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A Weekend Away


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[If you guys like this, I will add onto it! I have plenty of ideas!]




“I thought we said no gifts this year!”

“Oh but I couldn’t resist.” He says, kissing my neck so softly that it sends shivers down my back and arms.

“Weirdly enough… I got you a gift too!”

His eyes light up for a moment, but his lips quickly return to my cheek, then my neck and finally my earlobes.

“Oh no no no, I don’t care about that - open up your gift, now!”

“Alright!” I squeak excitedly, ripping into the parcel.

I peel back the paper to reveal the softest, cosiest looking bathrobe I have ever seen.

“What’s this all about then?” I giggle, not quite understanding

“It’s a bathrobe.”

“Mhmmm?” I bit my lip, waiting for the catch.

“Because we’re going on a spa weekend!”

I feel my smile reach my ears. I had been begging to go on a weekend away for the best part of 8 months now.

“Oh I love you,” I say, kissing his lips, “When do we leave?!”

“This afternoon, actually.” He reveals, “I’ve booked us in for a proper anniversary meal at the fine dining restaurant they have there too. So make sure you pack that gorgeous red dress that I love.”

“I think you ripped that one to shreds the last time I wore it, sweetheart.” I say, “I better go see what my other options are then.”




“Wow, this place is no joke.” I say, admiring the beautiful oak laden lobby of the resort. The whole place smells like eucalyptus and menthol, refreshing but definitely overpowering. My nose twitches.

“So. What do you want to do first?” He says, throwing my bag over his shoulder.

“Definitely the spa. I could really seriously do with some chill time after that week I’ve just had.” I lament, shaking my head, trying to forget the paperwork that still needs to be finished before the end of the month.

“Straight to the spa, eh? You sure you don’t fancy doing something else first?” He whispers in my ear, playfully grabbing my backside as we make our way to our suite.

“Oh, we’ll have plenty of time for that tonight.” I tease, swiping the keycard and entering the room.

I’m met with the most beautiful, tastefully designed ensuite I have ever seen.

The whole room is decorated with antique French parlour style furniture. There are paintings of wildflowers all over the walls, the largest hot tub I have ever seen in my life and on the central coffee table: A bottle of champagne and two dozen roses.

“You didn’t need to do all this!”

“Oh but I wanted to...” He kisses my neck. Again. That’s my kryptonite and he knows it.

I kiss him back.

Somehow everything becomes a hot steamy blur. But eventually we make it to the bed.

My nose twitches again. Just like it did in the lobby.

I ignore it.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, my nose cannot help itself:


“Hehhhhh…. HACHOOO!”


I sneeze all over his face.

I cringe.

He giggles adorably and runs his right index finger underneath my nose, getting rid of the spray droplets.

“Bless you, baby.”

I try to giggle, but my nose has different plans.


“Hehhhhh, heeeeeeehachoooo!”


He catches my sneeze with his fingers and kisses my nose so gently.

His kiss seems to activate a small fit of three sneezes, each one of them as forced and desperate as the last. He blesses each one of them, almost proud of himself for producing them.

“Why? Why - why am I sneezing?” I say, trying to stop myself once again.

I sit up on the bed and realise that I’m surrounded by rose petals. Hundreds of them.

I sneeze four times more, stifling them for fear of annoying him.

“Sorry, I didn’t think they were going to put them all over the bed, babe” he says, amused, resigning himself to the fact that he’s not getting ‘any’ right now.

“Oh…. I’m sorry, I - haaaacthooo! I… I thought I’d taken my pill today!”

The pill that I take for virtually anything, since I’m more or less allergic to the whole world it seems.

“No, I definitely saw you take it, babe. Maybe there are just too many petals for you to deal with?”

“That’s true… god, how did… how did - how didtheyaaaaaachoooo!” I try to hold it back, but it just explodes, “how did they even get so many roses?”

“Here, let me deal with it.” He says, scooping up the petals with his hands.

I stand in the corner of the room as I watch him, shaking and tensing with all that I have trying not to sneeze.

“I don’t get… get it.” I sniff, “The petals don’t even have the pollen b-b-bits on them?” I say, holding back with almighty strength.

A feel a sneeze push its way through my sinuses, screaming to get out. I have no choice but to stifle.

“Babe!” he says, turning towards me, tissue box in hand, “you don’t have to hold them in. Just let them all out.”

Almost on cue, my nose erupts into a symphony of sneezes.






Heh heh heACHOOO!”


He catches each sneeze with the tissues from the box, almost enjoying my suffering.

With each sneeze my nose gets itchier and ticklier. He tries stifling my sneezes with his finger. I soak it wet through, so he alternates them. I begin to think that it is his pollen stained fingers that are making it worse.

After about 18 almighty sneezes, my nose decides that it’s done.


For now.


“Wow. Even the tissues here are fancy.” I sniffle, a smile on my face.

I watch him walk over to the nightstand and pick up the telephone.

"Hi there, this is room 3324. Yeah, we're gonna need to change rooms please. Thanks."

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I really enjoyed the plot for this, I would be excited to see where you plan to take it next, please continue!

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