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Has anyone watched The Witcher on Netflix?


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Netflix original came out a couple of weeks ago. I haven't played the game or read the books (yet…), but the show was so good! Had a great time watching it along with friends, despite some confusion from the weird time jumps and overlapping storylines. Now I've fallen down a rabbit hole of reading about easter eggs and watching interviews with the cast. :lol:  

also crossing fingers for fics with any of the characters; they're all incredible. :wub:

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I haven't watched all the episodes yet but I like it a lot so far. I've played all the games and read some of the books so I was already a fan. They've changed some things from the books but that's fine I think. I agree some of the time jumps are hard to figure out, especially for someone who hasn't read the books. Maybe I'll also watch some cast interviews. Actually writing this made me anxious to continue watching the show.

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I also never read the books or played the games, but I really liked the show. I binged it in one day and have been meaning to rewatch it to see if I pick up anything I missed the first time.  I'll admit I was one of those people who had a hard time realizing the time skips until a few episodes in. I had to google some stuff to figure out what was going on. I thought some of the monsters were really neat! The doppler character was my favorite,


(spoiler) but their evilness seems (from what I can find) like an adaption for the show? So I don't know how to feel about that.


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@black_mage i took my time watching it, too. i remember looking forward to heading home one day in particular so i could watch an episode with my family. 

@Losseneth that is really interesting! 


maybe it's not so much as evil as it is like paid work? if i recall correctly, he was upset with the guy who hired him for hiding ulterior motives, and they fought over that. i'm also reading that silver forces them to revert to their true form, which did not happen in the show either. 


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@black_mage I saw that the other day! I love the animation but hate that song. It's so catchy and I'll never get it out of my head now


Oh wow, reading what you posted clarified some stuff and now I feel like I am definitely in need of a rewatch!


I was so confused about who was who and somehow missed the fact he was upset! To be fair, I think that was the episode I watched while doing house chores. I had thought that scene was actually Ciri and she had learned a new power like Rogue from the Xmen and stole the doppler's shape-shifting, wow 😱 What planet was I on?

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Loooove this series. Binged it so fast. But, I tried to read the books and just can’t do it. I dunno, just not my thing I guess. 

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