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Only using hankies when you have a cold?


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Hey I'm writing another fic and was developing some character ideas.

Is there anyone on here who mostly uses tissues/TP for their nose blowing but only carries/uses a hanky when they have a cold?

Just to help me develop this kind of habit in a character I was wondering if you could explain when/why you end up using a handkerchief only occasionally?

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i blow into anything that i can find normally. But when socked in- like I have been frequently this fall/winter...I always move to a trusty hanky. My nose gets horridly sore because of a proclivity toward super snotty head colds. The softness appeals...and the yield produced is handily handled by the large surface area.  It's actually a sign for me. Everyone knows I have a cold when the red hanky is broken out...when I sneeze and need a tissue for a quick honk, a tissue or TP usually will suffice. 

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I think this is most likely if a guy doesn't normally carry around anything, but just uses whatever is handy. But if he has a cold and knows his nose might be running at an inconvenient moment (like in a business meeting when tissues or whatever might not be available), he'll pack a hanky.

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