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Ex Girlfriend's Allergies


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My ex-girlfriend, R, has terrible spring allergies. Though she rarely if ever has prolonged sneezing fits, R spends nearly every spring day constantly itching her nose, sniffling and sneezing frequent powerful single and double sneezes. I have a number of memorable obs from her, and there are so many that deserve individual attention so I'll post them one by one! 

R is about 5'6 with blue eyes and long, dirty blond hair. She has a really cute button nose that is often red from rubbing, even outside of peak allergy season but especially during the spring. Her sneeze is a wet, powerful, harsh, and slightly vocalized "AHCK-kshhhh" with the occasional "AHCK-kshhhhh-OOOO!" for a big sneeze.

One day in our midday class, where she usually sneezed at least once, R came in as usual with a bright red nose, sniffling and rubbing it periodically. As this building was about a 15 minute walk from where we usually had classes, the time spend outside often aggravated her allergies. A few minutes after settling in, R let out a soft, quick "AHCK-kshhhhh" before sniffling deeply and frantically rubbing at her nose. She continued to sniffle and constantly rub her nose for the next few minutes. Eventually, she took an upturned palm and ran the entire length of her forearm under her nose in an attempt to ease the itch. When she reached her elbow, she lifted her arm away from her nose, immediately went into a pre-sneeze face and released a desperate double: "AAHCK-kshhhhh....AAAHHHCK-kshhhhh-OOOO!....ughh" As she continued to sniff and rub her nose, she turned to a friend sitting next to us and explained, "Allergies...*sniiff*"

I was hoping for a super eventful class, but unfortunately she stopped after these 3! I have plenty more from her so I'll continue to share others as I remember them.

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Aww, that is so cute - I've never seen anyone use their whole forearm for a nose-rub. Poor girl is obviously so itchy and snuffly, needs taking in hand with a handkerchief...

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