aschiew!" he kept sneezing openly towards her chest until there was a little break between the fit where he moved forward and put his nose between her breasts and used his hands to push them together.

Barbara bit her lip as he used her breasts to hold his nose as he stifled sneeze after sneeze. Red wine makes him very sneezy.

"engxt- ingxt- itsch! huh'gnxt! engxt-yuh.. indt-tiew!" he seemed to be slowing down after another five. He eventually came up for air, only to have another itsch, "Heh'ehhtch!schiew!" he shook his head slightly and sighed as Barbara wiped the tears from his eyes, "I think I'm done."

Barbara opened her mouth to say something, but the only thing that came out was a whine.

Dick chuckled, "you o'hih.. oh no," he scrunched his nose up, "not..hih..gonna'hah.. sn..sneeeze," He held his breath, hoping to stop it but failed, "dt'chew!!"  

Barbara lost it and quickly moved forward to kiss him and leaned back so they both fell on the couch, Dick landing gracefully onto her. 


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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:jawdrop::jawdrop: 😵😵😵😵 I can’t believe you did Dick Grayson Drabbles!! 😵😵😵 love him! 😆🥰 These fics are wonderfully written and I just love reading them. 😍😍😍❤️ Thank you for writing them and I am so looking forward to more. ☺️☺️☺️

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On 2/2/2020 at 2:50 PM, ayslin said:

Oh, I LOVED this. 😍  Really well written (not to mention hot)!!

Thank you!! I'm taking requests if you have any 💖

On 2/10/2020 at 12:47 AM, Zane said:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:jawdrop::jawdrop: 😵😵😵😵 I can’t believe you did Dick Grayson Drabbles!! 😵😵😵 love him! 😆🥰 These fics are wonderfully written and I just love reading them. 😍😍😍❤️ Thank you for writing them and I am so looking forward to more. ☺️☺️☺️

AHHH! I do write Dick Grayson! lol He's the guy who got me into comics and basically shaped my life lol Thank you so so much! I am taking requests! 




Jason was laying on the couch with Dick laying against his chest as they both watched mindless television. They were both barred from superhero duty as Jason had a concussion and a broken arm, and Dick was getting over a nasty head cold and a re-opened knee injury; dumbass passed out from fever and fell down the stairs. 

Jason was absentmindedly running his fingers through Dick's hair when he heard a soft sniffle come from his companion. 

Dick ran a finger under his nose, trying to stop the itch that plagued him, but to no avail, "ah-hiew!

"Bless you," he couldn't help smiling to himself after hearing the tiny sneeze, "you feelin' ok?" 

"mhm," Dick rubbed his nose and coughed lightly, "my nose is itchy, but every time I touch it, it makes me sneeze."

That got Jason's attention. Usually, Dick wouldn't tell anyone how he really felt, but the way Dick's eyes seemed to glaze over and look heavy told Jason he was far too tired to put up walls, "you poor thing." 

"don't mock me," Dick moved slightly and buried his face in Jason's neck, careful not to let his nose touch him.

Jason moved his hand closer and gently tickled the underside of Dick's nose until he felt Dick's breathing change.

"ehh-schiew!" Dick sneezed openly but away from Jason, "stahp.." he whined and leaned back, only for Jason to tickle his nose again, "TscH!" 

This time he sneezed right into Jason's neck, "gross.."

"You deserve it."

"eh, maybe," Jason wasn't actually disgusted, he just said it to save face, "lucky you're cute."

"I am adorable," Dick kissed his neck softly before rubbing his nose against the nape of Jason's neck, "I have to sneeeze..."

Jason rolled his eyes at his whining, but held him close, "want help?" He watched as Jason nodded and moved to kiss his nose.

Dick immediately ducked into his elbow, "itscH!-itsch-tsch-sch!" he could have sworn he heard a low whine from Jason, but was too preoccupied with his itchy nose to care, "hiih.. ehh.." 

Jason watched Dick hitch and bit the inside of his cheek until he couldn't take it anymore after Dick whined, and moved his finger to run down Dick's septum.

His nose was on fire and he let out a loud sneeze that knocked the wind out of him, "hiih-AH!shuuh." 

"Fuck," Jason whispered, completely shocked by how loud it was and the way Dick flopped back against him, "i.. erhm.." 

"ow," Dick coughed lightly and rubbed his throat, "tsch!" he moaned again, "you liked that." 

"What-?" Jason was spluttering, "I- no.. the fuck, Grayson?" 

"Shut up," Dick moved up and kissed him, "it's cute," he kissed him again, "also gives us something to do..." he lightly bit Jason's bottom lip and slowly moved away, "make me some tea then come upstairs?"

Jason was in shock and just nodded as Dick gracefully moved across him before heading upstairs, then sighed and leaned back, muttering to himself, "Fuck me..." 

Dick was still in hearing range, "I plan to."

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Jaydick to me:

Ok....i get it. Lol

*reads the lastest installment*



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Okay so idea for Birdflash ficlet, Night wing the entire patrol has just felt like he’s had to sneeze the entire time.Whether it be from stray cat fur or a high pollen count he doesn’t care he just has to sneeze so badly.

Normally his nose is ridiculously sensitive and he has no trouble at all But for some reason tonight the his nose refuses to help him out. So Wally has to help teasing him all the way about his nose being cursed or something because they keep trying things that would normally make him sneeze. Instead they’re just making things itchy and just all around worst for Dick until something so small and silly sets him off and Wallys just laughing.

It’s how he learned the under the nose trick Dick shows Barbra.

Edited by ChickyNuggetOfJustice
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On 3/6/2020 at 8:42 AM, Arty said:

Jaydick to me:

Ok....i get it. Lol

*reads the lastest installment*



A+ gif use! xoxoxo

2 hours ago, ChickyNuggetOfJustice said:

Okay so idea for Birdflash ficlet, Night wing the entire patrol has just felt like he’s had to sneeze the entire time.Whether it be from stray cat fur or a high pollen count he doesn’t care he just has to sneeze so badly.

Normally his nose is ridiculously sensitive and he has no trouble at all But for some reason tonight the his nose refuses to help him out. So Wally has to help teasing him all the way about his nose being cursed or something because they keep trying things that would normally make him sneeze. Instead they’re just making things itchy and just all around worst for Dick until something so small and silly sets him off and Wallys just laughing.

It’s how he learned the under the nose trick Dick shows Barbra.

Hope you like it! I loved the scenario! :P  Thank you for requesting!


Tonight's patrol was dull by all accounts. The streets were silent except for the odd car horn or laughs from drunk people walking bellow out of a bar. There wasn't so much as a bar brawl. Wally was just about to call it and see if Dick wanted to order some pizza and watched bad movies when he heard a meow from below. Almost immediately his partner started to hitch.

"are you going to sneeze from hearing a cat?" Wally teased and looked over at DIck who was fanning slightly in front of his nose.

"v'hiih...ve'hah'nt" He pointed to the vent near them where they heard the cat, air blowing the cat dander up.

"that makes more sense," Wally walked over and stood between Dick and the vent, "you ok?" 

"it'hih..its stu'huh'ck," Dick furiously scrubbed at his nose, but just sighed, "oh... it's still there." 

"The sneeze?" Wally moved away from the vent, hoping one last gust of wind would set him off, but the cat must have moved away. 

Slightly put out, he tilted his head in thought before gently reaching out and running a finger down Dick's nose.

"Huhh...ihh-" Dick sighed and shook his head, "ugh,  it's not coming." 

"Why is your nose being all stubborn?" he poked it only to get his hand slapped away, "Did you piss off Zatana? maybe she cursed your nose." 

"shut up," Dick laughed slightly but started hitching again, only to lose it, "this is torture." 

"hold that thought," Wally disappeared for a moment, with a daisy and bobby pin, "if these don't do it, i don't know what will." 

"What-? Dick turned around and suddenly had a daisy in his face. His breathing hitched and his eyes watered as the pollen played with his sinuses. instead of sneezing, he just coughed and moved the flower away, "ugh, all thadts doing is baking me sduffed up." 

"oh.." Wally moved to sit in Dick's lap, way too close to the edge of the building than he was comfortable with, but this was more important, "blow your nose, i can barely understand you." 

Dick half glared at him before pulling tissues out of his belt.

"I didn't think you actually had some in there?" 

"it's spring," he blew his nose, "of course I do." 

"poor baby," Wally kissed his forehead, "ready to try something else?" 

"you're really enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Yup," Wally kissed the top of his nose and waited, but nothing, "Wooow. Really? That didn't work? last time I kissed your nose, you were sneezing for three minutes."

"We were in a garden and I forgot to take my allergy meds. That doesn't count." he scrunched his nose up, "but it is tickling a'hah... again." 

"that's a start," Wally kissed him quickly before taking the bobby pin and putting it into his nose. 

Dick coughed a bit and tried to move his hand away but Wally just caught his hand and made him put it down.

"trust me," his tongue came out a little in concentration. 

He had to admit, it was making the tickle worse, and if his nose wasn't so stubborn, he was pretty sure he would have sneezed by now. But it had just left him a hitching mess. Tears had started to form in his eyes and few had already run down his cheeks. 

"ugh, this isn't working," Wally wiped his cheeks and pouted at Dick's slightly swollen eyes.

"dno kiddig," He blew his nose again and rubbed his eyes, "thingk i need some Bendadryl and a dap." 

"seconded," Wally wiped his eyes for him and kissed his forehead, "ready to go?"


Wally stood up and picked Dick up, running to their shared apartment. When they got there, Wally put Dick on the couch and ran into the bedroom, pulling a single feather out of a pillow.


"Why not?"

"you said you god rid of dhad pillow."

"Did I?" he said innocently and moved to straddle Dick, "You want the tickle out, right?"

"yeah.." Dick wrapped his arms around his waist and smiled a little, "do id." 

Wally inserted the feather and bit his lip when Dick's eyes suddenly shut and his arms squeezed around his waist. This was it, it had to be. He hadn't realized he'd been holding his breathe, until Dick sighed and shook his head. Letting outa breathe he frowned, "I'm sorry babe, I'm out of ideas." 

"so ok," Dick sniffed and scrunched up his nose, "idll cobe." 

Wally's heart melted and he moved down to kiss him. when he came back up, his nose accidentally brushed up against the underside of Dick's nose, and before he knew it Dick was sneezing into his shoulder.

"Eitsch!itsch-itch'hiew!" Dick's normally high pitched sneezes were coming out too fast to breathe between, "Itsch-tschi-ttschiew!" Dick wiggled his nose and put a finger under, which only made the itch come back, "Isch-Hiew! hiih'Ah'schiew!"

Wally burst out laughing, head tilted back, "Oh god.. are you allergic to me now?" 

Dick blew his nose and shook his head, "I think you found my sweet spot."

"What?" Wally relaxed a bit and moved in closer, "I have to kiss you make you sneeze?" 

"no," Dick took wally's finger and gently made him move up the underside of his nose, "ITsch-hiew! hiih..ah'xchew!" 

"aww, bless you," Wally kissed him and this time made his nose touched the underside on purpose.


"feel better now?" 

"much," Dick rubbed his nose against Wally's, "still got a little itch though."

"oh," Wally kissed him, "wants some help?" 

"uhuh," Dick moved so the underside of his nose moved along Wally's until he quickly moved into Wally's neck, "Itsch! ish'hiew! txchiew!" 

"Think that'll work anytime?" 

"considering how much it itches," he rubbed his nose against wally's neck, especially that spot, "ASh!hiew..  oh yeah, it'll work." 


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