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The other day I had a great obs over facetime from my best friend B. B is in her mid-20s, a small but very cute girl with a super cute sneeze! She's about 5'3, with straight dark brown hair and brown eyes. I unfortunately don't get to see her sneeze too often; we hang out all the time but she's never been particularly sneezy. Recently, though, it's seemed like she's been sneezing more, and I can usually count on one good sneeze whenever I see her. She talks often about how she's recently developed a pretty severe dust allergy, but I'm not sure if sneezing is one of the major symptoms since she usually complains about her throat. Although she sometimes talks about her sneezes and has mentioned a couple times that dust makes her a little sneezy, I've never seen her sneeze more than once in a row. She has a harsh, throaty sneeze but with a very cute high-pitched ending; usually a distinct, two-syllable "kkkhhh-HOO!" but sometimes more of a "kkksshhh-HOO!" if the sneeze is bigger and there's more spray. The best part, however, is always the buildup - B tends to make a big deal out of her sneezes, often proclaiming "I have to sneeze!" before a pre-sneeze face and hitchy buildup overtakes her. Since this often pauses the conversation in the room, she'll even often say "Keep talking, keep talking I just need to sneeze" before building up a little more and letting loose.

This particular time, we had been talking on facetime for about 15 minutes catching up. She looked very cute even in bed without any makeup, and her nails, which she takes good care of, were painted a dark purple color. I noticed she was rubbing her nose quite a bit at the beginning of the call. I was talking when I saw her start to get the familiar pre-sneeze face; this one built up a little faster, so she didn't have time to announce her sneeze. Instead, she held up her finger and twirled it around in a circular motion, seemingly meaning "I have to sneeze, keep talking" while her mouth was half open and her eyes half closed. She was frozen with this pre-sneeze face for about 5 seconds, lightly hitching "heehhh-ahh-heehhh-ahh" - sometimes when she does this, btw, it's about 50-50 that the sneeze will actually come. Eventually, however, I saw the sneeze overtake her; she inhaled deeply, brought her arm up to her face, and pitched forward with one of the biggest sneezes I've ever seen from her; a rare, 3-syllable "HAH-kkkksshhh-HOOOO!" Needless to say by this point I was having trouble keeping it together 😳I blessed her, she thanked me and we moved on with our conversation.

I'll try to update you with more obs from B as I see them, and write about some great ones I've had in the past too!

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These are great obs from your friend B, with the multiple announced sneezes and varying sounds depending the size of her sneeze. I can't wait for more obs.

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