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Top nose blower at work


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Like any fetishist, I naturally discreetly notice those around me when they blow their nose, and make a mental note of various aspects of it. I’m sure many others must have lots of thoughts about when they have seen/heard work colleagues blowing, and would love to hear more observations or reflections on this?


There is one woman at my workplace who is a real top blower. I remember first meeting her at an event very soon after she joined, when she had a strong cold with nose running all the time, and kept fetching a tissue from her sleeve and blowing quite hard with one hand, a mixture of gurgling and honking, and always saying ‘Excuse me’ after each one. Later I saw her become a more confident blower around others, and recall for example sitting two rows behind her at a particular staff meeting, noticing her removing a packet of tissues from her bag, taking one out, unfolding it and giving a long snotty blow while the guy in charge was still talking, in an almost ceremonious fashion.


Anyhow, recently lots of us were outside for various reasons. I remember seeing lots of colleagues all retrieving tissues during the cold and giving a variety of types of blows - but mostly quite quick and functional, sometimes half-how long, not necessarily that productive. Then she came along, and after a bit I saw her get a tissue, hold it to her nose, and with a relatively quick blow she clearly sent fountains of snot gushing into it - with a really rich and full-bodied sound. It topped any other blows I heard by some measure.


Some people just naturally have really rewarding, productive, eventful blows much of the time. She’s one of them - give her a tissue and she’ll anoint it with a thick pool in an instant!

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Love this topic.  Had a woman at work who woood honk all the time.  Big lovely colds that would make her nose all sore.  My favorite.  The chapped nostrils.  She’d blow so hard her boss actually asked if she was ok.  “Just be blowid by hord”   Never forget it and loved engaging her in any nasal state.  

 Would you like to connect offline to discuss? Share more stories - Feel free to email At the address in my profile.  


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