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Ordering Chhinkni


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Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone has experience ordering chhinkni powder and can help out. First, I'm wondering where to order from? Is there any particular place from which the shipping time isn't that long or are there a couple options?

Also, for obvious reasons I'm worried about the kind of packaging it comes in. I live with 2 roommates and would be completely mortified if they found it by accident 😳


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when i ordered mine i had it shipped to a close friend and she smuggled it to me in the mail in with a book hahaha

the site i ordered from was 4wealthyhealth which is in india and the shipping was about a month, but the seller is reliable and the product was fresh. with other less reputable sellers i've heard of people getting low quality or expired chhinkni (read: ineffective!) so even though the wait is a bit much i'd probably still go with them again if i ever reordered (which i do intend to do some day)

i will say get an airtight glass jar to keep the vials of it in (like a mason jar!) because otherwise people will be asking you why your room/dresser/closet/handbag/wherever you keep it smells like menthol. it's very highly scented and the scent permeates a plastic freezer bag, tupperware, or pencil case.

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Thank you!

Lol unfortunately I don’t have a friend that knows about the fetish who can help with the smuggling...what kind of packaging did it come in? As long as it’s a standard nondescript envelope or box that doesn’t say chhinkni anywhere on it I should be ok!

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i think i remember her saying it was in an unmarked bubble envelope? i didn't see it myself. hope this helps! ♡

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When I ordered mine it came in a plain Manila Bubble mailer envelope and the only data on the envelope was my address and the name of the company, like... 4Wellness or something. Very nondescript. 

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Just ordered from 4wealthyhealth! Thanks for the tip! 

I've never used Chhinkni before and am not a sneezy person, so I'm excited (and a tad apprehensive) to see what happens! Really hoping it gives me proper fits, as the most I've ever sneezed in a row is a double, and that has only happened twice ever! But damn did I enjoy it both times...

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good luck & enjoy! take just a tiny bit at a time, it takes about 30 seconds to set in. also you'll build a resistance to it if you use it more than about once every week or two, so keep that in mind!

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